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Friday, May 22, 2020

A Sweet Light This Morning

I have been on "garden time" for the last few days. It has been very hot in the sun and found myself taking a break in the shade, on the porch. This photo I title, "Gardeners and Birds". 

Our front porch is a cool oasis any time of year! We just brought our ferns, that we wintered over, in Steve's bath room up to the porch. They do pretty darn well for being inside all winter. 

Caught the light shinning underneath the Primrose petals. 

He thinks I can't see him!

Steve brought his plants, that he had been growing inside, outside this morning. My husband truly has a green thumb! 

Found the bird bath pedestal in my travels. Then I set a terracotta saucer on top for the water! 

Stained glass Tulips all in a row. 

Oops! M. N. spilled her seeds again. 

Look at these funny, little Daffodils with orange ruffles! Charming!

Heading out shortly to continue "playing".

Have a fun holiday weekend!
 Now where are my flags???

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Closing In On It

I am full. I have everything I need, to put my hands on, stuffed in my little office until the studio is finished. 

Love stashing my invites in my faux Geraniums, in a bicycle basket, on my window sill. Keeps them front and center and off my desk top. 

Look at the silky sheepskin rugs from Annie Selke. They are machine washable. I am setting up the bed display in the new studio. It will be loaded with all the new Pine Cone Hill bedding pieces. I have rugs to layer on the floor from Dash & Albert.

As we speak the floor has been painted green! 

The french door leads into my office, (old studio), from the new space. So behind the french door will be all the pillow forms and lampshades, harps and finials. 

Aren't the flowers pretty reflected in the window panes of the french door?

I am working on filling all the pots, today, around the studio entrance. You may come and browse the decorating swatches by appointment. Bring a partner and wear a mask is all I ask. Hand wipes will be offered at the door. Special orders can be shipped directly to you. 

Daffodils taking front row in the raised bed. 

Clumps of Trilliums in the woods. 

Spring had finally made her appearance, down here, in Hoot's Holler! We thought she would never show up!

Time to go in and do my Sunday chores. 

Friday, May 15, 2020

Anchor Cottage Decorating Studio

Look what my husband did!!! He installed an outside door and a new window. Hung a goose neck lamp over the window.

He turned my garage stall into a decorating studio! He dry walled, taped and painted the walls, floor and trim in Dover White. Hung a multipaned door into the office (old studio).

He built barn doors to cover up his side. I am so excited to set this space up. I am putting down a used, 9 x 13', sea grass rug. I want to paint the floor a dark green so the rug won't look dirty and worn against the pure white floor. 

I have had this tear sheet of a green painted floor for 15 years. A wonder I can still find it! It was in my Ralph Lauren paint swatch book!! I would go as far as referring to it as a Ralph Lauren green!!

I want the green to have blue in it. I want the color to give the sea grass rug a tropical feel. 

I picked the Deep Veridian. Jackie approved!

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Rambling Around The Pinterest Files

yellow monochromatic
Excited about putting my pots out, along side the driveway, this year. Last summer I had yellow Pansies with orange Impatiens, in pots, up on stumps. They were so cheerful that I may have to do a repeat this year! 
Crescent Dot Fabric in Ocean Blues – Rebecca Atwood Designs
Just such a simple shade of blue. I would do fabric and wallpaper, in this pattern, for a nook off the kitchen or bedroom. Think fresh, white, cushy, cushions on a window seat with big, down filled pillows in this fabric and how bout some relaxed, roman shades, in the same fabric, over the window! 

Like the simple, squareness, and two-stories.
I must be in my red, white and blue state of mind, this morning. Darling, very old, cottage with a red roof and white shutters against  my favorite color of blue.

Wayne Pate - Wayne Pate
Wayne Pate
We can do this! Freestyle painting on lamp shades for the fun of it!

Love how simple and elegant these monograms are.
The Loveliest Home
I really want some monogrammed napkins to use, at the table, this summer. The laurel leaf design around the one initial is simply good and easy. 

Patina Living photo of Steve Giannetti with Sophie on built-in window seat bench at Patina Farm. Photo by Victoria Pearson.
There is a home that I have been working in that has the perfect, and I mean perfect, spot for a window seat with bookcases, over looking the water. 

by trilukne. I love everything about this little bowl - color, texture, simple shape. See website for more.                                                                                                                                                     More

I would use this bowl and spoon to eat my oatmeal and blueberries for breakfast. I like the color, texture and straight forwardness of these hand turned pottery pieces. 

Saturday morning in my nook, going down the rabbit hole of Pinterest! It's good to let your mind wander!

Friday, May 1, 2020

My Week In Phonetos!

How many scarves does one girl need? Looking for something to use as a face mask I rummaged through my scarf basket and found that I own quite a few! Scarves, that is!

And then, wouldn't you know it, Schumacher saved the day! They sent me a face mask! Leaping lizards! The new accessory! 

To me, it matters what I wear everyday. When I go upstairs to get dress, I wonder, who am I today? So today, because I was moving the rocks and Vinca vines, I wore Lady Bug socks! 

I walked all around my acres, in my Lady Bug socks, and cut a bouquet of Daffodils. I cut only the ones whose buds were tightly closed. In the morning, when I came down the stairs, there was a beautiful yellow display of the Daffodils, on the windowsill, that I had cut the afternoon before

I was the Lady Bug as I picked up Steve's collection of vintage sprinklers. Hmm, what shall we do with this collection? "Humans are so interesting, wonder what makes them tick!!", mused the Lady Bug. 

I am so in love with this fabric, printed in the United Kingdom by Sanders & Sons in 1997. Found a bolt of it at my fabric warehouse, last November, and knew I wanted to use it in my new kitchen. I made valances for the windows and pads for the chair seats. Then I unrolled the rest of the fabric and found I had enough left to cover my cane sofa in the nook!!

Not ever having made box cushions before, this was going to be a challenge. One step at a time. I measured the cushions and drew a diagram of all the pieces that I would have to cut out. Then I calculated how many yards of welting I would need. 

Then I proceeded to cut out all the cushion covers, seats, backs and sides, and I cut and sewed twenty eight yards of welting. Now, to sew them together, but not today! What I learned is, that is a lot to know, to fabricate covers for cushions! Give the fabricators a thumbs up from me! If and when the covers are completed I will take a picture and post it for you to see!

All of these photos were taken with my phone, this week. That is why I call them Phonetos!! 


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