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Friday, March 30, 2012

Uwharrie Chairs Are Here!!

A pair of Uwharrie Chairs, in Canary Yellow, from  North Carolina.

This is the "Wave" design. They come in twentyeight finishes and colors.

This is one of two Uwharrie Rockers in the "Wave" collection special ordered for a customer.

I made the four large floor cushions last Monday!

Slowly but surely the store is coming back together.

I love that Emma Bridgewater Pottery hangs well with vintage English and American pottery.

Of course it is snowing out as I am posting this blog! Great Grandma Schaub always remarked that the Daffodils get a little bit of snow every spring.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Not A Normal Spring

Here in Northern Michigan we have had two solid weeks of upper 70's and 80 degree days. 

So as the snow receded I walked out to take stock of my early blooms.

I fixed the birdbath!

Saw that my "natural" garden was popping up.

Not sure if I should put the snowshoes away.

The sprinkler looks ready to go.

Through all the leaves and debris these little blue star flowers are showing their faces.

I see Violets and Lily Of The Valley coming up in the rock garden.

Just so astounding to have everything greening up this time of year.

Normal would be, me out in two feet of snow, cutting the Forsythia to force indoors!!

Have a nice weekend,
Mary Ann @ Anchor Cottage

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring 2012

Benny has his "Burberry" coat on today!!

One of my darling customers had her husband cut Pussy Willows for me.

Four new chairs in the shop.

I designed them and Rocky's did the upholstering. Love the detail of the nautical knot on the skirt corner.

Still pulling the store back together.

We are having an interesting weather pattern here in Northern Michigan. Warm, balmy breezes and sunshine with highs in the 80s. Unbelievable temps this time of year!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Painting Anchor Cottage

I am painting the whole store Sherwin William's Dover White.

We painted all the trim and all the fixtures Dover White.

To do this we had to move everything off the walls and into the center of the store.

So far only one crash and burn, a ceramic dog dish)-:

The color of Dover White can be described as a "diffusion of  light".

What a mess!!

We filled all the nail holes and sanded the Spackle, now everything  that didn't have a sheet over it is covered in a light dust.

Lucky for me the professional painter had plenty of drop cloths(-:

This will be our 5th season in this location and it feels good to have the store all fresh and new.

Now to put it all back together again.

BTW, I am open today, so come on in and trip over the mess with me.
 Happy St Paddy's day to you all!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

My Best Friend And Her Man Sam

My friend Cheryl and her man Sam. Say a prayer for them as Sam is fighting for his quality of life at this time.

Money's Critters Come North

Look at these chickens! Are they not colorful and happy? 

Lonnie's sister made the quilted place mats and pillows.

I swear I just open the door to my Jeep and the critters pile in. Sometimes I need to make sure there's not a dog or two of Twyla's!

This dog jumped into the back seat!

The red roosters are awesome, standing up so tall and proud. I want to keep the yellow bird tree for me(-:

Twyla and Lonnie took us over to the quilt shop and we bought vintage and new quilts for resale at Anchor Cottage. The embroidered pillow cases are by Lonnie's sister. They look so pretty with the yellow quilt.

Holy smokes!! This rooster is almost as tall as me. He can stay outside in the weather because he is actually a fence post painted with exterior paint. He would look really good in someones outdoor kitchen.

I even bought a new t-shirt to wear!
 Every year we stop at the Money's and load up with their unique and original folk art. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Favorite Entertainers

I love these two knuckle-heads. They can put on a show that will knock your socks off. They are Vegas Money!! My bet is on them making it in the music industry within the next few years. Their second album will be out this summer. You can go to the website,, and see where they are playing next. They also have an Electronic Press Kit available here, They are true rock stars in every sense of the word. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Gulf World Marine Park

This is a huge California Sea Lion named Oscar. He is incredibly intelligent. All of the commands, that he performs, help the trainer to make sure he is okay in every way.

You can tell the difference between a Sea Lion and a Seal by their ear flaps. Seals don't have any! This little Sea Lion just got into "pose position" the moment I pulled the camera up. 

This is a rarely-seen, off-shore, Rough-toothed Dolphin.

They are larger and darker in color than the dolphins we see up close when swimming in the Gulf.

There were a perfect pair of Flamingos standing on one leg.

A pair of African Spurred Tortoise. Third largest Tortoise in the world. Look at them profile for the camera.

What can you say about Florida's favorite flower? 

Look at the eye liner on this guy!

He was a mite shy.

This is an Albino snake. 

He never moved a muscle, thank goodness.

This Sting Ray was so friendly, it would swim around it's pool and looked directly at you and then lift his fin up for you to pet. He felt silky soft.

Good color in the Coral Reef Aquarium.

This was the headlining entertainment. 

The music was just rocking and these Dolphins were having a ball.

Steve and I enjoyed ourselves thoroughly! What a fun Monday morning. 


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