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Thursday, February 24, 2022

Inspiration At My Doorstep!

Where ever do you find your inspiration?

My inspiration came via UPS today! Dash and Albert rug and Pine Cone Hill bedding swatches from Annie Selke!

I walked up to the can and there was a large box full of rug samples and bedding swatches. 

I cut open the box and spilled it out onto my work table.

Immediately, my eye was drawn to the new Thibaut books, I just got in. Wallpapers and fabrics in an explosion of colorways!

Vibrant and lively. 

This combo is for Bronwyn, a modern day collection of jewel tones.

Do you see anything that inspires you to fluff your nest for the coming summer days?

Call me up or send me a text and make an appointment to come and see all the new fabrics, rugs and wallpapers!


Friday, February 11, 2022

It's That Pillow Creating Time Of Year!

Good Morning! I have been dreaming and scheming what fabrics to use, to sew new pillows, for the studio. My sewing world is upstairs next to my bed! How convenient when a pillow combination crosses your mind, in the middle of the night, and you can pop out of bed and  pull the fabrics from the shelves!

That's what has been happening the last few weeks! So I have been putting patterns and colors, side by side, to see which ones compliment each other.

Getting ready to cut and sew! Cleaned off the ironing board, put my personal ironing underneath! Steve says that if you put something in the ironing basket you never see it again! A childhood scar, I'm sure.

Two of my favorite fabrics! Kate Spade and Madcap Cottage. They look beautiful matched up. 

Indoor/outdoor pillows on the cutting table. 

Just added, a stash of white, ball fringe! 

So there's five pairs of pillows dreamed up! I better get busy and start sewing. Or, take a nap, which ever comes first. 


Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Working In The Showroom

Come into the, Anchor Cottage Freshwater Décor, showroom.

The first day of February and it is sunny! Perfect weather for scheming up porch rooms on the water.

All the Madcap Cottage fabrics are so pretty with the bright daylight shinning through them. 

I definitely see some lakeside porches in these fabric choices. What fun it would be to create a guest cottage in all the summer colors.  

Framing up some, Mary Blocksma, prints for a guest bedroom. Thinking of the frame color. Maybe a muddy coral. 

I love the shorebirds on the pillow. Makes me think of sandy beaches and waves. 

Using this combination of patterns for a bench and pillow by the front entry. 

Roman shades, wicker love seat and floral pillows on a creamy white rug for a room with a view of the big lake! She has the prettiest French doors and cement patio planted with royal red Geraniums.

All the trims in all the pretty colors. 

It is so enjoyable, to create pretty spaces, when you have all the tools to work with. 



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