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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Occupying Wall Street

Just one of the identifiable silhouettes of the city. 

Battery Park Marina on the Hudson River.

Hoboken and Jersey City across the way. 

We came down to the Beaubourg on the Hudson several times during our stay. 

Oculus over Fulton Station. They say it represents a dove but I felt more like it represents the Phoenix coming up from the ashes considering the proximity to the 9/11 Memorial.  Steve felt the 9/11 museum to be a memorial to non-violence. 

We slept in the room with a view!

Looking down at the Hudson River in the five o'clock dawn. 

Yes, sometimes I do sleep with my camera!

Can't believe I woke up, in time, to see this sunrise. 

Corner room on the thirty fourth floor. 

Breakfast view.

Rain, in the morning, brought out the architectural details of the buildings. 

Brooklyn Bridge, a post card view, Tim and Garen's "room with a view".

 New York City views. Beautiful. 

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