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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Tear Sheet Book

I read at least 4 decorating magazines every month, plus some. When I see something that I like I tear the page out and drop it into a basket I keep next to my perch.

 So, when we go on road trips, I take my "desk-in-a-basket" a tray and my tear sheets to work on so I don't have to watch Steve drive down the southern corridors  filled with aggressive drivers.

I really can't remember which magazine I tear these pages from so if you recognize any of these shots please let me know who is the photographer.
Above, is the first vignette I put together. It is my interpretation of  the professors home in Back Bay Boston.

This page came out of the basket for the Florida home in my dreams. I sell the stack of blue and white boxes in my store.

I love this look for my downtown Nashville loft! I love the fresh graphics, so young and hip.

 I know, it sounds crazy but I have to start somewhere so I make up a space to decorate and then put something together out of my tear sheets.
Gets me to Florida and back without critiquing  Steve's driving!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

His Energy Matched The Day

78 degrees, 62 degrees, wet, damp, rainy and a tornado to boot. Anchor & Paint designed and installed a headboard to the bed in the master bedroom.

We had a rating company come in to rate our rental and about the only thing they could find to up-grade was to add a headboard to the bed in the master bedroom.

Steve used the," original to the home", fireplace mantel. The bedroom is only 8 ft wide so he cut it out to fit within the molding so it would not take up extra room.

Anchor & Paint then moved on to building closets.

The 2 bedrooms are so small that a conventional closet would be very tight.

After all it is a weekly rental.

Down the line we may be able to configure something more substantial in the master bedroom.

It was a true rain forest of a rain today!

Too deep for taking a walk.

We could use a, "no-wake", sign about now.

Add hail and 45 mph winds and whoopee!!

Help, my calipers are drowning.

A river to the Atlantic Ocean flowing right down Osceola St.

A very productive rain day. Redwood shelf nestled in, next to the stove.

Flowing down the river...

Looks like a sunset, but it's only the place mat reflected in the window.

Good work Anchor & Paint.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Steve's New Friend

Steve and I head over to Vilano Beach to watch the Porpoises. We have the beach to ourselves except for a few stray Pirates and Cowboys!

And as the day winds down the Salt Water Cowboys drive in to throw out their nets.

All sorts of shorebirds show up for dinner when the Cowboys show up!

Steve brings fresh shrimp for us to snack on with our Gin & Tonics. So up walks this Snowy Egret and says to Steve, "Hey, buddy, how bout a shrimp for me?" He walks right up to Steve and has his self a shrimp!

We only had a couple left. So Steve shared them with the Egret and there the two sat side by side, fast friends!

Visual Beauty

Something in the artists eyes today.
 Annechovie pinned these two pictures.

Dana Gibson pieces, I have carried her in my store!
Annechovie, thank you for sharing.

This woman, from Absolutely Beautiful Things,
posted this room that she had just finished. It is so lovely.
Thank you for sharing.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Saturday, March 9, 2013


I painted my windmill shutters and Steve put them up on either side of the kitchen window. I bought the windmill shutters because Steve is Dutch.

Look at these windmills! Steve and I got off on 100th Rd. off of M-115 to take a look, first hand, at what a wind turbine farm consists of.

Every corner farmer had a few. The land is so high up you can see forever to the east. These windmills are humongous. 

It felt like something out of "Outer Limits" not really of this planet. Not sure if I could stand the movement, overhead, all day long.

This is the windmill my corner farmer has. Not so out of place.

Here is the link to the farm in Missaukee and Osceola Counties. 

Worth taking a look at if you are driving north, toward Cadillac, on M-115.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Hello Charlevoix

Walked to the top of the world this morning.

Looked across West Bay.

All the way to Harbor Springs!

Fabulous view.

More view than my little camera can handle.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Friday's Flowers At The Holler

Snow Drops, Yellow Primrose and Grape Hyacinths. 

I buy one every year at the Red Ladder and add to my collection.


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