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Friday, February 15, 2019

Nines Years Of Anchor Cottage Freshwater Decor
I started writing this blog in 2010, around the time when we had found a Florida house that we fell in love with. 

Life is Short...Buy the Beach House (Part 2): Live with No Regrets
We sold the little St. Augustine house last year.

Chinoiserie Chic
Now we are in the middle of deep winter and am longing to get away to sunnier climes.

Today, I'm sharing our kitchen reno at the beach cottage. The before kitchen was obviously not the original 1955's kitchen and it w... #Beachcottagestyle
I love the old Florida vibe, easy living outside your door, the casual beat of the ocean surf in your ears. 

Beach house lighting...House of Turquoise: Chair 5 Beach Bistro and Bar | Digs Design Company
I am looking for a little house on a small lot with plenty of tropical foliage and a tiled courtyard.

10 Colorful Beach House Decorating Ideas - Martha Vineyard's Beachside House Tour
I would like to make it a more permanent home, not just a get away, but somewhere that we can live seven months out of the year.
A space for all my books and a corner to write down all my thoughts and inspirations.

A screened lanai to sit outside and sip sweet tea in the heat of the day under a palm leaf fan. 

So the cycle starts again. Finding a place to call home in Northeast Florida on the Atlantic ocean. A little rustic, a lot laid back and colorful, but light and bright too! 

Here's to nine more years of blogging! Nine more years of sunshine in the winter months! Nine more years of decorating new spaces in my life! 

Friday, February 8, 2019

Working In The Studio Today

We have been living with some bone chilling weather this first week of February. Have not been out in the studio at all. Finally I stuffed some fabric display pillows to shore up the drafts, coming in from the window, over my desk. 

Sorting and culling through all the fabric swatches to make sure they are currently available and priced correctly. 

Adding to the garden theme of my little space are french bicycle baskets stuffed with silk Geraniums on my window sill. Looks perky and fun. 

Need to design new calling cards as the old ones have the shop address on them. I like the header I have for the blog as a business card. The blue flowers and green foliage against the blue sky would make a nice backdrop for the contact information on the card. Maybe using white lettering.  

The space is filling up! Might have to start referring to it as "textile hall"!

Hung my last curtain panel over the door to keep the cold wind out. Of course I have my Benny to keep me warm, he is a snuggler. 

A garden room studio! 

Working with what I have gives the room an interesting look. Sort of a studied, eclectic feel. 

Sure is icy gray outside. Stay warm and soon I will show you some ideas for a Florida house, coming down the pike!!!


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