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Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Name That Road!

Leaving Maple City! Heading down Co Rd 669.

I promised I would give you some glorious fall color around the Leelanau peninsula. 

I made a big error in judgment, the other day, in leaving the house without taking my camera. So I went out for another try.

There had been something about the quality of the light that made the colors glow. Today there was a mist in the air. So the colors are without the sharp contrast.

Off School House Lake Rd.

The sky was blue, the leaves were golden and the fields were the color of a buck in rut!

Topaz is my birthstone.

Beautiful weather for a hike.

The land of sugar Maples.

On the shore of School House Lake.

Of course, being in the neighborhood, I had to trot down to Good Harbor and see if the beach grass was shining in the light. 

These are the colors of fall! Golden green wheat shafts along the dunes dancing in the breeze.

Always seem to get a little sidetracked when I am on big blue.

Paused long enough to do some rock hounding!

Off shore wind was quite balmy for a day in mid October.

In the back of my mind I am gathering these fall photos of Lake Michigan for my sons. They are both land locked, one in NYC and the other in Nashville. 

See that funny bleached out color of the grass and the sand? 

So I put my camera back into the car and drove toward home. Heading down Eagle Hwy this appeared in my line of vison. 

Really didn't think I would find the perfect fall scene. But I did! A reflection of colors in the retention pond where the firetrucks fill up when they are on a job!

The last shot. This apple tree, on Novotny Rd, was loaded with the reddest apples I have ever seen!

Tooling around the county, in my little silver Jeep, camera in hand, to find you some fall color on the 45th parallel. 


Thursday, October 20, 2022

The Story, Or One Of Them, Of Hoots Holler

So last week I promised fall photos on this weeks blog post.  

I went out with the camera and took a pile of shots around the Holler.

But I have to say, I made a mistake when I went on errands this morning. I didn't bring along the camera. 

Compared to todays color fest last week was slightly lame!

This weekend, for sure, I will take the fall photos everyone is waiting for. In the mean time 
critter control was here. Squirrels in the attic. 

He asked me if I hunt. Then asked if I have ever eaten squirrel. I think I got his drift. Shoot them!

"But who will live in the out buildings" I ask, tongue in cheek. 

Under his breath I heard him mumble hillbilly. I said, "we live in the holler!" He said, "yes you do"!

Many years ago, when I started coming around the Holler, it was in the dead of winter with snow up to my chin. I remember thinking this place is charming.

The boyfriend said, "really I'm a hillbilly". Then spring came, I was in love and the snow melted away. I saw a house that needed finishing and an old Jayco down in trailer camp. That is when I realized I was going to marry this feller.

We will finish what he stared, as a young pup. In the meantime I plant flowers and sweep the flagstone walk pretty. 

When you live in the woods things are constantly decaying. It can't be helped. If you live under a canopy of foliage, the spiders and snakes come to visit along with the squirrels and Porcupines. So they all need a place to live! 

Not much fall color here! A humongous Bullfrog lives in this garden. You should hear him. Ribbit ribbit in his deep gravely vocals. 

I hope the Garter snakes didn't eat him!

When I go to customers homes and everything is picture perfect. I wonder what they think when they come to the studio?

One year I had a lady who had brought her husband and young children all the way from Alexandera VA. I pointed to the path, into the woods, and said, "you are welcomed to take a walk and pick the wild blackberries!" "There are some very old buildings on the property, probably from the Civil War!" Didn't  want them to think I was a hillbilly when I am selling his wife 36 yards of Thibaut fabric for window treatments!!

This is what you will find behind the sign! 

I promise, next week, photos of the most spectacular fall color the peninsula has ever displayed!

I am not making this up!


Thursday, October 13, 2022

Gathering The Winter Work

Next week I will show you the fall colors of Northern Michigan.
 Right now Steve and I are busy gathering our winter work. The large blue and yellow print will be floor to ceiling draperies. Blue and white check for decorative bolster, bed skirt and chair. 

Cushions are piling up by the back door. Madcap Cottage Strawberry Hill for panels on each side of a French door. Embroidered fabric on a settee and fun and funky print for a large wicker chair. 

Guest room window treatments trimmed in green scallops with a Pine Cone Hill quilt on the bed. Slipcovered chair in deep blue with a pair of blue and white, checked pillows, for fun.

When will they understand that you cannot stand on caned chair seats? These four, vintage, Thonet chairs are being stripped back to the original finish and a new seat will be woven by Steve! 

Cats!! Steve repairs this type of damage quite often!

Getting ready to load the Jeep with a small club chair to go to the upholsters. This is just the start! Steve and I will be busy right through to the new year.

If you would like any work done please contact us. We are open by appointment. We can pick up and drop off.

Stay cozy!


Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Summer Worn Garden

Such a beautiful day out. I have the doors to the studio wide open to let in the fresh air, a wee bit chilly, and sunshine.

I have been sitting at my desk gathering the "winter work".  Wrapping up the summertime jobs and dreaming up new combinations for the never ending stream of decorating. 

This is for a gals guesthouse kitchen. A small pattern for a small space! Wallpaper and matching shade.

And then there is this guy with the sun in his eyes! I could not be in the decorating business without his help.

He is my everything and all my ladies know it.

We are having a prolong season in the garden. The leaves still relatively green. The blossoms just slightly faded as we head through the month of October. 

Heading out, on tour, Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, five California stops and wrapping it up Oregon and Washington. This is a great pile of music and the band is so good. 

I truly enjoy my job and everyone I work with. Contractors, fabricators, architects, suppliers and my customers. 

Mary Ann @ Anchor Cottage Freshwater Decor. 

PS; Michelle your lamp shade is here and Jackie your lamp is ready!



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