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Saturday, April 27, 2019

Walking Home From Work

End of the week and I finally got everything, from the buying trip, into the studio and out of the house! 

Now to price, invoice and work it in. That will be a job! 

Flat art from Kentucky. 

Fabric and trim. I  bought only fifteen yards of the English floral and now regret not buying the reminder of the bolt. I am in love with the color and I want to make new curtains and cushion covers for my studio and trim them out with fringe. 

Money's Folk Art, Lonnie draws the roosters for Twyla and then she paints them. 

I may not finish clearing off my desk today. 

This painting came into my life! It was lying in a box on the driveway when I arrived home from Florida. Snow and rain and the painting stayed the same! Thank God! 

I am into "jug" lamps this year. I like the casual feel for the Lake Michigan cottages. They won't blow over on your three season porch. Yes, that is a real problem here!!

Oh well, I think I will walk home from work. The sun is out and the earth is greening up. 

A pot of Pansies, back lit, on a stump, along side the driveway. 

Who needs so many sprinklers? My husband's collection! 

This tin man is hanging in there! He needed a new funnel on his head this year. Coming back from PCB, we bought him on the Florida\Alabama line, in a sandwich shop, along side the road. Can't remember how many years ago. 

I picked up a dozen corbels, in North Carolina, at Otto's Salvage. 

I use them for bases, lamps and decoration on bookshelves and fireplace mantels. They bring interesting character into the mix.  

Caught my Benny drinking out of the birdbath!

If you see anything you would like to purchase, please e-mail me at, and I will send prices and shipping instructions.

That's a wrap on this Friday afternoon. How did you like my walk home? Working out of the Holler has it's ups! 

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Sunny Easter Saturday In The Holler

The "tools" are out! 

Lopped the suckers from under the Lilac bush/tree! Clipped some branches of the Forsythia to force into blossom early. 

See that handsome fern? Mary at the Business Helper gifted me with it! She is getting ready to step out from behind her counter and retire. Take a look at her clearance sale, I bought a stack of desk supplies that I know I will be needing this summer. Anything you need laminating, this is your last chance until the end of May! The Business Helper was a consistent retailer, always open when we needed supplies and services , they will be sorely missed. 

Yellow is the color of the afternoon, against the new bark of spring, it has a sunny presence that catches the eye!  

So happy to have the Uwharrie Chairs home. I still take orders for these chairs and ship direct. The undulation of the seat is patented for comfort. Lots of colors and several good furniture styles to pick and chose from.   

Where to plant some more of these yellow Pansies. 

I filled the birdbath with fresh water so Benny can have a drink! 

Oh oh! Catch him, there goes the Easter Hubby!

Happy Easter to everyone! 

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Buying Trip In The South

I got into the copper, brass, chrome, luster lust, this trip!

Came away with four of these copper pendants. Steve hung this one with wire so we can get an idea of where we want the light. 

In this case we need a light over the prep area next to the stove. I may put a pair over the island as well. I also bought powder coated shades, pendant and goose neck, and small brass wall mounted single spots/ cabin lights for your bunks! Message me for pictures. 

This pair of lamps for a customer's cottage. 

Steve has great taste! I told him his booth is looking really good. Actually this stash is going in his workshop corner. He has a nice sign collection going on plus the two sided clock and the thermometer from a funeral home in Findlay Ohio, a hubcap and a pair of dogs. Artsy! 

I was looking for small frames that can be painted and used to frame petite watercolors. 

Of course I had my nose in the textiles. Straight back chair slipcovers, nine foot rag rug runner, embroidered pillow cases and another beautiful quilt. 

Smart pair of hurricane lamps and a really old platter. Would look perfect on your mantel, just let me know and I will ship or deliver! 

We met up with the Money's and their terrific folk art creations. I rode with Twyla, down to her fishing lodge, in her Rhino! Now I want one to drive around my forty acres!! 

I purchased this collection, for resale, at 1502 Fabrics. MadcapCottage Collection covers the ottoman and two long pillows.  I don't remember the name of the Parisian fabric on the two square pillows. The collection needed something to pull it together and I went into the decorating studio and found the little floral pillow, I had made for display, by Madcap Cottage, and bamm, it all fell in place. The grouping is for sale, here, at Anchor Cottage. Just message me for prices.

That is it for now! There is still more to be unpacked!

Glad to be back in the Holler working on the new showroom for the decorating business. Please touch base with me if you need to make an appointment to come see all the rug, bedding, fabric and paint swatches, plus wallpaper books, lamp shades and accessories. 231-271-6614

Friday, April 12, 2019

It Was All About The Sun Rise

Do you know what time you have to rise to catch the sun coming out of the Atlantic Ocean? 

On the last day of vacation I got up to catch the sun. 

The sunrise starts out taking it's time.

You just have to have patience, it will shine!

Some mornings are calm.

Not a breeze stirring. 

Saltwater watercolors, I burnt my shoulder painting this. Hunched over and totally focused on this rendering, I never felt the sun searing my right shoulder. 

I love the screens, on my kitchen window, they look just like this! 

Seating for two, on the third chair were my feet! 

One last day on the beach.

Good bye.

What a wonderful time we had on God's blue surf. Time to head home to God's green turf!!

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Sunday Morning Walk

This morning I had to get all the way out of bed and walk down to the shoreline for this morning's sunrise photos. 

What we can't see from below the dunes is the sun reflected off the wet sand. 

The path across the ocean to the horizon. 

Ah! Look who followed me down! 

A silhouette of love jumped out of bed and followed me down the path of morning light. 

A partner for walking the beach. 

Feeling the glowing, orange, light shine all around us. 

Plovers following us down the beach as fast as their little legs will carry them. 

He pauses for a bite of breakfast. 

On to the next bite he goes! 

A misty morning, the golden glow reflected in the dew. 

A seaside home on top of the dune. 


Oops! Almost stepped on it! Pay attention where you are walking Mary Ann. 

Interesting roof lines. Must deflect the wind during storms. 

Condos in a row. 

These are stand alone homes along the dune. 

Time for Sunday breakfast.

Have a blessed day. 


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