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Thursday, September 19, 2019

I Believe In One More Beach Day

Since Sunday I had been looking at the weather forecast for the week. Looked like Wednesday could be the day. Steve said, "ok", and I packed the beach bag, one more time! I did have to bribe him with Cheese Shop Sandwiches to get him home by noon so we could be at the beach by one! 

I pulled on my "fall" bathing suit and layered up with a long sleeve, chambray shirt and a sarong tied around my waist.

The sun was warm on the pines and it smelled so good! I followed down the fragrant, pine sap path.  

I knew the beauty that lie ahead, up and over the dunes.

First glimpse of Whale Back.

The dune flower of the hour!

I am almost to the top of the path following my guide. Like I need a guide! 

Look at the glacial remains from another time. 

Amazing land formations.

The light and water were crystal clear all afternoon. We sipped Gin & Tonics, ate Cheese Shop Sandwiches and took a long walk down the beach. 

I think I am "ok" about putting the beach bags away for the season. If I sound a little doubtful, we have been known to swim in October! 

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

I Need A New Computer With An Upgraded Graphics Card

For almost eight years I owned a dinosaur of a computer that had great graphics. I could cull through photos and see the correct colors just right. I also had a marvelous photo printer, ink jet, that printed my photos with the colors being right on. The printer has also gone obsolete, can't buy the ink cartridges. Both of these tools were not inexpensive for their time. The problem I have right now, on this computer, is that it does not see the colors as I see them. The red silk shade, above, looks faded, not rich like I see it in person. The Mad Cap Cottage swatch, above, is way more brilliant in color than what we can see on this computer screen. 

How does the color, above, appear to you, on your computer screen? Is it crisp, fresh, blue and white? Is the photo sharp? On my computer screen it appears sightly fuzzy. Not that anyone in their right mind would notice, but non the less that is what I see. So I have a difficult time going through my photographs, trying to balance color and light in the photo on this computer screen. 

I have been told that there are better photo apps that can be downloaded. But without the high quality graphic card I can't see that there would be much difference to what I have to work with now. By the way, I took some photos of "found" items, for sale in the studio, and sold them to two different customers! The owl was packaged up and out the door along with five lamp finials and a couple of packages of cocktail napkins. 

When I had a retail space and would move some of the pieces around, it seemed like, they were always the next items to sell!! The two eagle mirrors went out the door along with a pair of chair pads. The third eagle frame is on hold!

 Would appreciate some feed back on what you use for photography editing on the computer. I am leaning towards a gaming machine because they have such good graphics!! What photo printer would you recommend these days? 

Sunday, September 8, 2019

A Peaceful Sunday

My sweet Peace Rose.

Once she gets started she blooms all summer and well into fall.

I have cut her blossoms for my Thanksgiving table.

Just wanted to share how pretty she is!

Friday, August 30, 2019

I Love Making A Cozy Bed

8. Stephen Shubel Cottage
Bedrooms are such personal spaces in your home. And talk about the elephant in the room! The bed pretty much sets the tone for the room as a whole. Treasured memories on the table side, set with photos of life's loves. 
Гортензия Hill Cottage: Шарлотта Мосс
To lay your head down in a sea of comfort, don't be embarrassed by the multitudes of pillows, sink in and rest.
Making the bed physically comforting is in the layering. A thick, cotton mattress pad to start. 
via Houzz via Scott Free Tumbler via Cote de Texas via The Foo Dog Ate My Homework Hello Friends, I hope you had a lov...
Sheets of the softest cotton you can find, iron the pillows cases and the top of the top sheet, makes the sheeting even smoother up next to your skin. 
the adventures of tartanscot™️: "Best Picture . . . " Michael S. Smith , I think
I always use a down comforter with a very light weight duvet cover. Down pillows, at least two for each head in bed! If there are down allergies there are some good synthetics available that mimic the comfort of down. 
Make your bed everyday, turn back your bedding and plump the pillows. It feels so good to get into your freshly made bed at the end of a long day. 
White scalloped sheets with tartan plaid, love this look
Cocooned and cushioned against the elements of life, may you sleep in your nest, safe and protected from the outside world.

Have a beautiful holiday weekend!  

Friday, August 23, 2019

A Week At The Races

My husband and I went stove shopping. We bought a 30 inch, Wolf with a gas oven. Delivered and installed in two weeks! I wanted the electric oven with the cobalt blue interior and self cleaning feature but conceded to my husband's wish of a gas oven. We did get the red knobs!

Ordered up three barn sale signs with yellow lettering on a black background with steel frames. 

Gathering "winter work" from around the county. 

When the customers come back in the spring, they have an all new look in their cottage! New rugs, sofas, chairs, porch furniture and paint colors. Fun to envision the final mix. 

Dressed in sturdy shoes and apron to go out and wrestle the garage. Moving stuff out into the new shed, (the shed is just about finished), pulling out all the furniture so I can sweep and organize. Separate what to sell this fall and what to repair and paint this winter for next summers barn sales. 

Wall paper and shower curtain with matching valances for this gals bathroom. 

All this went home for a cottage redo on South Lake Leelanau. 

I heard my husband ask if I wanted to go to the beach and I knocked him over going out the door!!

There you have it! A week at the races!

Thursday, August 15, 2019

How's The Kitchen Remodel Going?

Sometimes the process of elimination can be the short cut to your next design. I want to keep the blue rug with the white flowers, oak pedestal table, four white chairs with chair pads and the pink place mats! Not a lot of elimination going on so far!

A new stove is where we'll start. Keeping the sentiment over the heart of the kitchen! I have had the yellow, enamel coffee pot for thirty five years, so it's not going anywhere. 

The pink and blue with red and creme colors, along with the fuchsia and chrome bar stools, are staying.  

The window sill is always changing. That is as far as we have gone on the kitchen redo! Coming will be a farmhouse sink and a charcoal black island with maple counter top. 

Surprise! I am now the proud owner of a sewing table! Can't wait to get it upstairs and introduce it to the other members of my sewing circle. The sewing machine, iron, scissors and rulers.

I'll be jamming this winter!!


Thursday, August 8, 2019

She Is A Creature Of Composition

My beautiful dog is getting older. He finds the most padded place to lie down and leans his back into the front door. He's getting so old that we don't even make him move out of the way, we use another door! 

What a nice and tidy job the wood fairy did. We will be warm and cozy, a little sooty, but oh well.  

When we did the last logging, here in the Holler, a row of Maple trees popped out of the forest, you know the saying, "can't see the forest for the trees". Standing on the deck looking through the window of greens.

The shed is not finished! Let's move on from this photo. 

Mophead Hydrangeas balancing large, fluffy white balls of tiny individual flowers on long skinny stems. No wonder they flop over in the rain. 

The Hostas have purple flowers as their featured bloom. The Hummingbirds are all over these stalks.  

I love my whirligigs from Alabama.
they make me chuckle when I walk past. 

This is a man's wheel barrow, must weigh seventy pounds empty.
Walking around the yard taking photos and these are the thoughts that start my day. 

Thinking of my wish list. The stove blew up this week as Steve was just about to bake a Blueberry pie that he made himself. So now the pie is in the freezer waiting for a thirty inch, freestanding gas range in stainless with an electric oven. A Wolf will do nicely. 

Really Mother Nature, such a riot! 

The Cub Cadet was a good wish come true! Look at our lawn that he carved out of the woods! Nice job!

I also have a new camera lens on my wish list. Zeiss 35mm will do nicely. A new zoom and macro too. 

How bout a bathing suit. I need a back up and may be able to get a deal because it is the end of the season for suits! (Megan Markle play on words!)

Surprise!! We have tomatoes in our garden. 

Cone flowers, Daisies and Black Eyed Susans all over the place. 

My Queen Elizabeth roses, they smell so sweet.

She is an old girl, my Peace Rose, she never lets me down, every summer she shows me her blossoms and lets me inhale her sweet scent. She is a winner and a keeper. 

This little lady is resting for a moment. 

She knows I am taking her picture!

Summer is winding down. 

Benny says, "there is nothing like summer in the Holler."

Every picture shows the many layers of thought. To tell you what I am thinking, using photos of what is in my vision, while my mind is composing my wish lists. 


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