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Thursday, March 30, 2023

The Wild Feathers and The Will Hoge Band


These guys play well together! For the last song of the night all the fellers came on stage and performed.. 

This band is so qualified. Their playing is right on.

Look at all that gear!

My son, Christopher Griffiths on the bass.

Thom Donovan on electric guitar.

Will Hoge, singer, songwriter extraordinaire.

This is how it goes when you take a picture of the drummer!

There we go! Allen Jones plays the drums.
I feel like I am shooting the "Blue Man Group"! 

All this music happened in Columbus Ohio last Saturday.

Seven hours down, two pieces of pizza and Jack Daniel's on the rocks. The lengths I go to hear the band live! 

Friday, March 17, 2023

We Are Not Heading South This Spring!

A little bit of sunshine goes a long way!

 To make a long story short, we are not heading south this spring. Steve and I are in the process of remodeling our lower level and he fractured his ribs, in December, so we are getting a late start.

To make up for lost time, we are staying north.

 We are painting the guest room and having fresh draperies made and a chair and ottoman reupholstered. This is "team marriage" at it's finest! But it will be worth it! 

I love blue and white, so fresh.

We have started gutting the bathroom, making room for paint and tile. Blue and white!! The rest of the lower level, other than the guest room, will be a glorified mud room. With a dart board and comfy chairs in front of the wood stove!

This was last winter's project but the contactor, Steve, broke his leg! Now it's this winters project, except it really is this spring's project!

 If there are anymore setbacks the whole mess will be hired out. 
And "you know who" is leaving for Florida!!

We'll get her done. 


Sunday, March 12, 2023

We Don't Call Her "Big Blue" For Nothing!

A pretty day for a ride in the truck. Due west are the Manitou Islands.

Down the center of the peninsula we drive. On our way, into Cedar, to buy fresh smoked hotdogs.

Sidetracked by the shoreline. Had to make a stop, at Good Harbor, for a walk in the fresh air.

It was a blue day! The sky and water. The islands and the moraines. All are just a bright and sunny blue.

It was twenty eight degrees with the wind eight miles an hour out of the east. We walked into the wind first off so the walk back was a "breeze"!

We determined which stone was worthy of taking off our gloves to pick it out of the water!!

What do you do, for fun in the sun? We bundle up and go for a walk on the beach. Gulping the cold air and smiling in the sunshine.

The shore of Lake Michigan never disappoints.  



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