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For absolutely everything "Freshwater Decor" head to Anchor Cottage. Located in Uptown Suttons Bay Michigan, Anchor Cottage carries Pine Cone Hill bedding, Dash & Albert rugs, Emma Bridgwater tabletop, Crabtree & Evelyn bubble bath. Gifts and antiques with a nautical flair. We do special orders and shipping all over the United States. E-mail us at shop@anchorcottage.net. Can't wait to hear from you!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Getting Cozy at Anchor Cottage

Cherri came into the shop and left behind her colorful creations.

Pumpkin hats and booties, the owl hats are to hoot for!

Sweet hand knits for the babies.

Snugly little sweaters.  

Who let the dog on the bed? 

He's cute, though.

Two girls from Cincinnati and their candle collection, Manitou.  

Brookshaw Melons, willow place mats and wool crewel work with chocolate candles create a fall tablescape. 

The jewel colors of the season. 

Blue and white corner.

Fun photo showing the underside of the shelf above. 

A Yard Of Roses. 

Baskets of rugs.

One last out door feast. 

For the love of nautical.

Worked on cleaning up the summer debris at Anchor Cottage all week. Making room for the fall fluff, lamps, rugs and pillows all coming in to make your home a little more cozy.  

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

This Morning's Distractions

Walked by this vintage or classic, how ever you categorize it, Waverly fabric and thought how pretty this combination is. 

So I unpacked my camera and checked the batteries. Good to shoot! September colors, summer into fall colors, an Autumn palette. 

Inspired by the bark, the lichens and the driftwood. 

Thankful for friends who bring me the tools to up my confidence with knowledge. 

And friends who are grateful for small gestures of kindness. Remember, giving, works both ways. 

Art is nature...

...and nature is art.

Inspired by this morning's distractions! If you are wondering why I am late for work!

Monday, September 4, 2017

Shorebird Studio

Chinoiserie Chic
Thinking of how to decorate the weekly rental. First, we had to name the little one room studio, to envision what it could look like. Thus, Shorebird, as I am hanging all of my framed bird prints, I have collected over the years, on one wall. 

Turner Pocock bedroom http://www.elizabethmachinpr.com/turner-pocock.html
Seven hundred square feet to put sleeping, eating and seating. 

Here is another home decorated by the super talented team of Bunny Turner and Emma Pocock of Tu...
Create some sort of dictated entry way. A space for flip flops and beach bags. Some where to set down your keys. 

Michelle Obama Stuns While Traveling in Mallorca

Not to change the subject, but this is the kind of confidence I want to exude when I walk onto a yacht! Love all three pieces, the wrap, top and basket. You rock Michelle Obama!

There are two plaid chairs, at a friends house, that need upholstering! Just saying.

A Labor Day in the rain gives me time to think and sort out the days priorities...clean the garage!!

Happy Labor Day!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Nothing Like A Fresh Water Swim

Good Morning. Time for a rant. Who is going to accept all those Houston refugees? How bout this summer weather? Shortest summer with limited swim days and now I have to put a sweater on it because it is sixty two degrees on the last day of August!! Yesterday, by some fluke, the temperature hit seventy nine and all I could think of was a long walk on the beach and a swim before the storm came in. By the time we got to the beach the sky was dark with lightning in the west. As we packed it in it started to rain and the temps had dropped to sixty six.  Three months out until Florida and another chance at beach weather. 

Monday, August 28, 2017

Cozy Ole' Fall Coming Around The Corner

Turning on the lights, Sunday morning, at the shop. Forgot to turn the string of lights off around the sail boat yesterday. It looked pretty good in the dim lighting. 

I think a row of these boats, trimmed in lights, down the middle of the table will make a sweet holiday vignette. 

Ornaments reflected in the mirror. 

You will have to laugh because I thought I was going to display the large gold and white finials on the tree!

Not perfect but makes me want to jump in and snuggle. 

Having fun with the new bedding product in the shop. Love the big silky quilt and the lumbar pillow for napping on a crisp fall afternoon. 

Large blue and white ginger jars are perfect for a striking, seasonal arrangement on your foyer table.

Moving into fall colors.

All week long people have been coming into the shop to ask me what kind of tree was outside. 

So I thought I had better go and take a look at what all the commotion was about!

Wow! This Mountain Ash is killing it!

That's what is happening in my neck of the woods! 


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