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Saturday, November 18, 2017

We Are A Pair Of Knuckle Heads!

We are beach side on the Atlantic Ocean today.

Unloading chairs from the Jeep. 

Towels and five gallon drywall buckets for tables. 

The reading material is out. 

The dune behind us. 

Quit wiggling around I am trying to take a selfie of the two of us!

All settled in and comfortable.

Those chairs have been with me since Drew's dad coached baseball, they have been at soccer games and downhill ski races in the days. They are actually very comfortable and light weight. I paint, he reads, we walk the beach and have shrimp cocktails and Gin & Tonics for snack. We have a wonderful time:-)

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Stumbling Around Historic Grounds

In my quest to understand how we came to stand united under one flag...

...I made a point to visit Beaufort South Carolina...

...found this 1750 church underneath the Live Oaks...

...in the middle of Low Country....

...before the Revolutionary War...

...it is said that Thomas Jefferson introduced Neoclassical Architecture.... 

...to find these brick columns, built around the time Thomas was just a boy... 

...brings me to think that some significant and historical events remain lost in the swamp of the Low Country....

...guarded by the ghosts of its time....

...then I landed at the University Of Virginia...

...and came to the realization that architecture is another form of knowledge... 

...from what was learned before and built again... 

...evolves into, yet, another idea of how to construct a roof...

...and create a temple of knowledge and learning...

...as you progress on building your sanctuary...

...taking your visionary dreams of what could be...

...underneath this Mulberry Tree...

...to walk the grounds of a visionary...

...and know that I too can extend my knowledge and vision onto the next generation so they may never underestimate what their dreams can become...

...is what history is for. 

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Blue Is In The Mix

Bastideaux textiles

Shopping fabrics for the 2018 Anchor Cottage Collection.

SIMPLY CHARMING: Small Pattern Design Ideas
Catherine Lee DavisL

Easy, beachy red, white and blue. 


Laying down a floor cover! This is a fabric swatch, but couldn't we take some heavy canvas ticking with burlap and whip stitch this combination together? 

Patriot Fence Fish S/6: Coastal Home Decor, Nautical Decor, Tropical Island Decor & Beach Furnishings

Cut these fish patterns out and have them painted for easy wall decor above the windows and the doors. 

A few plates from my beautiful collection (shown here) will be amongst the treasures listed tonight from 7:30pm! Hope you can join us! 💙🐘💙 #thewhiteelephant #blueandwhite #blueandwhiteforever


Hang a collection of English, blue and white, commemorative plates. I find these, here and there, in the back of the cupboards, stacked up and not used for anything special. 

Ha ha! Planing my summer look before I head out to buy product for Anchor Cottage Freshwater Decor.  

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Where Were You Today?

Stepped outside and the world was gray!

Where were you today?

When a shooting at Sunday services marred your vibes? 

It was felt in Virginia. 

Northern Michigan.


Hunting Island State Park. 

There seems to be a serpent at large.

These photos were not altered in any way. It was that gray of a day in the USA. 

Friday, November 3, 2017


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