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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Two Bed Rooms In Virginia

One of our most popular forest murals. Sea of Trees Forest Mural is super dreamy and makes a truly enchanting bedroom feature wall.

They are only leasing for a year. The little house has four rooms. Let's start with the main bed room and apply a removable wall mural to one wall. Keeping the bed low to the floor to give the small box size room some air. 

Though I would not put a whole potted shrub on our dinner table, I like the mix-match of chairs with a country style table top

Giving the dwellers an "eat in kitchen" as they love to entertain with food and karaoke! 

Amy Neunsinger Photography

The "guest room study" with pull out trundle bed and room for bookcases, art and desks. 

COCOON beach house inspiration | villa design | wellness design | bathroom design | design products for easy living | Dutch Designer Brand COCOON

Main room blues and khaki and white. The space is pretty tight. Must strive to keep it light and bright as it only has one window and the entry door into the room. One large, L-shaped sofa in white duck cloth and a TV set inside bookcases, that are placed, all the way around the perimeter.

There you have it in a, seven hundred forty five square foot, nutshell.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Going To A Concert

Just bought two tickets to hear Christopher play bass with Will Hoge in Flint MI!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Cottage Vibes

The Royal Family of Denmark celebrate the coming gold wedding anniversary of Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik at Fredensborg Castle on 5 June 2017
The company has arrived!

Summer is on the horizon, so make a drink filled with spicy-smooth refreshment.

Getting the bar set up!

Learn how to make perfect hard boiled eggs! Great for Easter or egg salad recipes.

Making deviled eggs for everyone.

Setting the table up, outside, where there is more space!

A Laurel Canyon Cottage Home with a Hollywood Past : Architectural Digest *Spice rack with mason jars on top.*
The cottage kitchen is small but functional.

"Mi piace": 4,842, commenti: 28 - Richard (@passiondesign_ig) su Instagram: "Lovely evening  "
Over the carriage house they go.
110 Likes, 7 Comments - Mark D. Sikes (@markdsikes) on Instagram: “That's a wrap! We just finished our @coastal_living #CLIdeahouse2017 in Newport! Now im just…”
Under the eaves they sleep.

Strawberry Rosé Slushies (Frosé) ~ If you love a great drink, this 2-ingredient slushy is for you... THE best way to BEAT THE HEAT!
Making a jug full of these!

White arbor
Here they come for some fun.
Vintage Kitchens With Modern Rustic and Retro Inspiration |
Got a dishwasher this year!!
TheFullerView inspiration for black book cases, teen boy's bookcase headboard, and bedroom
Putting the bachelor brother-in-law in the study. 

This 5-Bean Salad combines black, pinto, garbanzo, cannellini, and kidney beans with green peppers, pimentos, and red onions in a sweet dressing that ties it all together in the most delicious way!
Have the recipe handy.

Chintz fabric transforms from old-lady-sophisticate to nostalgic chic.
Will they notice that I recovered grandmothers chair?

Driveway Entrance Idea - a curved picket fence, made of maintenence - free PVC - Oyster Bay Accent from Walpole Woodworkers
Happy to see them come around the corner.

Let your flag fly high this summer with a special Berry Patriotic Poke Cake from Inspired Gathering! This easy-to-make dessert recipe requires few ingredients and is so cute when frosted and topped with blueberries and raspberries. This Americana-inspired dish is perfect to serve at a Memorial Day barbecue, too!
                           A great time is had by all.

My take on cottage life in and around the peninsula.

Monday, June 12, 2017

The Big Hang

Saturday I had three different people into the shop wanting me to take their artwork on consignment. 

This was an unexpected artist I had not seen for fifteen years. He just sauntered in and was surprised that I was the shop owner. I like his work so I accepted five paintings. Where to hang them was another matter as I am out of wall space. 

Then I had a customer who has sold the farm and is moving back down state. She brought in the left overs of her estate sale. I couldn't say no. I feel that her pieces would fit perfect in someone's farmhouse. 

French pharmaceutical botanicals hand carried from Paris showed up at my door along with antique chocolate molds.   

To make room you start with one corner and move props and furniture to uncover wall space. Then up and down the ladder filling in the spaces with smalls. With the shop being so tiny it is hard to work around customers walking in and no where to set anything down. Thank goodness I had Lisa, behind the counter, to wait on the customers while I worked on the hang. It is a tight little shop almost to the point of being crowded in. On well, we have a short season and everything needs to be on deck to sell.

Come in and see our eclectic collection of home accessories.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Brookfield Place

Tory Burch, if I had had more time I would have been back to buy several pieces that I saw in this store. Loved the colorways. 

Gucci, they were missing the red man in the manikin line-up!

Bottega Veneta's window display photographed better than a live viewing. 

Looks real.

Hermes perfume bottles, beautiful.

Live palm trees, not sure if the white gauze portrayed clouds or if it was in place to catch any falling coconuts.  

The main atrium, in the mall, was all about the light.

The Brookfield Place mall on the Hudson River.

My favorite window display.

They say malls are going out of style, but this shopping mall incorporated a walk through from the financial district down to Battery Park Marina and a wonderful eatery, Beaubourg, where we ate breakfast twice and had cocktails and munchies in the afternoon overlooking the water traffic on the Hudson River. Then took a long walk to see the Statue Of Liberty and take in the sunshine and fresh air. A wonderful oasis in the middle of metropolis. 

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Occupying Wall Street

Just one of the identifiable silhouettes of the city. 

Battery Park Marina on the Hudson River.

Hoboken and Jersey City across the way. 

We came down to the Beaubourg on the Hudson several times during our stay. 

Oculus over Fulton Station. They say it represents a dove but I felt more like it represents the Phoenix coming up from the ashes considering the proximity to the 9/11 Memorial.  Steve felt the 9/11 museum to be a memorial to non-violence. 

We slept in the room with a view!

Looking down at the Hudson River in the five o'clock dawn. 

Yes, sometimes I do sleep with my camera!

Can't believe I woke up, in time, to see this sunrise. 

Corner room on the thirty fourth floor. 

Breakfast view.

Rain, in the morning, brought out the architectural details of the buildings. 

Brooklyn Bridge, a post card view, Tim and Garen's "room with a view".

 New York City views. Beautiful. 

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Hanging At The Lincoln Center

June 2, 2017 and we are standing in front of the fountain at the Lincoln Center in New York City.

We were gathered together to witness the fifty-third commencement at the David Geffen Hall.

Cuny, City University Of New York, The Graduate Center Hooding Of The Candidates. 

Presenting Dr. Timothy Marshall Griffiths.

Proud supporter for the last eight years!

Just a couple of reminders to not let the mother take the photos!

I know it's blurry but it was the tears in my eyes.

Fortunate to have a level headed photographer in the family.

Could you imagine if we hadn't got the picture?

Dr Tenacity. 

What are your thoughts, Dr?

Man Of The Hour!

Timothy earned a PhD in  English. His defense was Bricolage Propriety; The Queer Practice Of Black Uplift, 1890-1905.

The robes! It's all about the robes and the hat.  


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