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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Ringing In The New Year Sale!

Happy New Year! 
Blow the inventory out sale is now at Anchor Cottage.
40% off storewide!
10 until 5
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Closed January, Febuary and March except by appointment.

Last chance of the year!
Come on down.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

When They Say Merry Christmas What They Really Mean Is Surprise!!

Way long ago, in Deland Florida, back in the corner of  Florida Victorian  Architectural Antiques, I found this hand wrought, iron fence. Eight feet nine inches long. A rusty mess of a thing weighing in at eighty five pounds.
Brought it back to Blue Bell Cottage and gave it a quick scrub. I love the detail around the anchors. How to bring home the anchor fence all the way, fourteen hundred miles, to Anchor Cottage? Steve strapped that puppy to the top of the Suburban and away we went!!
Five years later...couldn't drive to work because it was too icy so my sweet husband drove me in. Quiet Christmas Eve down at Anchor Cottage so I called him to come and drive me home. What do I see? At the end of the driveway looking back at me? My anchor fence freshly powder coated and welded back to health.

Heck of a Christmas present surprise for me!!

Love it!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Show Me Some Spirit!

Chinoiserie Chic:

Chinoiserie Chic:
Add c

The Most Magical Christmas Decor Ever - laurel home:

Laurel Bern {Laurel Bern Interiors}

The Most Magical Christmas Decor Ever - laurel home:

Laurel Bern {Laurel Bern Interiors}

Chinoiserie Chic: A Blue and White Chinoiserie Christmas:

christmashousetour2015craftberrybush-98 Great idea to use scarfs for ribbon better proportion for large wreaths:

Foyer entrance Christmas lighted garland...I love everything about this pic. Except for the chandelier yuck:

Show me some holiday spirit. Shine the lights, wrap it in red, add the gilt of gold. Dare to embellish with more ribbons, boughs and polka dots! Polka dots! Yes, a little gold goes a long way. Make it twinkle bright to light the night with all the different holiday styles that will make you smile and delight the eye. You only get one chance a year to throw it all out there!!!

Merry Christmas to you.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Decorating The Holler For Christmas

It's all about the tree...

And the colors....

Ornament collection of thirty nine years...

Handmade, handpicked and hand hung one bauble at a time...

Stained glass sun catchers in the window....

A Mother Nature Christmas....

Lowcountry Christmas...

Gullah Angel and sand piper shivering on the window sill....

Large bowl filled with nuts and cards...

My Kentucky sheep peeking out from between the snowflakes...

Cyclamens from Lisa....

The details of my Christmas decor. Everyday brings a little more! 

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Dining Nooks And Small Parties

Thomas Britt's hand painted blue and white chinoiserie walls.:

English country kitchen ~ William Yeoward. I like some of the elements going on here, but wouldn't use them all in my own kitchen.:


The Glam Pad: A Tribute to Designer Daniel Clancy:

I love the buffalo check, the settee and the round table. I think I'd do away with the gray and put in a larger mirror. There's a lot in this little space but I like it.:

What could be more intimate than five or less guests? Dining side by side enjoying the closeness of friends. Keeping the holiday gathering simple and small. All of these tables are shown in sweetly decorated rooms.  Wouldn't the decorations of the season look festive in each one? Let your imagination overflow when you arrange your holiday decor in your dining nook. Invite your closest companions and enjoy time spent together at a festive feast! 

Tuesdays thoughts on a wintry day. 

Thursday, December 8, 2016

He Didn't Eat The Pillow Covers!

Presents and Ginger Snaps on the table, some wrapped, some boxed and some left out in the open. Christmas in progress:-)

Somebody doesn't feel well. They were the best Ginger Snaps I have ever made! There was a dozen for my sister in law and Steve ate them all! The oldest son was going to have some in his box and you know who ate them all! I attribute the cookie annihilation to Steve going to the store and buying me a new jar of Ginger. I will remember to always use fresh spices in my cookies from now on!

G&T's cookies are safely posted, (get it? "posted" as in mailed!).

That's the news from the Holler.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

What To Wear Today

Fashion Gone rouge:

red gucci heels:


No.6 Stacked Heel Loafer in Boemia / Jeans:

Tênis ADIDAS com detalhe  metalizado #Otênis:

Chie Mihara:


Man Repeller

My style!
 Blue jeans, large white shirts and cool shoes.
Today I need those pretty mittens.
Top it all off with, of course because it's northern Michigan in December, my down filled, Coyote ruffed, hooded jacket that covers my butt! 

This is what I am wearing today! 

Friday, December 2, 2016

The Gem Tones Of Ruby And Gold For The Season

Churches with steeples and pine trees strung with lights....

Pillows and rugs to freshen your decor....

Table top in ruby red silk....

The reflection of treasures "Found"....

Layers of chinoiserie sparkle with gold accents....

Amber glassware to warm your soul....

Topiaries and Tulips with candlesticks of old brass....

Blue and white jar stands as the star....

Brilliant cut crystal is back into play....

Colors of the season caught in display...

That is what I did at the shop all day!

All the new "Found" treasures are invoiced and priced. Tomorrow twenty one new fabric swatches will be folded and hung!

Come down to Anchor Cottage and have some fun!!


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