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Monday, May 31, 2021

I Have Been So Busy

All these photos were taken with my phone. Not the best shots. But the easiest way to get a blog posted! I just look in my gallery, on the phone, and pick out pictures of some of the projects I have going on around here. 

Do you believe in serendipity? I sure do! I have been working on turning my bedroom over to blue and white since last winter. Searching for a pair of lamps to put on either side of my bed. Never in a million years would I have thought of looking at Dana Gibson. I use to sell her lamps and accessories in Anchor Cottage. So, long story short, I was helping a friend out, last week, and she wanted to reimburse me and I declined. "It's a favor", I insisted. Then she asked if I would like this pair of lamps!!! 

Jaw dropped to the floor! These were the perfect lamps for my bedside tables! The right size, the right blues and the price was right!

Ordered a Kate Spade fabric to slipcover a chair and sew decorative pillows. Still love my Bunny Williams pillows and the Annie Selke rugs, that I bought off her retail site, at 30% off.  Now if I can stick to just blue and white! I am terrible about needing to add colors in my rooms. Green, red, yellow with black as an eyeliner, so to say! 

A collection of blue and white plates to accent the walls, along with a collection of landscapes I have collected over the ages. Yes, I am that old that I can say ages over years!

In the mean time, I have been filling my flower pots with red, yellow and blue! I even wintered over some Geraniums and repotted them to see if it was worth the trouble, all winter, keeping them alive!

I have a trip to the furniture market coming up and I will keep you posted on all the new product for your home decorating projects! 

Have a blessed Memorial Day, keeping in thought and prayer, our fathers who went to war to keep America safe and free from destructive forces. Yes, I am so out of date, thank you to the ladies in the military, protecting us on foreign land. I don't care for war so much as I appreciate the forces that keep us safe. Today is that day to say thank you.  


Sunday, May 16, 2021

The Prettiest Of Details


designer Liz Bauer

Softly ruffled, softly scalloped, this room has a relaxed elegance that I fine restful and soothing.

Shirred, quilted and stitched gives a comforting repose to all the pillows in this bed. 

Collins Interiors

Pale, quiet, blue and white with tassels for your delight!

My favorite faded red, blue, and crème with ball trim.

christopher wynne jr

Gently pleated, folds, of the softest of fabric on simple brass rings.

rustic homes

Charming kitchen seating, crisp blue on white with copper accents and a barley twist floor lamp.

martha w mcquade

The prettiest detail of all is a very simplistic welt edge on the waist of this denim skirt with a self tie closure. 

The details of décor are what makes it just for you!

Monday, May 10, 2021

Mother's Day In The Showroom

I had my favorite rep come into the studio this week. I have not seen her since 2018. Between moving the decorating business to the new showroom and Covid we had quite a bit to catch up on!

We are meeting up at the High Point Market next month.

In the meantime she brought me catalogs from some of her vendors that would be reflective of my design work. She brought the good ones!! 

She has been my rep for Annie Selke for about ten years, now. 

Regina Andrew, out of Detroit, is a new lamp line I am going to pursue. 

Azzurro Living is all new, exciting outdoor furniture out of Texas.

Pigeon And Poodle bath/home accessory line will fill the holes! 

She was here for about three hours. She left me with Moss Home, out of California, for slipcovered furniture.

So, when Schumacher says, "Great Design Matters More" it matters!

Looking forward to this summer's decorating jobs with all the new tools in my pocket. 

HPMKT June, remix, refresh and reimagine and I am registered!

Bring it on!


Sunday, May 2, 2021

Bringing You May Flowers

A little Trout Lily, his head in the grass.

Trilliums coming up fast!

Tulips that look like Poppies!

All gathered in the garden, stirring in the breeze. 

Daffodils with an orange face grows... 

...right next door to a feathery Tulip full of grace.

Sharing the sunshine colors of spring!

Primrose in purple...

Hyacinths in white...

...around the corner the Forsythia is bright!

Spring bulbs are the best! They herald the coming of all the rest!

Grape Hyacinths, the ones that didn't get stepped on.

May Flowers, brought to you by Anchor Cottage Design Studio.

Thinking about the timing of God's gifts on a Sunday afternoon in May. Thank you God!



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