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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

One Of Those Days

Coming off of a huge "Swede Rd Barn Sale", that was very successful, where I some how got stung on my forehead.

I wasn't really feeling up to par. So my husband took pity on me and rolled me into his big white truck and drove me across the peninsula to buy flowers. 

Which I felt was very kind of him as I was sporting a "Herman Monster" face that wasn't easy to look at. As the swelling moved down I could see three holes in my forehead! 

He drove us, around the curves and up the hills looking out over the tops of the cherry trees in full blossom. 

A slightly hazy day with no sun. 

But a beautiful view all the way. 

He stopped to look at riding lawn mowers for sale and turned around at my aunts dock! She had her law office there, when I was a little girl, I use to sit on the dock and watch the boat traffic while she was busy with the adults. 

On the way home we stopped in at Dick's Pour House and had a beer. Ordered a large Greek pizza to go. Stopped and bought Asparagus at a roadside stand. Pulled off the road at a "free" sign and snagged two cement baskets! What a find!

It was that kind of a day!

Monday, May 20, 2019

A Landscaping Project

Once upon a time we were going to build a pole barn on our property. We had to dig away at the hillside for fill dirt for the foundation. We were left with a huge, unsightly gouge in the hill along the driveway. So first things first, we ordered ten yards of top soil from KAL Excavating.   
 Then we had Joey Thomas bring two Beech trees and three Redbud bushes from our local nursery, Peninsula Perennials, and unload them in the driveway.  

We had a mountain of wood chips that Deering Tree Service had left us after taking the three Maple trees down. So we had plenty of mulch to cover up the mud hole. 
All the components were in place and Joey went to work spreading the top soil and digging the holes. 

This little tractor was just the right size for moving the dirt and the mulch around the driveway. 

He was finished in no time! 

Now we need to water them in and promote root growth. Hopefully the leaves will fill out and camouflage the unsightly side of the hill. Next we need to find someone to spray seeds onto the hillside to prevent erosion. But in the meantime the mason said it would be a year before we can pour the concrete for the pole building over the fill dirt. Talk about a project on hold! The pole building was to be the show room for the decorating business. So Anchor Cottage Freshwater Decor will just have to make do with the studio.

So there you have it, "the best-laid plans of mice and men".  

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Flowers For Mother's Day

I had been craving a bunch of Tulips since Easter.

Finally found them at the grocery store. 

My favorite orange, "Guatemalan Cantaloupe". I made that name up, but it does describe the intensity of the orange color! 

Stepping out, into the yard, I see that the Mother of them all, Mother Nature, has been busy.

Showing off her creations in yellow, green and white. 

Just in time for the celebration of motherly love. 

So pretty this morning. 

Flowers everywhere. 

Nestled in the leaves for the smaller mothers in the woods. 

 Even my dog, Benny, smells the Hyacinths. 


Can't wait for Delphiniums. 

"Winky", the garden dragon, surrounded by Lily Of The Valley.

Happy Mother's Day to all!  

Monday, May 6, 2019

Jewel Tones


Good ole' pinterest! Took a look at my files, this morning, and found that I have been saving designs that are rich in color and texture. Velvet, tile and wall paper in earthy greens and golden browns. 
Leopard wallpaper by Cole and Son in the amazing bathroom of @_charlottesweeting_ #luxurybathroomshowrooms

The chair rail treatment, under this unique wallpaper, brings out the gold in the leopard. I like the deep, dark paint color. 
Border dispute: The Zulu border by Cole and Son heralds a return to more detailed wall dec...

This one used design details that make the wallpaper sing. The lamp and pitcher add the right texture and color in this vignette. Both wallpaper applications need some reflection of brass or smokey mirror to offset the exotic look. 
not known

I am loving the velvet. Cotton or silk, the velvet fabric, highlights the colors making them appear to have a rich gem stone sheen. A small amount of brass and glass are reflective details that make this space shine.    
diy bohemian decor pinterest #Bohemiandecor

Fabric and fur, dyed with deep pigmentation, come alive, virtually highlighting the printed reliefs of the foliage and bark.
Flying Solo

The silk velvet takes this floral print to a higher level of saturation. The trick, I think, is in using a dark background. Making the color just pop right out at you!
European designer wallpaper / wallcovering panel feature | Etsy

Dark background, the fish just glow. Amazing concept to use deep, rich colors on a deep, dark wall. 
I have a few changes planned for this space over the next couple of weeks...that’s if I’ve managed to measure the walls correctly . Hubby…

Green velvet sofas with a charcoal wall and dark wood storage cubes...
first home

...a textured stone wall and dark green foliage. 

The added element is metal, the glow of brass or antiqued silver gives the dark, rich coloring a soft edge. 

That's what I found in my pinterest files this morning!   


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