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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Do Not Raise Your Head Off Your Pillow

Happy Birthday Nonnie North! November 30th was my grandmother's birthday. When we were small we would all jump in the car and drive "up-north" to visit her! 

When we slip into bed, at night, we turn off the lights and open the curtains wide so the sunrise will wake us up!

This way we don't have to lift our heads up off the pillows.

Try catching the sunrise, over the Atlantic Ocean, thirty days back to back.

A different break in the clouds every dawn.

Just like in the movies!

The sun comes up out of the ocean and parts the cloud cover in bits and pieces like a kaleidoscope. 

The spectrum of colors.

Wrapping around the top of the dune.

Takes a full hour to view.

Starts out a deep purple.


Thank you God.



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