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For absolutely everything "Freshwater Decor" head to Anchor Cottage. Located in Uptown Suttons Bay Michigan, Anchor Cottage carries Pine Cone Hill bedding, Dash & Albert rugs, Emma Bridgwater tabletop, Crabtree & Evelyn bubble bath. Gifts and antiques with a nautical flair. We do special orders and shipping all over the United States. E-mail us at shop@anchorcottage.net. Can't wait to hear from you!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

What A Week

Marcus Garvey

The fellow Virginians were visiting this week. They had great Lake Michigan beach weather. They left this morning all sun kissed and relaxed from being in the big whirlpool everyday! I worry about the white supremacy protests. Why the hatred

i suwannee
Jamie Meares
Thinking about this shed/studio building and how I can make it work for an office/shop storage outside the backdoor, under the Maples, at Anchor Cottage.  

Let's talk about how to start a design business that will pay our bills! Quit your day job. Open up a shop!
Creative Market

Transitioning into a new career within the retail business. In other words, branching out!! 

Anchors by Will Hoge
Will Hoge released his new cd, Anchors, this week. Which means we listened to his bass player on the Grand Ole Opry!!

Paper & Thread Garland: Peachy Holiday Mix

Sidewalk sale days in Suttons Bay, between raindrops and sunny skies. Fluffing the shop inventory for fall. Dreaming of traveling south for a few days.

A very busy week has left me with quite a few new inspirations to sort through during the fall season. Never too soon to plan for next year in the retail business. 

Enjoy your weekend.  

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Going Strictly Anchor Cottage Today

Chanel marker, net float and a Chris-Craft poster....

Tony Seagull with blue on blue rugs and humongous cushion...

Blue on blue pillows for the outside furniture....

Napkins and plates....

Bar glasses for beverages....

Cozy, made in Minnesota, throws and pillows....

Blankets and scarfs....

Sign of the times...

Seagulls in the shop....

Liberty Of London shams for your bed....

Pine Cone Hill sheets and quilts....

Mapage to explain where you are....

Sitting on the fireplace mantel....

Or on your husband's desk...

And this Guppie says, "that is all she wrote"!

We are in the depths of cottage season...Anchor Cottage has all the stuff to decorate your place on the lakes....come on down to the Art Fair today and tomorrow, in Suttons Bay, and poke your head into the shop while you're there.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Following The Sun

Here, on the Leelanau Peninsula, we are an agrarian society.

Which allows us to witness first hand the change in the land as the sun moves south and sets lower on the Lake Michigan horizon. 

We have been watching the harvest of the land starting with the rhubarb/asparagus crops into strawberry/raspberry and onto cherries. With other delicacies that grow in this special climate. Leeks, Morals and Apricots. Autumn is extra special because we see the apples on the trees turning color with the Sumac along side the roads. A warm, deep red, the color of grapes waiting to be picked. I feel that living on this land, surrounded by water, and ruled by the setting of the sun and the rising of the moon, that we are much more aware of our roots as foragers. Fishing in our protected bays, the Perch tasting like fresh air. The road I live on winds west to east with a farmer on every corner. So we see, first hand, what an agricultural gem we occupy. It is with these thoughts that I set the table at the shop.

Loving the warm Autumn sunshine. 

Friday, July 28, 2017

Making Michigan Memories by Mary Ann Kaylor Griffiths

Making Michigan Memories

Looking for a fun, Leelanau Peninsula, itinerary? Clink on the link and follow what this Batteredandbrewed writer did during her weekend up north! 

A MayKay vacay!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Classic Green With Brown

under the eaves ~ Ron Sharkey's home in upstate NY. Image by Kelly Merchant. http://andnorth.com
And North
Classic green and brown caught my eye on pinterest this week. 

It is an interesting color way that can take you to a new level of styling based on the deep greens and warm browns.
Southern Living Idea House Charlottesville Bunny Williams
Hooked on Houses

The combination creates a rich, and comfortable palate to decorate with. Anything added is a bonus, ceramic oxblood lamps and oriental runner plus dog! 

Keeping room with custom framed memories.  The beach art piece at top is a placemat from a restaurant near Normandy in France I brought home from a trip!!!
Penny Ball

The green in this vignette helps to draw the eye around and see the other colors featured. Mixing the blue into the brown, green and oxblood red gives a sense of cozy! 

A Classic Country Kitchen

A pale green paint and natural wood furnishings create a very congenial feel, understated and comfortable
Los complementos téxtiles (cojines sobretodo) son geniales para cambiar de color nuestra estancia en un momento y comparado con otros objetos de decoración no tienen un precio excesivamente caro, por eso es una apuesta ideal para las decoraciones low cost.
Samantha Hammack

Punched with black and white the rich green and dark brown become sophisticated bed mates!
A Breezy South Carolina Beach House

Bamboo green and brown brings the south into your room. Think of the color of Bamboo fronds in your southern garden landscape. 

I pin the visuals off of pinterest almost everyday and then when I am looking for some material to write about I go into my file and am always delighted to find a thread of pins that relate to each other. In this case, with out thinking, I pinned the green and brown color palate!  

Thursday morning musings!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

My Arms Are Tired!

Seven new lamps arrived, double boxed, weighed a ton! Popped the boxes open and it was like I was hatching eggs! After I cleaned all the packaging off and set them on the table I knew I had some winners! The tallest ones, in the background, are 36" tall. Perfect for 17' ceilings in a large living room on the lake. The  blue and white lamps, with the crystal bases are stunning. The colorful ginger jars are perfect for fish camp. 

Monday was pillow making day! Sewed six of these babies and brought them into the shop so I could finish them up. I need to stitch them close. Fun brights for this time of year to pop your porch or guest room. Sometimes just a new pillow and lamp are all you need to freshen your space. 

I promised I would show you and here they are! Pillow shams made from Liberty Of London cotton voile. This set, paired with Pine Cone Hill pillow shams, are so sharp for a masculine bed. I know who should have these! 

Who doesn't love pink and green with a dab of orange? The little Princess Charlotte is, all over the English press, wearing Liberty Of London cotton voile, smocked dresses. So charming. 

This is me, poppy red, navy linen on pure white bedding. I have nightshirts coming in the spring. The fabric is soft and light, perfect for sleeping. 

Have I mentioned the colors? The dye lots are vibrant. The pattern, printed so distinctly, is like a stain glass window full of light. Unpacking lamps, breaking down boxes, cutting fabric for pillows, stuffing and plumping shams has my, finger, wrists and shoulders aching this morning.

All in a shop owner's day of work!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Jamming At The Shop

I love taking pictures of the stock in the shop! 

When I review the photos it is through the eyes of my customers, what are they seeing? Anchor pillow, sold!

The word "color" in all it's glory is the thought that comes to mind first! There are a lot of shoppers that gravitate toward neutrals and I see them head straight toward the item that they can wrap their head around! 

As I cull through the photos, that I just took Friday morning, quite a few of the items have sold before I could post you this visual of the inventory crammed into this very tight floor space. 

I notice, as I go through the pictures, that Anchor Cottage is heavy into textiles. 

As the shop being so small it is possible to get wiped out in a weekend! This throw, sold!

Putting together a harvest themed table for August. 

It's the little things that make the store unique. 

Chocolate tapers on an aqua blue table with fuschia place mats. 

Darling Fox pillows for the porch swing. 

Bamm! The color fairy strikes again. 

A child's desk full of hand knitted hats. 

Chinoiserie at it's best. 

Cool indoor/outdoor rug, sold!

Fun activities happening on every side of the Leelanau Peninsula. 

Hostess gifts, to go, in a basket with a pretty bow. 

Tony Seagull and her friend flew in from Texas for a visit. 

Wait until you see the Liberty Of London pillow shams that came in late yesterday. They are beautiful and I will post a photo, for you to see, in the next couple of days. 

A little color goes a long way!

 "We Be Jamming" to Will Hoge "Small Town Dreams" and "The Wreckage" cds, that are for sale, here, in Anchor Cottage. Getting really good feed back on the music. We turn it up and the customers start humming and then they want to know, who is this dude!

Have a happy day!


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