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Thursday, December 8, 2016

He Didn't Eat The Pillow Covers!

Presents and Ginger Snaps on the table, some wrapped, some boxed and some left out in the open. Christmas in progress:-)

Somebody doesn't feel well. They were the best Ginger Snaps I have ever made! There was a dozen for my sister in law and Steve ate them all! The oldest son was going to have some in his box and you know who ate them all! I attribute the cookie annihilation to Steve going to the store and buying me a new jar of Ginger. I will remember to always use fresh spices in my cookies from now on!

G&T's cookies are safely posted, (get it? "posted" as in mailed!).

That's the news from the Holler.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

What To Wear Today

Fashion Gone rouge:


red gucci heels:


No.6 Stacked Heel Loafer in Boemia / Jeans:


Tênis ADIDAS com detalhe  metalizado #Otênis:


Chie Mihara:



Man Repeller

My style!
 Blue jeans, large white shirts and cool shoes.
Today I need those pretty mittens.
Top it all off with, of course because it's northern Michigan in December, my down filled, Coyote ruffed, hooded jacket that covers my butt! 

This is what I am wearing today! 

Friday, December 2, 2016

The Gem Tones Of Ruby And Gold For The Season

Churches with steeples and pine trees strung with lights....

Pillows and rugs to freshen your decor....

Table top in ruby red silk....

The reflection of treasures "Found"....

Layers of chinoiserie sparkle with gold accents....

Amber glassware to warm your soul....

Topiaries and Tulips with candlesticks of old brass....

Blue and white jar stands as the star....

Brilliant cut crystal is back into play....

Colors of the season caught in display...

That is what I did at the shop all day!

All the new "Found" treasures are invoiced and priced. Tomorrow twenty one new fabric swatches will be folded and hung!

Come down to Anchor Cottage and have some fun!!

Monday, November 28, 2016

The Silver Punch Bowl Story

Once upon a time...my dad won a silver plated punch bowl playing golf. 

Over the years I would borrow the bowl and polish the heck out of it and use it for different functions in life. 

When my dad sold his home in Florida I asked him where the punch bowl was. He answered that it must have sold in the garage sale. I was so disappointed.

Years later I was in an antique junk shop in northeast Florida when I came across this large white box. When I opened it I found a tarnished, silver plated punch bowl! The kicker was that it came with a mismatched saucer for underneath. Guess what? That was how I knew it was my dads bowl.

How's that for a story!

A very delightful open house at the shop yesterday, all my favorite customers came in, ate cake and sipped Mimosas.

Thank you for the Poinsettia Lisa!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Last Week

Talking about last week! Landed here for a bit.

A little hide-away under the sun.

The drive home came way too quickly. 

On the neighbors porch, looks so serene.

Birthday wishes.

Glad to have tomorrow to regroup!


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