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Saturday, October 5, 2013

And We Danced All Night

The wedding venue was off of Printers Alley. Just a colorful collage of Nashville humanity.

Look at those guys! Who is not the musician? I have never seen such beautiful bridesmaids and dresses, wow! Check out the dudes shoes, it really was classy.

All who attended poured the love vibrations into the celebration. I woke up this morning feeling really happy.

Pauly's son Zane is waiting for the band to play. The band was the best wedding band I have ever danced to. Thank goodness I had great dancing shoes!

Mary Ann's grandparents are antique dealers! Angel's Antique and Flea Mall. Steve and I are making plans to stop and see Leo  on the way home from Florida.

I was having so much fun that I forgot to take very many pictures. This one is adorable because the baby on the screen behind these beauties is Christopher.

Presenting Mary Ann and Christopher Griffiths.

Because of the Facebook and Twitter social media tools, I felt as if I knew my extended family before I ever got to meet them. I can't wait to hook up with Belinda and Randy very soon.

All I can say is "Merry Christmas", to describe how much fun and happiness this wedding exuded.

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