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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Here's A Story For You

Sitting in front of my sewing machine looking at all the pillows piling up. Thinking, I would like a new duvet and pillow cases, to travel with, on the upcoming Florida trip. 

Then I remember! I had a darling customer, who had stocked up on Ralph Lauren bedding at the outlet, trade me her pile of sheets and duvet for a 6 x 9 rug. She knew me well enough to know I love red, white and blue! 

So out the stack comes, a king grande duvet cover and a king top sheet with ruffles along the hem. I had already used the bottom half of the sheet to line the curtains, I had made for the window over my bed, which meant I had the ruffle edge to work with. 

I measured and cut twenty inches off the width and twelve inches off the length and sewed it up. Then I took the sheet and cut out two pillow cases leaving the ruffled edge in place. 

There you have it! Two pillows and duvet ready for travel!

Saturday at the sewing machine. 

Saturday, February 17, 2018

What Is The Common Denominator?

Cornice over Roman. Matching.

Why am I attracted to these select posts on Pinterest? All have different reasons.

 The window seat, above, is exactly what I would look for in this type of seating. Thick, cushy cushion and enough pillows to make it truly comfortable to lounge on while reading a great story! The shade and valance, overhead, frames the window area, giving dimension overall. Thirdly, yellow can be tough to work with as it can easily become over powering. But here they were able to create a perfect balance of yellow and white. 

I love red geraniums on clay pots.

Terracotta, masonry and tiles with red Geraniums is my all time favorite combination. My Grandmother had a charming, poured cement patio, set on a stone foundation on the southeast corner of her home. It would be sunny and warm when the wind was blowing off the lake from the northwest! Sometimes she had red Geraniums or she would switch out to Coral colored, Hot Pink would show up after a really long winter! 

Paul Iribe (1883-1935) Nautile Armchair, early Art Deco, c.1914. Estimate: 100…

The "Nautilus" chair is from the Art Deco era. It truly inspires me to appreciate the carving and curvature gilded in gold and upholstered in velvet. Masculine elegance.


This bookcase is such a strong piece of furniture. Against ship-lap walls, surrounded by nautical charts or old world maps, this would take a mans study to the next level of space, to ponder his thoughts on the universal thread of life. 

Sharing the best vintage decor on Etsy for vintage collectors. Also sharing some photos for how to style each of your collections.

Kitchen wall display that is artfully functional! What a great display for items of everyday use in a space that would normally have a cupboard hung on the wall. 

TOP Ideas Before Buying Your Wood Exterior Doors

Lap siding and a natural wood front door, with a glazed pot full of red Geraniums, on the front porch entry is a charming way to greet the day. 

Cornice design

Last, but not least, is the finished cornice of this window treatment. The final detail, the finished edge, the absolute perfection of design. Plus it's red on creamy white and with blue to frame it out. My style! 

"What is the common denominator?", you ask.
I am feeling the need for a new home to decorate! 

Have a nice weekend!

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Breaking News!

The sun is out today! That is the breaking headline! 

Last summer, as I blew by this garage sale, out of the corner of my eye I spotted these pieces of willow furniture for sale. Went back with the big truck and brought them home.

Called my upholsterer and said, " will you make cushions for these chairs and love seat?" He agreed and off they went to be measured. I ordered up sunbrella fabric in the green and yellow and had them piped out in the reverse colors of the chair pads. Today Steve brought the two chairs home and set them on our porch. Then the sun came out! There you have it, sunshine in February! 

Friday, February 9, 2018

Five Inspirational Pins

Punkin's Patch

Raise, sheer, wash and comb. Spin, dye and gauge. Isn't this shawl beautiful? A woven piece of her heart. Please visit, her posts bring peace to my soul, most mornings. 


Is this not a beautiful sentiment? Also, found by, gently the spring will come. 

Hahaha this has helped me so much.

This is a great impart of wisdom. 

Lalique ~ Seahorses with bubbles

Lalique, seahorses with bubbles. He is an inspired jeweler amongst his other talents. I wish I had his vision.

Simple, peaceful and full of grace. 

Friday morning's five seconds of thought to get me through the day and into the weekend. 

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Winter Landscape

Been thinking about buying some flowers for the table. Stopped into "For-Get-Me-Not" Florist, in Suttons Bay, and picked out a bouquet of color!

How happy is this arrangement?

It's snowing, I'm sewing!

Stand back! No telling how many pillows will be made!

Does she ever do any in solids?

Adding to our "Found" collection for the shop.

Been slim picking, so far, this year.

When the snow is gently falling it brings a deafness to the landscape.

A sailboat in "sea glass" waves.

The result, of the snow, ice and gray horizons, has me spreading color throughout my nest. Good thing they put the red heart in the middle of February!!


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