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Tuesday, April 25, 2023

The Big Tree

Thanks a lot Parshall Tree Care Experts! 

Just about a week or so ago, we were having high winds, down here, in the Holler. Steve and I were standing up by the garage and noticed the big Maple was moving in two different directions!! We looked up. Way up. Higher than Steve could get a picture! The top of this maple had a split that could come tumbling down in the 35 mile an hour plus wind!!

Who ya gonna call? Parshalls out of Traverse City. The freeze warning for heavy equipment, on the roads, had just been lifted.

We had just done logging about four years prior. They were going to take this tree but at the last minute Steve and I wanted to keep it because it was so huge. The logger said it was worth $1,200. We said oh well we want to keep it.

We should have taken the money and closed our mouths. At the time we didn't realize that the tree had a split starting at the very top. We couldn't see up that high!

But there is a good ending. We now have fire wood for next year, we heat with wood, and we have two twelve foot, seven feet around, logs that can be put through a band saw to make one inch thick boards!!

Now the question is, do we have enough for a new kitchen floor?

By the way, these guys did a fine job! 
Parshalls Tree Care Experts 231-409-1295


Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Just Last Week It Was Easter!

It was just a week ago that I was shopping for a center piece to use on my Easter dinner table. I had gathered three, four inch pots, of spring bulbs, to put in a basket I had purchased at the Nashville Antiques and Garden show in February. The flowers were blooming way before Sunday. Would they last? They did! But I bought backup tulips anyway!

The guest list was small. Uncle Ray, Steve and I. The menu was typical. Ham, baked beans, potato salad, Jello, all men love Jello, and a fresh fruit salad. 

The dishes, I used to set the table, have a story. They are Autumn's Delight by Johnson Brothers in England. Many years ago my mother won on a horse, Victor Flanagan, at Hazel Park raceway. She quickly drove over to Pontiac Pottery, on Telegraph Road, and, with her winnings, bought place settings for eight. She and her dishes have been gone for forty-seven years. 

Then, just this year, my husband took me to an Antique shop over by Bay City. We looked around and what caught my eye? Seven dinner plates on a shelf. I immediately scooped them up. All I had was her platter. I felt blessed to have found them. Who wouldn't want their mother's china? I also was able to buy eight, Cape Cod water goblets at another shop! That had been her pattern for glass ware. So I set the table for my mother. 

My mother died of cancer, forty seven years ago, on April twelve, nineteen seventy seven. 

To have found these plates and glasses was a blessing for me. 

Happy Easter.



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