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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Sand Hill Cranes

Two years ago these Sand Hill Cranes were over in the farmer's corn field. I tried to get a picture of them, but my little camera couldn't focus that far. So, I went and bought a camera with a zoom lens so if I ever had a chance to take their picture again, I could! Well, guess what? I want a camera with a longer lens! I took about 36 shots of these two, trying to get their silhouettes against the sky. One would look up and the other would look down and finally I caught them with both heads up. They mate for life. I am always happy to see them.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Boxwood And Begonia In Franklin Tennessee

Franklin Tennessee is a darling little town with fabulous shops and eateries. 

Steve and I spent Saturday morning drinking champagne and orange juice while dinning on steak and Eggs Benedict right down town.

After brunch we walked up and down the streets poking into antique shops. The window fronts, on the stores, were exceptional.
Fortunately I wasn't in the buying mode!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Mr. and Mrs. Griffiths

Mary Ann and Christopher Griffiths standing on a bridge over the Cumberland river with the Nashville skyline behind.

This picture should be on the cover of a bridal magazine, wow! 

This daughter and daddy share a special bond.

Dear Dallas Cowboys....are not these bridesmaids fabulous?

Tony, meet the Goodfellers.

This was the moment we all were waiting for!

Mary Ann's parents are the nicest couple.

Yep! She's a mugger, should fit right in with the rest of us real well.

A rock star wedding.

I loved her bouquet and shoes.

These photos were posted on Facebook. The photographers are a husband and wife team and they did a wonderful job, I just can't remember their names. 

Saturday, October 5, 2013

In The Dog House

The three amigos in the dog house!

And We Danced All Night

The wedding venue was off of Printers Alley. Just a colorful collage of Nashville humanity.

Look at those guys! Who is not the musician? I have never seen such beautiful bridesmaids and dresses, wow! Check out the dudes shoes, it really was classy.

All who attended poured the love vibrations into the celebration. I woke up this morning feeling really happy.

Pauly's son Zane is waiting for the band to play. The band was the best wedding band I have ever danced to. Thank goodness I had great dancing shoes!

Mary Ann's grandparents are antique dealers! Angel's Antique and Flea Mall. Steve and I are making plans to stop and see Leo  on the way home from Florida.

I was having so much fun that I forgot to take very many pictures. This one is adorable because the baby on the screen behind these beauties is Christopher.

Presenting Mary Ann and Christopher Griffiths.

Because of the Facebook and Twitter social media tools, I felt as if I knew my extended family before I ever got to meet them. I can't wait to hook up with Belinda and Randy very soon.

All I can say is "Merry Christmas", to describe how much fun and happiness this wedding exuded.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Let The Festivities Begin

Thursday noon. We got in and unloaded the Jeep into our "loft condo". Ran around the corner to see where the wedding venue was.

First wedding party person we met was Lisa, the bride's sister.

There she is! The princess!

This is Conner, Lisa's son. He took Steve and I through the whole venue and told us where everything was happening. He was too cool.

If you are going to have a "rock star" wedding you need to have a stage.

Babies everywhere!

Who has the best smile?

So, out of her hair and out to see the sights.

Drove over to the Antique Archaeology. We bought a couple of tee shirts.

Nashville has an abundance of red brick buildings. Somewhat like Winston Salem NC.

The six o'clock show. I had to post this picture to remind myself what the boys are looking down at while they are singing!!!LOL

The man of the hour. 

The two time, fan voted, best local band in Nashville, by the Tennessean. 

Two peas in a pod.

I have to say that through Facebook and Twitter we have created an extended family. It felt like a family reunion last night!

Should I say 3 peas in a pod?

 The family-in-laws!

A fun night had by all.


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