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Sunday, April 21, 2019

Sunny Easter Saturday In The Holler

The "tools" are out! 

Lopped the suckers from under the Lilac bush/tree! Clipped some branches of the Forsythia to force into blossom early. 

See that handsome fern? Mary at the Business Helper gifted me with it! She is getting ready to step out from behind her counter and retire. Take a look at her clearance sale, I bought a stack of desk supplies that I know I will be needing this summer. Anything you need laminating, this is your last chance until the end of May! The Business Helper was a consistent retailer, always open when we needed supplies and services , they will be sorely missed. 

Yellow is the color of the afternoon, against the new bark of spring, it has a sunny presence that catches the eye!  

So happy to have the Uwharrie Chairs home. I still take orders for these chairs and ship direct. The undulation of the seat is patented for comfort. Lots of colors and several good furniture styles to pick and chose from.   

Where to plant some more of these yellow Pansies. 

I filled the birdbath with fresh water so Benny can have a drink! 

Oh oh! Catch him, there goes the Easter Hubby!

Happy Easter to everyone! 

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