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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Staying Put In The Holler

Day ten of, self imposed, quarantine. Eating well! Putting miles on my afghan. Do you like it? I modeled it after the wool trading blankets of yore.  

Forced some Forsythia branches. 

Steve built this desk. He used the top of a coffee table he had made years ago and set it on the three drawers we just took out of the kitchen during the remodel. He made an interesting "leg" out of Walnut that he had stashed away. He then went on to paint the window trim in Dover White. 

I am a little embarrassed to show you my sewing mess. I am making one of a kind pillows out of scraps of fabric and gimp that I have stashed away!  

Alas, new shoes and purse for my Florida trip. We rescheduled for next November! Cute tennis shoes!

Clearing Steve's desk area out and making room for a Mary Ann nook. I needed somewhere on the main level to set my briefcase and purse down. 

What's this action, do you suppose? Steve is putting in a door and a window on my side of the garage. He is building me a showroom for my decorating business. I will keep you posted on all our projects as we stay hunkered down in the Holler.

Other than what I showed in photos, I have been staying busy with my decorating as my customers are resort girls and the homes are empty so I can work in them and still stay socially distanced.

Stay safe and sane.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Happy St Patrick's Day

Stepped outside and the sun was shinning. 

Mother Nature was busy bringing her bulbs out of her cooler.

Winky is my garden dragon, he looks happy in the sun. 

Snow Drops shiver in the cold.

Bring your head up to the light little ones. 

Old buildings rising up out of the snow banks. 

I found Steve's sprinkler, right where he left it!

When I came home from Florida, last November, I drove around to all the hardware stores to buy some Tulip bulbs and not one bulb left in the tri-county area!!

I knew I was running out of time to pop them in the soil.  

Plant Masters had a pitiful cart full of bulbs, half price, in the back. No Tulips, but I bought all the bulbs that she had and I can't wait to see what they will look like.   

Spring arrives in two days. The sun will start to stay longer in the sky. Still sitting pretty low, but back lit these Tulip leaves beautifully. 

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Off My Phone

So, I had a blog follower, this week, that felt disappointed when I went too long without a post! I got to thinking about it and part of the delay is because I don't feel that the audience wants to view anymore snow photos! I then realized that I use my phone, to take photos, way more than I use my camera. So what's on my phone this week?

Well, for one thing, please don't stand on the caned seat! If you poke through it is quite the job putting it back together again. 

It takes time! Steve ordered the materials, now he needs to match the stain and then he will tuck the cane seat back in using the reed to snug it tight. 

I use my phone for Instagram photos and don't want to be redundant using the same pictures on the blog. I do want to let you know I scored new quilts, in the collection, this past week. They are darling laid across the end of twin beds, in bunk rooms, at the cottage. There are a couple that we could make coordinating pillows with.

Is this combination too quiet for you? What does it need to perk it up? A different color? A solid blue? I didn't post this on Instagram because I haven't found the finishing detail! If you like what you see, the bedding can be ordered.

There are always grocery store, flower pictures on my phone, just because, I like the bouquet of color for $12! A great buy for the eye!! Arranged in an Ashburton vase, from New England, circa 1818 to 1887.

The last of the Tulips blossomed, in my kitchen, last week. That was a beautiful Valentine's gift from my very smart and handsome husband. The truth is, he was picking paint up at Sherwin Williams and there was a florist shop next door. So he moseyed on in and picked out what he thought was the best floral arrangement! Told you he was smart!

My phone takes pretty nice pictures!!

Sunday, March 1, 2020

What Caught My Eye....

The Burpee catalog is here! This is really how my garden looks around my patio. I like the spontaneity of all the plantings. Can't wait to tuck in a few new species this spring.  

Timeless camel .. #mohair camel #lilisonge #creation #handmade #sweetness #camel #faitmain #timeless #fallwinter #instastyle #stylish #boho…

I really need to find the pattern for this Angora sweater. So soft, light weight and pretty color of blue. I would wear it over my nightgown to sit outside and have my coffee in the mornings. 

This is neat! I'll take my Jack "Reserved" please. 

I like this mix, the furnishings feel comfortable, not too thought out. "Just right", says Mary Ann.

GYPSY YAYA: Boho Bathroom Oasis

We are redesigning the men's locker room next winter, here in the Holler, and I will put some plants in the walk-in shower. I love it!

House covered In Bougainvillea, Paxos, The Ionian Islands, Greek Islands, Greece, Europe

Old town, Florida house, painted to pop against the tropical foliage. The color sensibility is great, summer or winter, in the "Sunshine State". 

How Houses Were Cooled Before Air Conditioning - Curbedclockmenumore-arrow : It’s too darn hot

Steve could work with this "shot-gun" house. We would add living spaces out doors, around the perimeter of this little home. A place to wash the car...a patio with a water feature...a small grill area with table and chairs and a hammock for my love. 

These are all my musings for the day! 


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