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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Setting The Table



Easter in the Holler.

Easter Dinner Is In The Oven

Happy Easter to all my little Snuggle Bunnies.

Flowers from Forget-Me-Not florist.

Easter baskets come in all shapes and sizes, Steve got an Easter mug filled with jelly beans this year.

Snow-drops and Robins on my windowsill. 

These cast-metal salt and pepper shakers are Steve's other present this year. Aren't they darling?

Did you see him?

There he goes, hop hop hopping along!

Time to put my Easter dress on and set the table pretty.

Ham, German potato salad, jello and baked beans...deviled eggs, carrot cake and sweet pickles...I can't wait.

Happy Easter everyone!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Lined Up And Waiting To Go!

Thank goodness my dinning room table is eight feet long!

There are boxes of Little English baby clothes under this table.

Six panels of draperies for the french doors neatly pressed.

Baskets full of line books waiting to be loaded into the hatch.

If I wait any longer this ceramic stool may have to stay home.

I have already taken one load to the shop.

How to work this collection into my new office.

These pillows, and Steve, are ready to move on.

"What the heck, we've been lined up and ready for a month now!"
Pillow talk!

Stacks and stacks of merchandise ready to be transported to Anchor Cottage.

At this point in time I will not even show you the state of the shop. It is coming along but I have a dry wall dust mess to clean up before I can put all the pretty pieces in place.

New fabrics and pillows and English cream ware all waiting in line to be packed up and taken to the store.

Monday is the day to go down to the store to set up shop. I need to arrange the fixtures and take the "swiffer" to the place.
Hang the curtains and unpack the merchandise and won't you be surprised at all the fun things that will greet your eyes!

I may be starting to get "cabin fever"!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Pins That Caught My Eye

Black and white makes things pop.:


Embrace your future:

I see this as a potential storage solution.I am not big on the clothing rod, but I think this would look cute around a bed/ serving as a storage- headboard.:

Handcrafted shoes. Fresh from Italy each week. Explore our collection of neutral flats, moccasins, pumps and boots.:


Light, subtle, shake loose the extra trims. 
Change it up to an intellectual design style. Think more about the Aristotle and Leonardo layers of thoughts collected. Look deep and disturb, the given rules of decorating as pertaining to the rich culture of a collection of great and gifted artists. Thou may dine on earthenware dishes, it is the rich ocher color and the hand formed shape that make it a piece of art equal to the finest hand painted porcelain. Observe the details that create the whole.
It's all good.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Almost Out Of Watercolor Paper

Finishing up a "saltwater watercolor" this afternoon.

Thinking about my favorite artist, Pat Custer Denison, as this is the first time I have painted freehand instead of drawing the picture first.

I have only two pages, of my watercolor paper, left.

Kate Lewis is another water colorist that I follow. She seems to leave a lot of paper between her flowers. Me, I seem to crowd them together.

Is it finished?

It needed the extra dimension. 

The sun came out and lit the painting.

Time to pack'er up.

Short And Sweet

I made these pillow covers before I left home.

Didn't find any new additions to the fence.

Picked this print up at St Vincent's.

The upholsterer, from American Craftsman Upholstery, pulled this rabbit out of the hat! 

Not quite ready is the red naugahyde ottoman that we are having upholstered for the living room.

We bought a can of Sherwin Williams Dover White and painted all the mar marks. Touched up the appliances with appliance paint. Changed out the shower curtain liner and planted Amaryllis bulbs. Washed the front porch and entry and called it "short and sweet"  or maybe a "lick and a promise". That's what you get for five days at Blue Bell.

Friday, March 18, 2016

The Traditional Fabric Run

Doing it different this year.

Fabric for Judy!
 Buying yardage to turn into fabric swatches
 that you can order off of.

Twenty three new  fabric designs that you may order from,
 hand selected.

Would love to hear back from thou, that purchases fabrics.

What are you looking for?

Would you like a handful, of new designs, to look at every season?

If there are no orders I just turn the swatches into pillows?!

Please keep me posted and I will buy what you desire.

Sniffing around.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


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