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Thursday, June 15, 2023

All The Way From Evart

Nothing to see here! I will say that the excavator did a fantastic job of leveling the space for the barn. 

Honk honk! We are at the top of your driveway Mrs. Scott.

Look what we brought you all the way from Evart Michigan.

We're going to wiggle this barn off this trailer.

First we need to put some wheels underneath.

Then we will drive it down the driveway with the Skid Steer.

Backing it down the driveway.

Coming around the bend!

Snugging it into the clearing.

Ramp is down and the wheels are off.

Inside view. They put the big window in for us. We had the window leftover from taking our commercial building apart, in Suttons Bay. 

The whole interior got painted white. Steve and I are thinking of painting the floor with large, black and white diamonds.

She measures 16 x 20'. 

I love the roll-up door. So easy for me to open and close.

Always wanted a covered garage sale stall!

One day it was a vacant lot and the next day a full size barn was standing there!!

Can't wait to see what Steve and I will do with it!


Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Paying My Respects

Thirsty business, paying our respects to the nations forefathers, in Philadelphia. I had the Franklin's Mistress, it was delicious, and Ben Franklin is my favorite forefather! Tim, Steve and I walked through the historical buildings and needed a late lunch after all that! The Royal Boucherie hit the spot. The Oysters were outstanding.

Had a stiff neck from looking up! All the architectural details, on these old buildings, are mind boggling.  

Nathanial Greene crossing the Delaware with George Washington. I am a direct descendant of Nathanial Greene.

The art of the colonists shows the pride of the new states.

The Second Bank of the United States in all it's simplicity.

Independence Hall.

Philadelphia City Hall was visible immediately upon exiting the Regional Rail. William Penn standing tall!

Pretty exceptional!

Commander In Chief of the Continental Forces, George Washington. 

The State House Bell, used to summon the young attorneys, who wrote the Declaration Of Independence. 

Give me liberty or give death. Patrick Henry 1775.

I feel so proud of the young men that, together, created our country. So I had to pay my "respect".

Thank you, Timothy Marshall Griffiths, for being the great tour guide.



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