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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Wrap It Up It's The Weekend

be at peace:

Westchester Nautical by Anthony Baratta:

wonderful white linen slipcover:

casa fayette, guadalajara:

a modern and glamorous connecticut home

Park Slope Brownstone - traditional - Home Bar - New York - Michael Schmitt Architect pc:

Brooklyn Brownstone Remodel, Gerry Smith Architect | Remodelista [marine black phyllite counters, looks like soapstone]:

Do you believe in Angels? 
I believe there have been a few in my life.

The chocolate brown "knot" wall paper is such a fine addition in this vignette. So classy, right down to the braided rug.

The silhouette of a wing chair in white.
A pair, slip covered, side by side
with a round  pedestal table in between.

What can I say, Mariska Meijers was in her form, today, when she pinned these four photos of interiors.

That restaurant decor has the "wow" factor.

The blue/grey of the cabinetry is a color I have been using this winter. Raccoon Fur by Benjamin Moore. I used it in high gloss on some tables I am painting for the shop.

 And, that sofa against that wall with "thee" pop of color.
 Thank you for sharing Mariska.

That's all folks, it's a wrap.
Now, for the weekend!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Working On The Shop

This row of shelving is two feet in from the new wall!!

What we are putting behind that wall is a studio apartment for Steve and I to stay in when we sell the Holler.

I will miss my "backdoor" customers. It was always fun to look up and see who knew to park out back and come in through the french doors.

Table-top world is now where" rug world" was. The fabric hanging over the french doors will be new curtains for the door walls and valances, over the windows, behind the counter.

Painted the counter a glossy blue to go with the curtains.

Here we are looking, from the front door, past "paper world" into "baby world"!

Over there is the new rug and fabric world. All the rug and fabric swatches plus lampshades will be in this area.

Where is "bedding world" you ask? It will be on the same wall as the point of sale. Will there be enough room? It will be a tight fit but I will work on the flow, by selling some fixtures and piling it high!

So, as soon as Steve can put the wall up, I needed the wall space, I can start putting it back together again. Can't wait to hang all the paintings I inherited from Tree Line Gallery.

Starting to feel the excitement of a new look.

How The Day Started

Pretty if you don't have to leave the Holler!

Just another day in northern Michigan, pulling on layers of turtle necks, sweaters, longies, jeans, socks, five pounds of boots, jacket, scarf, hat and gloves! 

Ready to head out?

I hear Steve firing up the plow truck.

Time for me to scrape the snow off my car and get out of his way.

On a sweeter note...
These are on my kitchen window sill.

My computer is up and running, Steve at Radio Shack, replaced the keyboard at hardly any expense.

I'm out of here, have a great day!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Going To A Wedding Soon!

Photos by Oh, Karina Photography


Yeah, I know I'm a bit peeved by the male gender at this time, but gosh darn it this is what  I'm going to pin cause I like it. And you just never know, I might need this for reference one day.:

stripes & tulle:

A Look Inside Amy Gropp Forbes & Adam Forbes' Beautiful Park Slope Townhouse — New Book: Design Brooklyn by Anne Hellman & Michel Arnaud:


Pair of Karpen Horn Chairs:

Jump for joy, Garen and Tim, May 28th, 2016.
What to wear and how to do my hair?
Where to stay?
Love these chairs, they remind me of the fellows, a perfect match.

Friday morning musings!


Saturday, January 16, 2016

Name These Dishes

Good Morning! Spilled coffee on my keyboard.
So Saturdays blog is being posted on my husbands computer.

I was still able to load the pictures
 but have to do the typing over here.

On my way to Radio Shack, wish me luck.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sweet And Pretty

Keep #Britain Tidy, campaign poster c.1960s Catalogue reference: EXT 1/121. The National Archives.:

National Archives

Couch pillows:


0552903 Norfolk Honeysuckle by Vervain:

Ivy and Vine;

Ivy and Vine

Blue toile chair:

Saved from


Volpi_Neutral_Soft_Windsor_Blue_on_Tint_304040B_03_2400.jpg 2,400×3,000 pixels:

Embedded image permalink:

Twitter Inc.


chinoiserie southern throw pillow boho chic decor:

Saved from

Furbish Studio

This week's choices,
 from the Anchor Cottage Collection,
 on Pinterest.

I am always a sucker for good graphics. Way to go Britain!

Corals and peaches, combined, are so fresh.

White roses and blue linen,
 simple and sweet chairs are very pretty.

I have always been a fan of floral pattern on black background.

Sunday afternoon snow showers.
 Time for a movie in front of the fire.

Friday, January 8, 2016

January Blossoms In The Holler

Thinking of a new look for the shop.

A new business card.

A new logo.

A new description.

Picking a new floor color for the shop.

Sticking to the theme, is it pretty?

Working with what I have.

Such good color.

Hiding out, down here in the Holler, for a couple months working on the new season's decor for the shop.
It's not easy. Pick the floor color, then the walls and the cabinetry.
So far I have considered deep gray floors, Dover White trim and cabinets against pale gray walls. I am leaving the grid on the french doors Licorice for now.
I have gone through all my books, tear sheets, fabric choices and have found a thread! I like anything pretty!
Terrariums seem to be popping up.
A new business card and logo is calling my name.
Sorting through it.

Yeah for Friday!!

Sunday, January 3, 2016


As the tree denudes...

....the reflections of the year past.... is nice to take a break and
 weigh the blessings of the year gone by...

....many souls come through your life
 in all shapes and colors... narrows the souls to a few.... choose the ones that bring honest feelings....

....the reflection of time spent around our table
 with family and friends....

....yes, the flowers are real, Garen....

...that if you squint a little bit,
 all and all it was a good year....

Counting my blessings.



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