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Sunday, November 27, 2022

At God's Altar

The brackish incense floating in the air.

On my knees.

Thou eyes are blessed.

Rise up, the light of the world.

Bring clarity to this day.

Thanking God for all his gifts.

I pray that all my special people are safe.

The light cleanse the dark from my soul.

God's love of his children illuminated on this day.

May we be in peace.

The sun has risen.



Friday, November 25, 2022

Happy Birthday Mary Ann!


The first day. Took a long walk to see as far as we could sea sea sea!

Wind currants, reflected in the sand, along the ocean.

A warm saltwater greeting.

Oops! The water is coming in.  

Looking out at the ocean!

Walked away with a soaker.

He's cool.

This is an abstract photo that I may put into a painting. It is all about the light, down here. Magical.

 The destination. 

Monday, November 7, 2022

Wishing These Were In My Suitcase

farrahlexy 3
First off, a little black dress with a flower pocket!

m e n vogue

These jeans to wear everywhere! Fun and flirty.

Len Chanel

This zippered sweater, over all my white shirts, everyday!

latest fashion idea

A fisherman's knit! Reminds me of a fishing net. I love it!

lina kariban

Baggy, natural linen pants. How comfortable are these?

Taking some time off from the grind. Wishing these were in my suitcase! Wouldn't need another piece!



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