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Sunday, April 11, 2021

A Watercolor Sketch

Looking north out my front porch. 

Opened a thrift store, landscape painting kit, that I had stashed away for a rainy day! It has seven colors and no white or black paints with a book on how to paint landscapes and mix colors.

 Glanced at the "mix colors" part of the book and learned how to make pastel colors as well as deep gray. Looked at why to do a wash, on the paper, first. Not that I followed directions.

So, with just a few lines sketched I went out on my own and drew the painting with paints! 

It takes me forever to sketch out a scene to paint so I thought I would give drawing the scene with a paint brush a try.

For some reason, only my mind understands, I found it easier to paint the landscape with a small, pointed brush. Filling in with tiny little dots of colors as they rambled through the terrain.

The moral of the story is, make some time to do something you wish you could do. You never know what you are capable of. The confidence you ensue is vital for brain growth. 

My Sunday sermon on aging!

Have a good one!


Monday, April 5, 2021

Easter In The Holler

How do you like my whiskey barrel chairs? All the way from Tennessee! What a great surprise! My daughter-in-law said to my son, "shouldn't you call your mom to see if she even wants them?" Chris replied, "no, she wouldn't call me!" So true, so true, surprises are the spice of life. I love these chairs!!

This game, this game!! Stayed up until three o'clock in the morning playing! Party in a box, for sure! Highly recommend to break the ice, lol. We had a ball.

My darling little cousin recommend a pillow in my chair and as far as I'm concerned, she has a great eye. 

What would an out-of-state, family visit be like without Happy Hour Chicken! Monday morning snack!

My son was here with bells on! Everyone was so glad to see him!

Her smile is everything, so charming and funny and pretty. I adore her and her southern, feminine sensibility! 

This guy showed up! Too bad he didn't drive the "Stump Bump"! And he also didn't break the sound barrier! Long story!! 

For me it is a labor of love to set a pretty table and prepare a feast for all the guests. I am so happy, this was a long time coming. Four out of six were vaccinated! We hugged and didn't social distance. We had a great time sitting around the table. 

I always feel sad to put away the party dishes! Until next time!

Thank you for coming to my party! I love you all!


Sunday, March 28, 2021

Sunday's Phonetos

You never know what the furniture Gods have in store for you! For the last twenty one days, Steve and I, have been on the search for a new mattress and box spring. Five furniture stores later...

...out of the corner of my eye, I spied a blue, leather sofa! Steve's eyebrows flew off his head! So I settled for a new perch. To think that the salesman, five stores back, at the Comfort Center on Division Street, told me I would find what I was looking for at the other Comfort Center on Garfield! I was pleasantly surprised. There were four or five pieces I could have worked with, on the floor. To think I had never been in there before!

March came in pretty quiet, like a lamb! Feels like March may have got his Lion on! Snowing and blowing pretty good this morning. 

Of course we had to change the living room around.

Look what Steve put together, this week! A customer had hand carried these tiles home from Italy and wanted to have a tray made. 
Steve is a man of many, many talents!!

Snow day in the Holler. I'm not sure where winter ends and spring begins! March in Michigan.

I have a thing for pencils with big, pink erasers! I have been known to give them as presents, all sharpened, bundled and tied with a bow. 

Sunday's thoughts!


Saturday, March 20, 2021

First Day Of Spring

Looking down from Inspiration Point. The Sleeping Bear Dunes and the bridge through the narrows of Little Glen-Big Glen Lakes.

We are so far up that we are looking across the tops of the trees!

Looking across the water and over the town of Glen Arbor and out to the big lake, Pyramid Point and Whale Back! 

The color of the water was as blue as the heavens above.

Not a cloud formation to be seen. 

The reason for this spring road trip, around the county, is Steve got a tip that there were fresh Birch Trees that had just been taken down in a road right-a-way. We may have gotten there a little late because they had already shredded the tops. 

These are for a customer who would like Birch Logs in her Florida fireplace for show and tell. 

It was thirsty work as the logs were on the other side of the creek and we had to toss them over the water, to the roadside, and put them in the truck. So we called in an order to Art's Friendly Tavern for Chicken Wings and beer. Picked up some killer brownies, for desert, at the Red Gate farm stand on the way. 

A picnic on the beach!

Skipping stones and humming along to the music of the waves lapping at our boots. 

It was a crystal blue of a day.


Monday, March 15, 2021

Last Week's Phonetos

So many pretty spring fancies! Flutter, by Annie Selke, pillow cases are so sweet. Should I order a set for the showroom bed? 

That mirror is really good. I may have to go back and buy it. What's in the bag, you're asking? Two yards of fabric that struck my fancy! 

This Orchid is exceptional! She is four years old and just gave me twelve blossoms! The blooms last quite awhile. 

What's on your windowsill? Spring is right around the corner and I can't wait. The greening of Northern Michigan!!

My little Irish Snow Drops are the first brave flowers of the season! 

Sunday morning, in the Holler. The sun is shinning and all I want to do is go outside and play. Still too early to disturb the gardens as we are only in the mid thirties and could still see snow and freezing temperatures before Mother's Day. 

Almost eight years have passed and Steve still looks as handsome as ever! Boy, that was a fun wedding party. We had a great time in Nashville. All my favorite fellows were there. 

Daylight Saving Time, taxes and the first day of spring are what's on my calendar! Oh, and the second Covid shot, I almost forgot! 

Mask up, wash your hands and stay safe.


Sunday, March 7, 2021

What A Fun Week

New sheet swatches came into the showroom this week. Pretty, pretty. The coral and oxford blue have nice weight and are soft, soft! I just want to mix them all up on someone's bed!

I ordered fabric swatches and they arrived on Friday. I order one yard per fabric so we have enough repeat to see what it will really look like once it is cut and sewn! 

This combination is blue on blue on blue and it works. We have the front door paint color and the kitchen island paint color. A patterned print for cushions and the linen, in two different blues, for welting and decorative pillows. 

This is my favorite fabric, that floated into the studio, this week. I want to upholster a French Bergere chair and set it on top of the striped rugs. Clear, crystal lamps on bamboo side tables. Large, blue and white, fish bowl planters, with Lemon Trees, on either side of the French doors. Oh la la! 

Caspari, for spring! Setting a pretty Easter table in the soft pinky/orange hues with a large bouquet of Daffodils in the middle.

You have to love a customer that has a vision. I am so happy to see her Grenadine rockers all in a row! The little faux, bamboo tables with the leather tops, are fresh and clean. I polished the tops with shoe polish to help bring the leather back to life

This corner cabinet has a door at the bottom. I like the scalloped edge on the top and on either side of the shelves. Gives it a little oomph! 

Worked on giving the water rings some patina. To replace the embossed leather was very pricey! The shoe polish revived the dried out leather and took the edge off the rings. They are acceptable! 

There is snow, there is ice and the sunshine makes it twice as nice!
Pretty as it appears, the temperature was twenty six degrees and the shutter on my camera was on slow motion. 

Now that was a fun week, in the show room, at Anchor Cottage!


Sunday, February 28, 2021

Just Hung, New Roman Shades!

Come in! Anchor Cottage, decorating show room, is open.

Things are still in the works, but isn't that the truth about decorating?

 Getting ready for spring on the Leelanau peninsula.

I have so many fabric samples to look at. 

Rug swatches stacked to the ceiling. 

The round table gives us room to pull a look together with all the  fabric, rug, lamps and paint colors, that are available. 

The new roman shades. Made out of a duvet cover from Pine Cone Hill that no one ever bought from the shop! Soft Furnishings railroaded the heck out of it, to make these happen! Didn't have a thread left. Probably one of the best fabricators in the state!!

Personally, I have never owned a Roman Shade. But I love the look and had to give them a try in my own space. 

Great for insulation. Keeping the drafts out.

This vignette, in navy and white, with the woven wood baskets, table and seagrass rug would be beautiful in a lakeside condo.  

My stash of antique quilts to put over your porch sofa or at the foot of your bed. A great way to add a little cottage to your decor!

I owe a great deal of credit to the people at the fabric warehouse, in North Carolina, for hanging in there with me while I got this project off the ground. A shout out to Caite, Jim and Steve! Thank you!

Wish I had more room! For those customers, who have been with me for the long haul, know that I always make room for more!

Sometimes it is a little tight, but that much more product to work with. With this said, I am ready to head down to North Carolina to see what's new. 

By appointment.



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