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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

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Some day I will have to take you for a ride down Swede road and show you all the "corner farmers"! There is a farmstead on each bend in the road from the west end of Swede, across the peninsula, to the east end of Swede. 

The sunrise, this morning, was magnificent and I missed taking a photo. By the time I had the camera in hand it had changed. So I thought maybe I would take a walk in the woods and take pictures of the view facing east. 

One hundred eighty degree, scenic landscape.  

I see this on my drive to the shop every morning and I always wave to my friend, Daisy, in Harbor Springs. 

The body of water is West Bay. 

I may have to paint this farm, it's calling my name. 

Incredible vista! 

Hey Daisy, looks like rain in Harbor! 

Friday, October 21, 2016

Friday Morning Musings

Baggy and stripes:


At The Picket Fence

From Chinoiserie Chic, a fresh new way to display temple jars....brightly painted stands.:

Bunny Williams design - Dash & Albert blue & white rug:

hand-painted wallpaper // de gournay //:

cristin priest | simplified bee

Red and white stripes with generous denim is me! Quirky and casual at the same time. 

This "plate rack" was in my shop a few years ago, it was pretty darling, nice to see it in use. 

The green stands kick the jars up a notch, blue, green and white, so fresh and fun. 

My pillows and throw in Bunny William's home. 

Wall murals add another dimension to a room. 

Went through my Pinterest files and deleted a few pins and moved some pins to a different category. Interesting which pins have stayed true to what I like. Needed a file for fabrics, big time. 

This fall Friday is a good day to put away garden tools, pots and plants. Washing the outdoor furniture and putting it in the shed for the winter. Both at the shop and in the Holler. Rolling my sleeves up and donning my garden gloves as I type! The Maple Trees and Sumac are in full color, happened overnight! It will be a beautiful weekend, enjoy. 

Sunday, October 16, 2016

An Eight Day Week

Made it home. Saturday night. Time for shore leave. 
Hung up my broom, rough flying today. Gusty fall winds blowing the leaves across the sky. 

Put the jug of Sunflowers, outside, on the porch. Who knew that Sunflowers attract Fruit Flies! The flowers were swarmed with those little pests. 

Caprese Salad with the last of the garden tomatoes and Basil. 

Celebrated a birthday on Thursday. Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and chocolate ice cream. 

Flipped the bedding.

Created vignettes. 

Worked on a decorating project with a customer. 

Sat outside and took a break. Beautiful fall weekend on the Leelanau  Peninsula. 

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Getting Ready For The Change In Seasons

Centered my living room around the fireplace this week! Brought this red quilt home from the shop and threw it over my antique settee. The red is so good with the blue pillows on top. Love.

Last of the Hydrangeas and Roses, from the garden, arranged in an amber glass pitcher on the window sill.

Will be bringing this pot of Basil and Parsley inside. Hope they continue to produce! Produce, get it?

Have a nice weekend.


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