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Thursday, June 23, 2022

I Lost Control Of My Camera!

Fun having "Team Yeti" in the house! We celebrated the birthday girl first thing in the morning! Made from scratch, chocolate cake and ice-cream, for breakfast. We all sang Happy Birthday!

See how pretty she is? Her fourth grade nephew took this picture. Sweet pic! I didn't get my camera back for quite awhile.

I did take this shot! I made her pasta salad, out of her cookbook, for dinner. It made enough for twenty people, in case, you want to make that notation in the book! Steve is having the pasta for lunch today and he says it is yummy. 

So the new photographer has an artistic view of the world around him! He handled the camera like he had been shooting photos for a long time! 

He took this collection of sport shoes while they were walking through the woods.

MayKay's little shoe! 

Connor's red hot, stepped on a Gardener snake that had a Toad in his mouth, tennis shoes!!!

Here they are! Hot from the south! Love y'all!

Fun on day one. 


Sunday, June 19, 2022

Porch Chilling

Company is coming! Tidied up our front porch for the guests. 

Lacking air-conditioning, in our home, makes the porch a pleasant space to sit and cool off. We turn the fan on, over head, and it creates a small wind tunnel to chill you down. 

I have the Alabama Brothers and the Nashville lovers arriving from the deep south on Tuesday. 

Our temperature has been averaging high sixties during the day. We may get as warm as the mid seventies by Tuesday and then back down into the sixties. I told MayKay to have the Alabama Brothers bring their winter jackets!! Coming from 100 degrees they are going to feel a little chilly!!

How's does a, made from scratch, chocolate cake with chocolate frosting sound for the birthday girl? Maybe some home made cinnamon doughnuts and Mexican hot chocolate for breakfast to warm them up. If you have read, "I'm Not Drunk, I'm Cooking", recipe book, I am preparing a big ole pasta salad. 

Can't wait for the company to get here!! 


Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Had To See What The Stink Was About!

We are having a chilly start this season! So I bundled up and headed down to the lake to check the water temperature. 

Looking up the passage between Pyramid Point, South Manitou and North Manitou. 

The stones glistened under the water, tempting me to pick them up! I tried but the icy coldness had me shivering. Ding dong! The water is still freezing. Hope we can be swimming by July!

I had heard some comments, on social media, that the beach was a stinking mess of Alewives and flies. Well yes, there were dead fish with flies and it did smell. Nice breeze, out of the west, kept the stink behind me. I have seen and smelled worst Alewife die offs in my life. The sun will dry them out and the flies will go away. Do not try and rake them under the sand or the maggots will breed!  

I feel sorry for the tourists that drive and drive and drive to come and see our big body of water. While I was walking the beach I saw several cars drive up and people jump out and then quickly get back into the car. Don't worry the sun will come out and warm up the water, the waves will wash the fish away and there will be Cheese Shop Sandwiches for everyone!!



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