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Saturday, March 31, 2018

An Easter Dinner

We drove and we drove and we drove to a sweet little, red brick, town house, outside of Nashville TN for Easter Dinner. 

We were greeted by somebunny at the door!

This darling couple had invited us to share dinner, music and games in their new home. 

We hung up our jackets next to the other guests and had a look around! The first house! 

Cozy with the priorities in place. 

Loved the valance and blossoming Red Bud at the kitchen window. Little bitty succulents on the window sill. 

Harley Dog was the life of the party, dancing and hugging. 

The charcuterie board was delicious. Pickled Okra from Alabama. 

The hostess dressed pretty and smiled the whole dinner through.

She baked all the favorite casserols. 

Laid out her "Mema's" quilt on the picnic table. 

Planted Pansies and Tulips on the patio. 

Yellow pansies, very pretty. 

Fat Cat, a smoking fire and the corner of the miniature back yard.

A fabulous Easter Dinner it was! Still wearing my smile and trying to get that Mason Jar out!

Sunday, March 18, 2018

February Twenty Seven

Just unloaded the pictures off of my camera.

I had totally forgotten about the perfect Amaryllis! 

It was our fifteenth wedding anniversary.  

Snow in the Holler, full moon in the sky above.

This is a "daytime" moon shot!

Last years Amaryllis bulb came back in full bloom. A perfect specimen. Four blossoms on an erect stem lit from behind by the full moon! 

On the move!

Rising up into the sky. 

Amazing how close the moon was to the naked eye. 

A Christmas Poinsettia that loves her spot on the windowsill. 

Amazing moon rise this afternoon.

Three weeks later I finally remembered to post these photos!  

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Your Corner Of The Sofa

author, Kathryn Greeley
A drink and the mail, at the end of the work day, needs a space to take a comfortable pause before making dinner and walking the dog. Where do you take time to set down and catch your breath?
Jenny Steffens Hobick
Jenny Steffens Hobick
Do you like to have the time, to unwind, take five and reflect on the day before facing the evening activities?

Perfect for a home office or reading corner - Forest Lake Scenic Wallpaper creates a deep and contemplative atmosphere taking on a more masculine tone.
Perfect for a home office or reading corner - Forest Lake Scenic Wallpaper
Everyone needs a corner of the couch to perch and preen from the days business. Thinking about the follow up of the encounters during the work day. 

“In your master bedroom always make sure you have great layers of lighting.” -@scotmeachamwood #TheWholeHouse
@scotmeachamwood #TheWholeHouse
When you stand up and decide what to make for dinner is the beginning of tomorrow, believe it or not! You are on to the next twenty four hours. 

designer Anna Spiro’s Brisbane home | Country Style · Jared Fowler
designer Anna Spiro’s Brisbane home | Country Style · Jared Fowler
Everyday has a beginning and an end. How you start your day and the way the day ends is up to fate! But, "and in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make". Paul McCartney sings the words that make us comfortable. 

Have a great week. 

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Wrapping Up The European Anchor Tour

Allen Jones on the drums. One of my favorite shirts, love the polka dots! 

Christopher Halson Griffiths on bass. 

Will Hoge's band in the Netherlands!

Thom Donovan on guitar. 

Will Hoge, hat first!

The band is wrapping it up, tonight, in Valencia, Spain. I have followed their European tour through Instagram and Facebook listening to video recordings, live on stage, and watching the landscape roll by via someones phone.  Nineke Loedeman shot these photos at a concert hall called, Nixen Meer, in Enschede, Netherlands. Great photos! Catch them, back in Nashville, March 27th at 3rd & Lindsley! 

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Moving Right Along

Over all this arrangement appears dated, to me. What I like about it is the waxed pine, boxwood ball, tole lamp, seashell box and the the delft foot bath full of tulips. What would it take to freshen this side board up? Think about it. 

Our Resist Indigo pillow is perfect paired with red and white ♥️💙. Use code heart25 for 25% off our sale section - ends tomorrow!

Beach house special! Red, white and blue with pink. Fresh, fresh, fresh and easy!

Finding these dolls all over the European pinterest. I would like a group of them, to sell in Anchor Cottage, just for humor. 

Hostas in containers with White Impatiens

Would love to plant the Hosta and white Impatients at the back door of the shop. It is very shady there and this would be very simple and pretty. My problem is that I would want to put an orange or pink in the mix, it is better to keep it simple. 

It's The Little Things: :: bedroom updates ::

Over the top, but striking to the eye just the same. How would you change it up? Throw in one more pattern, in blue and white, by changing out the small decorative pillow. 

The prettiest tea set on white lace tablecloth. 

I know... ♡

Always receptive to the love from above!

The sun is out, it is the weekend and I have a lot to get done before the shop opens for the season!


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