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Saturday, May 21, 2022

I Enjoy My Job

Sitting at the computer on a chilly, northern Michigan, afternoon.

Finished up the week with multiple orders of fabric and bedding.

Sifted through all the rugs swatches.

Weeded out the discontinued samples and hung all the fresh, new rug swatches. 

Leaning into the blue, white and green for spring.

Giving my customers some summertime inspiration. 

This is me! I want the stripped wallpaper and the crewelwork curtains. My seagull pillow on the bed!

This bed would look good against knotty pine paneling at the cottage.

A handsome bed anyway you look at it.

That's all! Moving my props around and working with my customers.

Spring has finally sprung, all the trees have leafed out and the birds are back! Daffodils had a nice run and now we are on to Tulips!



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