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Saturday, September 18, 2021

Having A Little Garage Sale


So I am having a little garage sale. Trying to anyway! I have had the tents set up for a few weeks but between rain days and beach days I  have been open sporadically. 

Bits and pieces of stuff! The red metal cone on the left is a fireman's bucket. I use it to plant Impatiens and hang them from a hook. I have several boxes of upholstery fabric swatches which are great for making pillows or totes. 

A little bit of everything! The silk roses look real enough to water!

Christmas is coming! Pretty decorations in pastel colors. I would stuff the little buildings in-between the branches of my big tree. They snugged in quite nicely with lights around them. Quilts and bed skirts, I have several from beds bygone.

Decorative pillows to put on your sofa and a picnic basket for the French "Yogi and Boo-Boo" in your life!

The good stuff! Le Creuset and a killer roasting pan. A covered casserole dish to bring for Thanksgiving dinner, loaded with your favorite sweet potato recipe. 

I will open, again, next weekend if the weather cooperates! If you see anything that you would like, e-mail me at, shop@anchorcottage.

Time to close for the day!

Saturday, September 11, 2021

What Didn't I Do This Week!

Started the week, sitting on the beach, on Sunday. The water was pretty warm compared to the air temperature. But we didn't go for a swim. Regretted missing the last swim day of the season. Did manage to cut Birch logs, for a customer's Florida fireplace, to length. Arranged and numbered them so she can place them just so!

Searching fabrics for a customer. 

Placed fabric orders. 

Shopped English, Ironstone plates, for a customer, up in Elk Rapids on Tuesday. 

Dropped a Jeep load of design elements off at the studio. Worked at my new favorite furniture store, The Comfort Center Garfield, on Wednesday and Thursday! 

Managed to glue this platter back together. I was thinking of edging the garden with the pieces, but, since I had the stand, I am going to use it to set potted plants on, in front of the kitchen window, this winter. It's already broken so I won't worry about water stains at this point, but it should look really pretty underneath a couple of Orchids!

Yes, "Design Matters", in all aspects of home décor! Whether I am in a customers home and she is looking at color matches for headboard, bench and rug, or I am at the Comfort Center selling sofas and recliners! Laying out a bathroom in a guestroom or sitting on my porch. "Design Matters" just ask Schumacher!  

It's Saturday and I opened the garage sale for a few hours and then I am going to the beach!! It is suppose to be 77 with winds out of the south west. Hope it's a swim day!!

And this week's a wrap!


Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Through The Eyes Of My Intern

What fun to see my decorating studio through the eyes of my intern! I took the photo, above, through the eyes of my heart! I love this little gal and her puppy, Piper! 

My intern spent about an hour shooting these photos of the showroom. Interesting what caught her fifteen year old eye! She liked the antique corbels because she liked the "Found" tags. 

She found the wallpaper book, opened to this page, and the Annie Selke bedding swatches. Looks dynamite together!!

More Annie Selke bedding teamed up with wall paper. Gorgeous, very attractive combination! 

We really have some beautiful wallpapers to work with. 

Piper's Prints, with a paw print signature! We are doing it!!

This was just the best grouping of bedding, fabric and wallpaper!

Lucky me to have spent the time working with a girl and her dog! 


Tuesday, August 24, 2021

"No!", Said The Bride, "No Bows For Me!"

Got a call from an old friend, that I had not seen in a while. He asked me if I would help his sister set up a wedding for her daughter. "Of course, I would be delighted too help!" "How many bows do you want me to make?" As I pulled up to the family cottage, on Sunday, I knew that this was to be a blessed day.


Our special, neighborhood flower farmer, was there with her husband and armfuls of flowers in vases. Omena Cut Flowers, no wedding on the bay can go on without them! 

If all is white the flowers set the stage with their pops of color gracing the center of the reception tables. 

The blessing of the Birch Trees, a tree of beginnings, new dawns and promise, the alter of the wedding vows. 

The shared efforts of family and friends, creating a truly special celebration of love on this beautiful Sunday morning on the bay. 

We all worked together to set a pretty table. 

A party of eighty eight friends and family! All who, yes they did, carry the chairs back to the tables after the ceremony. 

It was just like in the movies!!

Mother Nature at the weather controls, she's a pro, could not have been a more beautiful day! She even threw down a moon rise for the special couple. 

A thousand Origami Cranes hung from the trees. A Japanese tradition, symbolic of life, longevity and happiness.

Life, Liberty, Beaches and Pies! Oh My! Treat bags from Cherry Republic for the guests!

The mother bought the pots of Daises and we put them in the wrought iron baskets, then lined the aisle with small white mums for the bride. 

How could I not have enjoyed helping? The scene was peaceful and serene on this Sunday morning, over looking the water. 

Clever seating chart! 

The floral arrangements were nestled into a spread of Cedar and polished beach stones.  Symbolic of Lake Michigan! 

The brides friends created an arch of Cranes over the alter....

....and hung the garlands of cranes all through the tent. Gently swinging in the breeze.

We used satin ribbon to line the railing for the bride. Her mother snugged the Mums around the bottom of the stairs. 

"No bows", said the bride! The wedding turn out to be extremely elegant without all the fuss!

Even the outhouses were given some attention. 

Flowers everywhere!


Wednesday, August 18, 2021

My Pinterest Pics For The Week


I don't know which part of this outfit I like best! The gold bow bracelet is a finishing touch.  


Scalloped edging on these black suede pumps is so dainty. I would feel so girlish wearing these shoes!


This darling little sheath of a dress could go from casual to dinner in a moments notice. 


This color is a running joke I have between me and a friend! I say coral and she says, in her St Louis accent, "karl"!



I wish I had a stack of these Welsh blankets! 

How many files do you have on Pinterest? I counted and I have 27 files! When I have some down time I like to look back to see what has caught my eye over the last few weeks. My favorite, this week, is the collection of Welsh blankets. Now where do I source these babies? On the internet, of course! I can't think of a shop within 500 miles that would carry these. If I had my brick and mortar you would be sure to see them in the mix. Also, how bout those shoes? I need an invitation so I can wear the pretty little dress with the dainty little pumps! The vest with the colorful floral on a navy background with hot pink jeans this winter would take the winter blues away! How bout Karl? Coral! Love the way the southern women roll the words off their tongues! My beautiful daughter-in-law is from the heart of Alabama and I love to listen to her tell a story. 

That's all I have for you, this week!
 Stay safe and wash your hands. 


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