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Friday, February 24, 2017

Lamps...They Come In All Shapes And Sizes

blue and white with brass...:

Let's start with this blue and white lamp and add the black parchment shade and brass detailing. Perfect fit, on the shelf, in a man's study.


Soft and curvy lines of this not-so-serious lamp.

Sophisticated Colonial Isle Tropic Decorating:

Scale is everything in life as well as with lamps. Drama!

Table lamp:

Down right sexy shape, very voluptuous

Tobias Tortoise Glass Table Lamp, Brown - Neiman Marcus:

Love that the chunky black shade is half the height of the lamp. Tortoiseshell and a modern brass base sings to me. 


The perfect lamp trend...the gourd shape with a modest shade.

Matched Pair of Vintage Murano Opaline Lamps in Raspberry by Marbro:
"Inside the Conch Shell pink" Murano Glass lamps. 

Sewanee Cabin – James F. Carter:

Black and brass and linen make this pair of lamps stand front and center on the walnut chest. 

We call this design, Console Table Heaven ❤❤❤. Shown here is our Christopher Table Lamp, White Lion Garden Seats and our fit for a queen 👸 Empire Style Gilded Mirror. Discover the look by clicking our link in profile.:

Think hard about these two...what if they were against a blue and white graphic wall paper? They would take on a whole different look going from foyer elegance to silvery seaside ambiance.

Lamps are a tough decorating detail. Thousands of shapes, colors and styles to chose from making the choice overwhelming.  Notice in many decor magazine photo shoots, of rooms, that the lamps are removed, taken out of the picture. Were they in the way? Count all the considerations in choosing the correct lamp for the lighting job. Scale of the room, the height of the table, where it casts the light when you are both bedside or chair-side reading your favorite book. Lamps definitely make an important statement in any room. Take a deep breath, measure every thing twice and then choose your favorite style/color of lamp. Most importantly, if you love the lamp it will fit! 

Saturday, February 18, 2017

February Thaw...Better Then The Mall

To the north Ombre Indigo hues.

A land jetty I never tire of photographing, it is so linear to me. 

Snow rimmed "sugar bowl".

Daisy found her inner pocket!

Walking the beach with the weight of the world around her hips!

The long of it.

When I drove out of the driveway, this morning, I didn't think I would make it, it was solid ice. When I came home I almost got stuck in the mud! 

Benny, move over rover I want to take a picture of the Heron.

He is so handsome in the light.

A fragile winter plant.

Never do I get tired of shooting my front porch. 

Look at the sunlight spilling down like a stream across the snow.

The light is so pure for the moment.

Sometimes I feel ten feet tall...who wrote that song? 

My loot from the day...see the lower stone? It is a picture of a Lake Michigan sunset! Wonder if Liz Saile could frame it in gold and hang it on a chain.  What a day! 

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Seven Years Blogging

Monday, February 15, 2016

A Sunny Sunday!

On the kitchen window sill.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Sunny In The Holler

Hello out there!
 Today is a sunny and bright, three degrees below zero, day in Hoot's Holler!

Monday, February 17, 2014

There's No Pictures Like Snow Pictures!!!

Steve created a bobsled run down to the wood pile for the dogs! Just wait until Thursday, with rain predicted, that track should be real slick!

Friday, February 15, 2013

I Spy Blue, Green & White

The Crystal River.
 A painting by Conrad Heiderer.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Cometh The Prince of Salvage

Master Mark Shuttleworth, proprietor of Florida Victorian Architectural Antiques, is the prince of salvage.
Our new decorating challenge is nestled in a quiet downtown Saint Augustine Florida neighborhood.

This blog started, February 15th, 2010, with a little house in St.Augustine Florida.I have posted blogs from consecutive Februarys  to see the changes in the featured posts. As it turns out February seems to be a colorful month! I stay close to home for the most part and use my camera for the majority of the material posted. How many more years will I keep this journal running? What is the longest anyone has kept a diary of their life? Could this turn into an epic collection of pictures and written considerations? A day in the life of the woman who lives at Anchor Cottage Freshwater Decor. Interesting to have a weekly journal of photos and thoughts to look back on.

Happy Anniversary! 
782 posts and counting. 

Friday, February 10, 2017

Find Something Pretty And Light

Pierre Bonnard - Le Boscuet:

Pierre Bonnard-LeBosquet. I found this on Pinterest. Light under a green canopy of shade. 

French day bed | vintage painted stool | ironstone platters | needlepoint pillow:

Miss Mustard Seed

This sweet vignette reminds me of the Red Ladder, when she was in town. I miss her talent.



This combination is fresh and sings of summertime on the lake, just a little crisp in the morning, snuggled in for a moment. 
Yes!! How I live ❤:


Having a fun winter, walking at Strong Heart with my friends, taking a drawing class at NMC and being creative in my space in time. 
perfect everything gingham:

Now this is pretty and light! I just sold my two french chairs at the shop and miss them already! 

Still living in shades of charcoal and white while my imagination has moved on to something a bit more sunny! 

Have a nice weekend. 

Monday, February 6, 2017

The Pretty Side Of Life

I have always loved making a pretty bed and this has to be one of my finest creations!

The twelve inch ruffles on the sheet and pillow cases are so feminine. Taylor Linens has several ruffle sheet sets in their line up of beautiful bedding and pillows and can be special ordered through Anchor Cottage.

This bedding combination all started last summer when I ordered, from Pine Cone Hill, the Varkala Indigo quilt and the Savannah Linen Gauze bed skirt. Loved the romance of the combo.  

So I am sitting at the sewing machine making the pillows, looking back toward the bed, and I have two yards of this fabulous red, white and blue oriental fabric that was to be a pair of pillows except the fabric kept drawing my eye up over the headboard to the window. 

So quick quick I looked around for fabric to line the curtains and found a Ralph Lauren blue and white, window pane check sheet! Looked pretty darn cute! Then I needed pillow shams to frame it all in and low and behold in my garage sale, this summer, I had Pine Cone Hill, from fourteen years ago, pink and white checked shams that just rocked the red curtains!

And as it always happens...I ran to the shop and brought home the finishing pieces...this blue and white lamp with the black shade and a Holly Sturges painting that I had coveted all summer. 

Yesterday I sewed the last sixteen inches of the fabric into a decorative pillow.
 Now that was a lot of fun. 


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