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Saturday, December 22, 2012

A White Christmas In An Instant!!

How to give a gift to your husband that he needs. Got a chuckle out of him anyway....

So down came the snow and trees.

The snow stopped everything in it's tracks, including Jimmy's whirly-fish.

We went a day and into the night without power.

2:30am the power comes on via the lamp next to my bed!! 

I had to close the shop for a day, as the roads were obstructed by trees and power lines down.

Looks darn pretty though. 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Nautical Christmas Tree

I was inspired by the hemp line that I use in the shop to create Nautical displays on my tables.

I propped this license plate lighthouse in the tree and the license plate reflects in the dark like a lighthouse should!!

I didn't buy a thing for this tree, I had it all in my shop and in my collection of ornaments.

The fun part of decorating this tree was using the large nautical pieces for ornaments.

I have huge scallop shells from Florida and Stars from Sea Bags. I hung my mermaid, fish and Pelican from Fernadina Beach. I stuck a Nantucket basket and nets filled with driftwood here and there. Flags, lanterns and brass anchors fill it out and give it a seaside charm.

When I get home I am going to add a Starfish to the top of the tree!

Wishing you a seaside Merry Christmas from Anchor Cottage.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Getting My Eartha Kitt On

I took these four pictures reflected in a mirror over head of the dance floor.

If you were good at photo-shop you could rotate these pictures into different poses.

This is my favorite just as it is. Love the  money on the stage floor.

Shooting outside of the box!

There was this couple, I didn't get their names, he said he was an amature photographer would I like him to take some photos with my camera.

That's the girl on Anthony's left who gave me the courage to get up on stage! We sat with her and her husband all night. They were the nicest couple.

Getting my Eartha Kitt on!

I shot 97 photos last night trying to get a shot of Troy, the drummer, without the cymbal looking like it was cutting his head off guillotine style.

Jake is the newest member of the band and has the sweetest face. What a little darling.

Oh yea, this is what I sent him to school for...he can sing, dance, play, compose, direct...he's awesome.

The band, Troy is behind the drums.

A true personality, a true performer.

Anthony Orio & The Goodfellers, give them some.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Sunday On Christmas Cove Beach

Took my husband and my dogs for an airing out on Christmas Cove Beach Sunday.

It was a grey, cold and desolate landscape.

This humongous house is for sale. It faces the end of the earth, just a spit of land out, into Lake Michigan.

This chair was a fascination of photo opportunities.

The landscape as a whole was soft greys and silvers and golds.

My hunt for driftwood was successful and I came away with some beach glass and Petoskey stones as well.


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