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Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Christmas Is Coming!!!

Christmas time is all about surprises! Like slipping on the ice and breaking your leg! My poor honey.

This surprise floored me! So elegant, just beautiful, will use them for my Christmas table on Saturday. 

What to do with outdated wallpaper books? Steve and I made chains for decorations! Gave a one to Jennifer in orange tones to hang on her orange, outsized chandelier and we made one for Jackie, the decorator, in all her muddy tones! A fun surprise!

If I had realized how gorgeous this shale colored sheepskin was I would have had it on the showroom floor a long time ago?
Pleasantly surprised.  

Very surprised that I did not fall off the driveway, backing down, in the icy, slushy, mix we had. 

It has been a tough two in a half weeks. But hubby is on the mend and I have all the presents wrapped! Now if I could invent a way to easily bring in wood for the stove...time for  a nap!

Merry Christmas!!


Tuesday, December 14, 2021

I'm Dreaming Of A New Bathroom

I am in love with shiny tiles! This bath is particularly interesting with the blue, quartz, I presume, counter top drawing your eye to the blue tiles in the shower area. I like the large white tiles on the floor, the mirrored wall behind the sink top, the window and the glass door!

Niches are good place to set shampoo and soap. A fun way to add an expensive tile, for accent, just like you would an expensive pillow, on your bed, for fun.

I have a clawfoot tub and a wide open shower space with a huge, round window to work with. Here I like the marble with the blue and white tiles. So fresh and clean!

There is a wall between the shower/bath tub area that I would like to make a half wall so the natural light from the window will come all the way through to the sinks and toilet area. I love natural light in a bathroom so I can see who I really am!

This is one of my favorites! I adore live plants in a bathroom. The simple, green tiles and the wood cabinetry brings the outdoors in. Who doesn't like a shower outdoors?

The niche as an accent. Circles and rectangles, orange and turquoise.

Husband likes the larger tiles. Accented niche in grey tiles.

The tiled floor will work in the room as a whole. Two shower heads make it a husband and wife affair!!

I have posted this bath in another blog. It is a very small bathroom, but with the window, wallpaper and live plant in the shower, it is a very inviting space to take a break. 

So, I gave up my Florida trip, this year, so my hubby could remake our bathroom. He fell down and broke his leg, so he's not going anywhere! Fudge!! No Florida or bathroom for me, just a long long icy driveway and the winter blues. 

Saturday, December 4, 2021

The Week I turned Sixty Six

I turned sixty six this week! Now I am the same age as my handsome husband! We are a pair of knuckleheads!

My chair, that one of my customers gave me, just came back from the upholsterer. I covered it in a Kate Spade fabric. 

Worked on this project for the Comfort Center, draping furniture in fabrics for a large order coming into the store. I can't wait, we ordered some great pieces from Kincaid Furniture.

Planted sixteen Amaryllis, six are new and ten are from the last few years. Not bad, most of them come back for several years in a row. 

I have sentimental feelings for this chair! It has been in my life for so many years! First it was in Anchor Cottage, the original cottage,  covered in a swimsuit proof vinyl, then my mother took it home and had it recovered in a trapunto, black and orange, vine and blossom print. It was pretty dramatic for it's time. I just had it recovered in a faux pile that I had in my studio.

This is Jackie the decorator, my mentor, in her living room that we are working on. Sporting a contemporary jute rug and a sheepskin on velvet ottoman. 

This is why I love my husband! He gets a kick out of wrapping my birthday presents in different papers that he finds in my stash! I got a great pair of "nocs" and a stud finder this year! Like I really needed a stud finder, I already have one! 

It took twenty nine pages of wallpaper swatches from discontinued wallpaper books to make this chain garland for the tree. Cute cute, now what to put with it?

And just when this week couldn't get any better my cousin showed up with this vintage, suede dress from Paris for my birthday present. It fits like it was made for me. I absolutely love it!!

Now that was a week to remember! The week I turned sixty six!

Happy Birthday!!!


Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Birthday Presents!


Thursday is my birthday! I will turn sixty six. At this age I have learned quite a bit about my tastes. I love fresh color, this blue and white check sofa is for me!


Amber glass, my grandmother loved amber glass with a handful of gold dust thrown into the glass. Me too! I love to use it on my Thanksgiving table.

The satin finish on this hand carved scoop calls my name. Soft and silky, light in weight, I want it, for my flour bin, so I can use it often.

Please, may I have these shades for my lamps in the living room. Their colors, patterns and designs would look excellent in my full, log home. I have the lamps to put with them!

This is happy wear! I'd be happy wearing it!

No turkey this year, ole' Uncle Ray has gout. Michelle can't have glutens and her daughter, no dairy! So what is the birthday girl to do? Ham, German potato salad, baked beans and Lemon Meringue pie!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my loves! Please eat a lot of turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy and stuffing for me! Oh, and Pumpkin pie piled with whipped cream!   

Saturday, November 13, 2021

Saturday At The Beach

Pulled up in the truck and jumped out! Wind out of the NW, blowing hard, squalls coming off the lake. 

The clouds were hanging so low and heavy. 

At one time there was a spit of land going out into the water.

The waves come in from both sides, crisscrossing the sand bar. 

So fierce, so wild, takes my breath away!

The contrast of light and dark, sky and water, trees and beach. 

Ran all the way back to the truck, just in time, to avoid the squall that came through!

I feel all aired out!


Monday, November 8, 2021

How Hungry Are You?


I'm Not Drunk I'm Cooking is the new cookbook, released, just in time for the holidays! Every recipe is one that you would be proud to bring to the dinner table for family and friends! That's what this cookbook is all about, family and friends. 

Please read with an Alabama accent! "Mema" set the table and the traditions that guide this collection of sit down and eat some foods that taste like home story. Using what is in the pantry and your culinary imagination is what stirs this pot!

Most important, the book is written because of family and close friends. The people that have always been there for you.  MayKay shared their stories and their thoughts behind the dishes. 

Yes, I giggled my way through this cookbook. The dishes and the stories have the right amount of humor mixed with love and caring.

Just think, across from each other, Fried Deviled Eggs and Mashed Potatoes with Crispy Potato skins! How can you beat that? Six different green beans dishes to pass for the Christmas dinner! 

Fried Breakfast Corn! Ever tried it? Buy the cookbook on Amazon and hold on to your pants! This recipe book is a lot of fun!

A picture is worth a thousand words and this photo says it all! 
Family, support, caring and love.

I really enjoy this unique chef's take on life! I love you MayKay and I am very proud of your cookbook.

The next sixty days of holiday gatherings, you need this book, it is packed with affordable, delicious and easy dishes to take to pass at all the parties. 

I'm hungry!

Thursday, October 28, 2021

Tooling Around The County

Face it folks, when the countryside looks like this, tooling around the county gets five stars!

When I crest this hill I see the two Manitous almost touching!

Big clouds, big field and land, it's all about the land. 

Looking over South Lake Leelanau.

Our mountain ranges. 

Fields and sky. 

All of the blues.

The creek took a turn!

Love the reflection. 

Winter rye at the corner farm. 

Such great photo ops! 



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