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Thursday, February 22, 2024

The Sun Is Out!

The sun is shinning today. Hooray!

My all time favorite lamp and fabric combo! The fabric, I found, in a resale shop. It was only eighteen inches wide and nine feet long. I was able to match the pattern and make these twenty two inch pillows for Steve's sofa. The, Dana Gibson, lamp I sold in my shop at one time. 

 The two Chinese pillows, that I made, are some of my favorites. When you only have three feet of trim and a quarter of a yard of your hoarded fabric this is how you do it!!

The bright sunlight makes everything perk up. 

If you are a "color" person and you like your color primary, give me a call. Nothing pleases me more than mixing it up. Patterns and colors galore!

It's all about the sunny day.


Thursday, February 15, 2024

Fourteen Years Of Blogging!

In the blue light of the early morning.

Hoot's Holler heeds storming.

A cover of snow to make everything cozy!

With boots up to my knees and coat sleeves pulled down tight I make my way into the light.

Feeding the birds their breakfast delight. Suet and seed and whatever else they need! This was a wonderful surprise when I opened my eyes! All the trees coated with a frosting of snow. 

So, on February 15, 2010, I posted the first blog, in this journal, of Anchor Cottage.  Fourteen years later I still have something to say!!


Thursday, February 8, 2024

Looking Forward To My Purple Garden!

Never got around to posting these photos!

Giant Allium bulbs in a row.

Purple Petunias.

New Guinea Impatiens.

Tri Color European Beach Trees.

I never planned on having a "purple" garden. I had planted the Allium about five years ago. Then, I planted the Beech Trees to help, visually, heal the gouge in the side of the hill where we excavated dirt for a project. The purple Petunias were the brightest color at the garden shop that day! I had to move the pots of Impatiens to a brighter space for maximum blooms. 

By the end of the summer I had the ultimate "purple" garden. That may be why I waited to post these pictures, because, I was waiting for the end of summer shot! I forgot to take it!! The blue Hydrangeas were spectacular last summer. 

Cannot wait to see if I can recreate this garden even better. I was always a red Geranium/yellow Petunia gardener in my former summers. LOL


Saturday, January 27, 2024

Work To Do


Yoo-hoo! Steve, where are you? 

There you are! See that bench over your left shoulder? I need to match a paint color to the new fabric, we are using to upholster the cushion, to paint the frame. 
You are good at matching paint colors, what do you suggest?

I have a whole basket of ideas! For upholstery and paint choices. Mostly all tried and true. I like large fabric swatches and equally large painted boards so I can show the customer what it will look like when applied. 

I also need to match a clear cedar and a maple island top. I heard you are the fellow to see! 

Looks like SRS painting is busy busy!! 

Steve and I have work to do! Anchor & Paint is what this team calls itself. It seems that Steve and I have progressed to a new level of decorating service! Repair, paint and upholster. 

Who has more fun than us!

Thursday, January 18, 2024

Wrapping Up A Week In January

This was a labor of love. The "shield" mirror we found at a salvage business in North Carolina. We bought the grates, in the windows, there and had them powder coated in Lake Ann. Steve made the sink top from a walnut table we found, in a salvage shop, in DeLand Florida many years ago. The fabric for the vanity skirt and shower curtain we discovered at World Market in South Carolina! Steve and I gathered the pieces and called the plumber and the tiler to pull it all together! Tim says, "Beautiful color palette, and not at all cookie cutter. Unique and classic". Tim can write my copy anytime! 

Blue and white seem to be on my color wheel.

Went back and bought this chandelier west of Cedar. It is freshly wired and awaiting paint in Steve's studio. Painting it black with gold leaf details for a customer's dining room. I love how "French" it is!

I have started a new painting. Fresh paints, brushes and paper.

How about the snow mushrooming over the Uwharrie Chairs!

Stained glass window, from our travels, hangs over my studio desk.

Meeting with customers on Friday. Then on to the weekend.

Stay cozy!



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