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Monday, November 8, 2021

How Hungry Are You?


I'm Not Drunk I'm Cooking is the new cookbook, released, just in time for the holidays! Every recipe is one that you would be proud to bring to the dinner table for family and friends! That's what this cookbook is all about, family and friends. 

Please read with an Alabama accent! "Mema" set the table and the traditions that guide this collection of sit down and eat some foods that taste like home story. Using what is in the pantry and your culinary imagination is what stirs this pot!

Most important, the book is written because of family and close friends. The people that have always been there for you.  MayKay shared their stories and their thoughts behind the dishes. 

Yes, I giggled my way through this cookbook. The dishes and the stories have the right amount of humor mixed with love and caring.

Just think, across from each other, Fried Deviled Eggs and Mashed Potatoes with Crispy Potato skins! How can you beat that? Six different green beans dishes to pass for the Christmas dinner! 

Fried Breakfast Corn! Ever tried it? Buy the cookbook on Amazon and hold on to your pants! This recipe book is a lot of fun!

A picture is worth a thousand words and this photo says it all! 
Family, support, caring and love.

I really enjoy this unique chef's take on life! I love you MayKay and I am very proud of your cookbook.

The next sixty days of holiday gatherings, you need this book, it is packed with affordable, delicious and easy dishes to take to pass at all the parties. 

I'm hungry!

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