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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Putting Summer Away

Scrubbed the Uwharrie chairs and the Fermob table and chairs. I sold at least a dozen or more Uwharrie chairs, over the years,  they are so comfortable and really stand the test of time spent outdoors. My little French set is such a good orange to see in my garden. Bright and happy!  

Simple fall décor. Picked up the two pots at a resale space in Traverse City and then bought the pumpkins, on the way home, to put in them. Easy peasy! 

Two more pots in baskets to take to the round house! I have a total of eleven pots to store, under shelter, for the winter. Plus four birdbaths to bring in, as well.

Steve power washed five rugs, for me, before he put the power washer away for the winter. They are all hanging over the deck railing to dry. Although it is suppose to rain everyday this week! Life is hard!!

I have a new, little Jeep, in the family! She is a four cylinder, you should hear her windup. She is a little gal, but she is perfect for me. I had the garage guy put my sheepskin covers on and so I am nice and cozy for the season. 

The Nasturtiums were glorious this summer. Hate to pull them up, along with the Tomatoes, Basil and Cucumbers. What a garden we had, delicious! 

Look up, it's a beautiful distraction on this balmy fall afternoon.

I had a customer asked, "what is a holler", and I explained that where I live is down the driveway to a hole in the woods! We call our space Hoot's Holler.

Now where was I?

Time to attach the blade to the truck! Where would we be without a snowplow truck, down here, in the holler?

Do you think that she would winter over if I brought her into my studio for the winter? She is awful pretty.

My nautical signal flags spell open, Oscar, Papa, Echo and November. A fun open sign, wouldn't you say? I sold, probably over a hundred of these flags, in my shop, over the years. 

The leaves, they are a falling in a ground cover of colors. 

The wood is stacked and covered, ready for heating the home this winter. Steve sent away for a recycled billboard, that he cut into strips, to cover the cords of wood and keep them dry. This billboard was actually a car wash sign. 

The round house. Still have to get the pots and birdbaths snugged in tight! Will they fit? Ah, there is always room for one more piece! 

The changing of the seasons, happens every year. 


Thursday, October 8, 2020

A Busy Week

Again, the phone takes the pictures! I adore this pot of Geraniums. It sits directly across from the door into the studio, so if I am sitting at my desk this is what I see! Pretty, isn't she?

Schlep, schlep, schlep. I probably own over a dozen schlepping bags. I use the bags to carry fabric and rug swatches in and out of my customers homes. Sometimes you will find pillows, paint fan decks and small accessories snugged in the totes. I have been known to fill one up and send it home with my customer. Easy way to haul all the different components to the job site.  

This vignette is called "Watermelon"! Pretty, bright and perky for a three season porch. Oh oh! Just realized that I had forgot to leave the schlepping bag with the customer so she can haul all the pieces back to the studio. Ah sugar!

Again, photos from my phone to use for the blog post. The phone is a pretty good tool in the decorating trade. I use to write down everything that I left with my customer and now I just take a picture!

My week in "phonetos"!


Wednesday, September 30, 2020

The Week In Phonetos

Blue and white on the radar this week! Working on an enclosed porch overlooking the water. 

Drawing an alternative floor plan!

"May we add some green", she asks? 

Two different customers who would like to add a little green into their blue and white scheme! 

Have steamer, will travel!!

Ah, this is better! 

Working on a blue and white with a touch of green decorating scheme! My inspiration at my feet. 

I hope my customers appreciate how hard I work!


Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Good Harbor Sand Dunes

The last day of summer.

Coming back from an appointment in Cedar. 

The lure of the warm sun, through the sunroof of my Jeep, shinning down on me. 

Made me pull over and cross the highway.

I headed down the path to the lake, camera in my hand. 

The heat of the sunshine reflecting off the sand. 

Up and down and then around the dunes. 

Lost in thought. 

Marveling at the terrain. 

All the greens lite by the yellow rays of light. 

Reflections in the still waters between the swells. 

The guiding point of land. 

The lake bed of ages ago, revealed. 

As I crest the last dune and follow the path down to the lake. 

Crystal water. 

Silky sand. 

The lake twinkles and sparkles. 

As I turn to walk back up the path to a different point of view. 

Social distancing at it's finest. 

My mind empty of all the thoughts and decisions of the day. 


What a beautiful day. 

I look back, one more time. 

As I turn to go.

Back through the woods. Filled with the magic, warm from the sun, freshened by the water of this solitary run. 



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