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Friday, November 6, 2015

Refreshing Blue Bell Cottage

Good morning!
 Looking around to see what needs wrapping up, around the cottage, before we head north.

Ordered a "sea grass" rug for the living room. So, today I am pulling all the furniture out of the room, washing the windows and floor and installing the 8 x 11 rug.

Outside, Steve is getting ready for 7 yards of stone, to be delivered, for in front of the cottage. The city had come by and removed a tree and broken sidewalk and what is left is "dirty" curb appeal.

We removed the King Sago palm, that we had planted 5 years ago and never grew. When we came down this year it looked in sad shape. We trimmed it back and stuck it in a hole, around the corner, and we will see, in the spring, whether it rallied or not.

We planted 3 types of Mother-in-law's Tongue and an Aloe, to soften the pain, in place of the King Sago.  

Love the contrast of the greens against the ruddy stone and brick.

Curb appeal is going to look so much better with the stones.

The new neighbors are renovating the house across the street.

Steve power washed all the way to the peak! It was a mildew mess. That's just the way it is in Florida.

Screens and windows washed.

The stars of the refresh, Dash & Albert, polypropylene rugs.
The beige one has been doing duty for 7 years, the last year, outside, on the back porch. Cleans up perfect, no lie!

The coral rug just finished 1 year at the front door, where it gets the city pavement traffic, black trudge, and whoa, power washed and you would never know it had tracks!!

We have to do the daily maintenance in a period of 2 weeks, twice a year. It may seem overwhelming, but the finished refresh is worth the elbow grease.

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