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Monday, February 6, 2017

The Pretty Side Of Life

I have always loved making a pretty bed and this has to be one of my finest creations!

The twelve inch ruffles on the sheet and pillow cases are so feminine. Taylor Linens has several ruffle sheet sets in their line up of beautiful bedding and pillows and can be special ordered through Anchor Cottage.

This bedding combination all started last summer when I ordered, from Pine Cone Hill, the Varkala Indigo quilt and the Savannah Linen Gauze bed skirt. Loved the romance of the combo.  

So I am sitting at the sewing machine making the pillows, looking back toward the bed, and I have two yards of this fabulous red, white and blue oriental fabric that was to be a pair of pillows except the fabric kept drawing my eye up over the headboard to the window. 

So quick quick I looked around for fabric to line the curtains and found a Ralph Lauren blue and white, window pane check sheet! Looked pretty darn cute! Then I needed pillow shams to frame it all in and low and behold in my garage sale, this summer, I had Pine Cone Hill, from fourteen years ago, pink and white checked shams that just rocked the red curtains!

And as it always happens...I ran to the shop and brought home the finishing pieces...this blue and white lamp with the black shade and a Holly Sturges painting that I had coveted all summer. 

Yesterday I sewed the last sixteen inches of the fabric into a decorative pillow.
 Now that was a lot of fun. 

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