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Friday, May 26, 2017

Could Use A Little English Daisy



Loved how the decorator balanced the extreme vertical with the drapes in a horizontal stripe. 

House Tour: Naples, Florida Vacation Home:

Design Chic

Faux Bois and roman shades are ruling the roosts these days!

We tackled NYC's hotels so you don't have to.:


This would be an interesting hotel room to stay over in.

Butter Wakefield Garden Design - House & Garden, The List:

House & Garden Magazine UK

There is so much color in this black, white and natural kitchen.

All of the warmth and vibrant colors of summer are captured in one stylish hue with BEHR’s Color of the Month: English Daisy. This rich golden yellow works great as a bright accent color when paired with neutral grays and whites or deep greens. Click here to learn more about how you can use this trendy hue in your home.:

BEHR Paint

I now understand this color and why they use it in drawing rooms in England. We have had a cool and rainy spring and I could use a good dose of sunshine.

And that is what caught my eye, on Pinterest, this week.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Paused In Thought!

Benny and I barreling through the days toward Memorial Day Weekend! Where did May go so fast? 

Friday, May 19, 2017

Thirty Eight Degrees And The Sun Is Out

Tulips love Northern Michigan's weather.

The crisp mornings are the equivalent of a florists' reach in. 

The coolness keeps them in full color for up to three weeks!

Their unique colors are like stained glass.

When the sun shines the blooms open up and just glow.

Every fall I just plant a dozen more here and there.

Among the Woodruff and the Ferns they raise their pretty heads. 

Catching your eye from across the lawn.

Can't help it. I love spring in the woods. Every morning a new plant grows up from the thick bed of fall leaves.  The greens, yellows and reds so vibrant against the brown. Makes you kinda forget that it is darn chilly out!!

Have a fun weekend!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

A Spring Wedding

Coming back from taking the garbage up to the can...

...I was struck by the beauty of this path of woodland flowers, never know when you will be inspired....

....To be a spring bride....

...Walking down this path of loveliness  in your wedding gown...

....Cowslip for something blue slipped in your crown or in your shoe...

....Flocks and Violets are your flower girls....

.... Trillium bearing witness to our love....

....Sweet Woodruff, close to the ground, your little men in waiting...

 ...Kneeling down on dew kissed ground...

...My love and I would exchange our vows...

So if you are driving by and spy a lady in a blue bathrobe taking pictures of her woods...know that she is inspired by the beauty that surrounds her and loves to share the sentiment in her stories.


Saturday, May 13, 2017

Set A Pretty Table Make A Pretty Bed

So I got right down to business when I suddenly realized that Mother's Day weekend was upon us! 

Looked through all my tabletop items to see what I had to create a table for that special brunch on Sunday. 

Pink Peony placements and fuchsia candles on a white tablecloth embroidered with a trellis design brings us into the garden mode. 

Cranberry glass berry bowels, lettuce head place cards and green water goblets make the scene so fresh and pretty.

Raspberries eaten with a silver spoon.

The place of honor.

A pretty table set for a Mother's Day brunch. 

Thank you Caspari paper products for the colorful plates and napkins for the celebration. 

Make your mothers bed! 

All soft, cushy and feminine. 

With a pretty, cotton voile, nightgown to sleep in.

Isn't it pretty?

Thank you Pine Cone Hill for the pretty bedding.

Happy Mother's Day! 


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