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Friday, April 29, 2016

Spring, Please Come To Northern Michigan!

Carolina Irving for Oscar de la Renta at Lenox Hill:

Sarah Sarna - Fashion, Interior Design, + Beauty Blog.

Chinoiserie Chic:

Chinoiserie bar table:

furlow gatewood homes photo | Trending - The Skirted Table & Chinoiserie:

d caption
Pretty example of traditional use of blue and white....and checks and toiles....Pretty bedroom!:

Traditional Home

sunshine beach house:

(via Pinterest):

t h e f u l l e r v i e w

Spring, please come to Northern Michigan!!
There have been too many overcast, damp, chilly days this April, we need some sunshine pronto!

Pins that caught my eye this week reflect my personal need for a brighter green and fresh blue and white, i.e., green grass, blue skies with puffy white clouds and some "warm" sunshine. 

Here's to a sunny weekend! 

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Congratulations Timothy Marshall Griffiths

Timothy M. Griffiths F'16

Timothy M. Griffiths
Doctoral CandidateEnglish
City University of New York, The Graduate Center
last updated: 04/20/16
Mellon/ACLS Dissertation Completion Fellowships 2016
Doctoral Candidate
Department: English
City University of New York, The Graduate Center
Bricolage Propriety: The Queer Practice of Black Uplift, 1890-1905

This project situates post-Reconstruction black American culture in the genealogy of queer American studies. Rather than using queer theory as a way to understand black uplift, Bricolage Propriety allows late-nineteenth-century black culture to inform queer theory, which is typically centered on white gay male culture. Focused on archival documents and novels by Charles W. Chesnutt, Pauline E. Hopkins, Sutton Griggs, Thomas Nelson Page, William Hannibal Thomas, and Thomas Dixon, Jr., this project illuminates inventions of and challenges to black sexual propriety in late-nineteenth-century culture. Moreover, it argues that this archive not only calls into question the purity and novelty of queer antinormativity in the present, but further illustrates the constitutive relationship between performances of blackness and American theories of sexual propriety throughout US history.

 In my humble way I will try and describe what this means to me. 
 A relationship with the English language is not easy to live with. The understanding that the context of  description   has multiple definitions. Giving us understanding helps define the conditions of the discrimination.  Leading us to a better realization, through the complex tuning of language, is what his (Tim) minds eye is all about. 
Congratulations on the fellowship award.
Love, mom

Thursday, April 21, 2016

This Time Every Year

Spring rain in the Holler.

One handed shooting from under the umbrella.

Not time to uncover the garden, in case of snow showers!

Watching the Forsythia burst into blossom. It happens quite literally. 

Wet sculpture among the Hydrangeas.

Colors in the mist.

Pretty Pansies at my doorstep. 

After a long winter the moss is thirsty! Turning bright green in it's haste to absorb the rain, slippery too. 

Colors are popping in the rock garden.

Daffodils, their heads bowed, under the weight of the rain drops.

Happen's every year, rain for a day and then Tulips appear!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Daffodil Day?!

Just in...Daffodil Day @ Mosaic Works.
Go to
and check out the other neat ceramics made by
Lynlee and Jimmy.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Anchor Cottage Is Open For The Season

The store has been renovated!
 Downsized from 1450 to 750 square feet.

We are going with a new theme this year.
"Is it pretty!?"

I always had a place in the store for the men to shop. And now I have done away with "nautical world" and rugged men type pieces. Although, I still have a small collection of masculine items available. Beer steins from England, books and body wash:-)

The new size is forcing me to be more focused on the products I am choosing for the store. I have created specific areas such as "paper world" and "tabletop world".

I hung the Michael Clark collection of paintings mixed in with the walnut and mirrors. 

"Baby world" is now carrying "Little English" smocked clothing.

Hung Holly Sturges over the "bedding world".

Pretty cozy!

I still having tweaking to do. If you peak to the back there is, "textile world", full of rugs, fabrics, swatches, lampshades and wallpaper books.


As the spring progresses new lines will be coming in. We are compensating for the downsizing by moving product outside.
My husband is creating new signage for the shop, can't wait to see what he has come up with. This is my thirteenth summer, let's bring it on with new looks and attitude!

The Wedding Is Getting Closer

My two beaus! 

Fun festivities.

I will be there with anchors on!

Sunday, April 3, 2016

What Caught My Eye On Pinterest This Week


The Foo Dog Ate My Homework:




Chinoiserie Chic with a punch of PINK!:

Imagine prepping your morning shot while looking at this beautiful tile. Duquesa Collection's Fatima Pattern in Mezanotte.:

striped paper flowers!!!!:

Chinoiserie Chic:

I hope the saying,"more is better" works for my store displays!
I will definitely be using the "layered look" as I bring the product into my new "little" shop.

Love the dark painted cabinets in this Swedish flower shop, really shows off the products that are on display.

The tiles, paper flowers and the chinoiserie chairs float my boat!

Let's talk about the pink lampshade in the room!!

Still leaning towards that pale coral as a pop of color  in a vignette.

Next week pictures of the new "little" shop.
Have a nice Sunday.

Friday, April 1, 2016

April Fools'!

No, we are not open at Anchor Cottage! I know,
"Yep, we're still here!"
I said I would be open April first, so April Fools'! I will be open soon, just a few more tweaks to be tweaked.


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