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Sunday, April 28, 2024

April's End

April started out on the snowy side! Aunt Margaret's little yellow flowers, from her front yard, peeking out.

Cement, iron and branches with lichen. Porch décor!!

The sun is shinning. Must go for a walk on the beach.

The wind, being out of the northwest, had us facing southeast to keep out of the gale. 

Out of the wind and facing the sun we were rocking a warm 73 degrees. It was so early, in the season, that we were unprepared for a "beach" day! 

We took a walk and skipped some stones and then sat down on a log.

I was distracted by the veining in this rock. Thinking about the quartz countertops we chose for a customer.

Tucked back, nice and cozy, from the wind blowing the sand down the lake shore. 

Freighter heading south.

Not being ready for a beach day meant not having chairs or sunscreen. No Cheese Shop sandwich or G&Ts. 

We snuggled down, in the sand, against the log and just looked out at the deep blue sea.

Watched a pair of Mergansers' diving down, under the waves and bobbing up again, their distinctive heads silhouetted against the water.   

The males are brown and the females are white. They played together like they were best friends. A delight to watch.

This is my best bud. Fun to take to the beach. 

As I write this blog it is a chilly 45 degree afternoon. Yesterday's weather was a blessing, out of the blue. Glad we took the time to smell the roses, so to say.

Friday, April 5, 2024

Easter Adventures

Getting ready to host Easter dinner. We heat with wood, all winter long. By this time of year the surfaces, in the the house, are coated with a fine layer of soot. So tradition is to vacuum the whole house from top to bottom. Shake out the rugs and wash the windows.

Gather all the pretty plates and glassware and wash them in hot soapy water, drying them by hand so everything sparkles.

Make sure to buy the grocery store tulips and arrange them in vases all around the house.

If a pot of Hyacinths jumps into the cart, buy them. They make the cabin smell so fragrant. 

Last but not least, bake the cake! Birthday cake for the girls. Always a lot of fun to have the prettiest smiles around my table. 

Who has more fun then us?

Spring is here and the Daffodils have poked their heads above the ground. Crocus here and there around the lawn. Robins, big and fat, making nests over the light fixtures and in the eves. 

Sunshine and warmer days are on their way!


Thursday, March 21, 2024

The Listening Room


I have never, that I can remember, attended a true "listening room" experience. A handful of listeners, counted seventy or more, seated in church pews. The performer standing in front of us singing his songs.

The one man show brought his drum, harmonicas, his guitars. The piano came with the venue. His twelve string ringing off the old wood floors. He did stop at Target to buy an equipment table.

Tenderhearted Boys by Will Hoge.

It was a fun date with my mate! He drove us down to "20 Front Street" to hear our favorite story teller and balladeer. 

Sunday, March 10, 2024

Stepped Outside

Sitting at the computer, this morning, looking at the photos on my camera download from this week. My sweet little Snowdrops in the corner of my garden.

Took a walk on a brisk early afternoon. Saw the North Manitou Shoal Light Station across the way. I looked up the proper name. We always call it "the lighthouse".

Turned around and there she was! Devils Elbow at the old Sugarloaf ski resort. I can't even tell you how many times I skied that run.

Around the corner is Pyramid Point.

So close to South Manitou Island.

The bluest, coldest, rockiest piece of shoreline in the county!
That's just my opinion.

On the way back to the Jeep. 

Today is a snow day, everything is covered in white. Turned my clocks ahead and now I'm late! Time for breakfast. If I ask my husband, really nice, if I can have pancakes this morning, what do you think he'll say?

"Do you want sausage?" "Yes I do!! Thank you!"


Sunday, March 3, 2024

Life Is Too Short To Miss A Beach Day

Look at all the stones under the water! Didn't have my waterproof boots on so I went looking for a piece of driftwood to help scoop them toward shore. 

You would think that there would be enough stones along the shoreline to search out some winners to put into my pockets!

I mean look at them all!!

Found a stick to wiggle that five pound hard head into shore. I put it in my hood of my jacket to carry it back down the beach.

Look up from the stones and you can see forever.

It was still, not a ripple on the surface of the water.

What a day! Walked up to the car fifteen pounds heavier!
A rock in each pocket and one in my hood!




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