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Sunday, April 7, 2019

Sunday Morning Walk

This morning I had to get all the way out of bed and walk down to the shoreline for this morning's sunrise photos. 

What we can't see from below the dunes is the sun reflected off the wet sand. 

The path across the ocean to the horizon. 

Ah! Look who followed me down! 

A silhouette of love jumped out of bed and followed me down the path of morning light. 

A partner for walking the beach. 

Feeling the glowing, orange, light shine all around us. 

Plovers following us down the beach as fast as their little legs will carry them. 

He pauses for a bite of breakfast. 

On to the next bite he goes! 

A misty morning, the golden glow reflected in the dew. 

A seaside home on top of the dune. 


Oops! Almost stepped on it! Pay attention where you are walking Mary Ann. 

Interesting roof lines. Must deflect the wind during storms. 

Condos in a row. 

These are stand alone homes along the dune. 

Time for Sunday breakfast.

Have a blessed day. 

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