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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Don't Forget The Christmas Open House Tomorrow!!

Anchor Cottage Freshwater Décor
12th Annual
Christmas Open House
Sunday, November 29
12 to 4
Enjoy Cake, Champagne &
A Special Sale, Of Course!
412 N St Joseph

Suttons Bay

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

November's Full Moon

Driving home from work,
 a little after five o'clock,
 in the early evening,
 I came around the corner to this
 humongous full moon
 coming up through the clouds,
 illuminating the ruffled edges.

 It was a spectacular shot! 

By the time I had pulled the Jeep over to the side of the field, wrestled my camera bag out from the bottom of my tote bag and pulled the camera up to my face the moon had moved up, out of the clouds. 

Pressed some automatic exposure buttons on my camera and caught the details of the "man in the moon"!

Had to hold my breath so I didn't move the camera.

This moon lit the sky all night and into the early morning before disappearing over the horizon.
 Full moon drama!

May everyone have a blessed Thanksgiving holiday.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Christmas Open House

Anchor Cottage
 Freshwater Décor
12th Annual
Christmas Open House
Sunday, November 29
12 to 4
Enjoy Cake, Champagne &
A Special Sale, Of Course!
412 N St Joseph

Suttons Bay

Holiday hours are Monday through Saturday 10 until 5
until the end of December! 

Now, back to work, I brought back a huge load of new stock,  from my buying trip, and I need to get it out on the floor!

See you in the shop!

Friday, November 13, 2015

Thinking About The Holiday Decor In The Shop

Christmas trees:
Found on
Grain Sack Christmas Ornaments from Sutton Place Designs:
Found on
Found on
Found on
Found on

I have to laugh at myself!
 Not one lick of red or green in my pinterest file for Christmas decor!
I am surprised at the simplicity of the pieces I chose and the blue and white color way!
I did order red and green holiday decorations for the shop.
Wish I had a fireplace to hang the stockings from.

Flipping the shop over to holiday decor when I get back. 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Feeling The Fabrics

The owner of this discount fabric house has a great eye.
 I found cotton chintz, wool crewel work and name designer fabrics all through the store. 

Jackie's great-granddaughter is getting a pink nursery via her decorator!  The walls are a muddy pink and we choose dotted swiss for the windows and I found this small English print for the valences.

A classic Thibaut print.

I was falling for the chintz.
 The polished colors are so pretty.

Took care of the red, white and blue problem!

That green fabric was a great find.

Looking for "contemporary" toile.

It's all about the polished cotton.

The English know the secrete to printing colors.

I made pillows using this fabric last year
 and they trotted out the door.

Steve's catch of the day!

I would love to put this in some little boy's room.

The contrast in colors, on this fabric, comes off so vibrant.

Who needs new cushions on their white wicker?

This material has a three and a half feet repeat.
 Needs a white sofa in front of it.

How much fun is all this fabric?
 Coco, hold two weeks open for
 a pillow making party, pretty please.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Refreshing Blue Bell Cottage

Good morning!
 Looking around to see what needs wrapping up, around the cottage, before we head north.

Ordered a "sea grass" rug for the living room. So, today I am pulling all the furniture out of the room, washing the windows and floor and installing the 8 x 11 rug.

Outside, Steve is getting ready for 7 yards of stone, to be delivered, for in front of the cottage. The city had come by and removed a tree and broken sidewalk and what is left is "dirty" curb appeal.

We removed the King Sago palm, that we had planted 5 years ago and never grew. When we came down this year it looked in sad shape. We trimmed it back and stuck it in a hole, around the corner, and we will see, in the spring, whether it rallied or not.

We planted 3 types of Mother-in-law's Tongue and an Aloe, to soften the pain, in place of the King Sago.  

Love the contrast of the greens against the ruddy stone and brick.

Curb appeal is going to look so much better with the stones.

The new neighbors are renovating the house across the street.

Steve power washed all the way to the peak! It was a mildew mess. That's just the way it is in Florida.

Screens and windows washed.

The stars of the refresh, Dash & Albert, polypropylene rugs.
The beige one has been doing duty for 7 years, the last year, outside, on the back porch. Cleans up perfect, no lie!

The coral rug just finished 1 year at the front door, where it gets the city pavement traffic, black trudge, and whoa, power washed and you would never know it had tracks!!

We have to do the daily maintenance in a period of 2 weeks, twice a year. It may seem overwhelming, but the finished refresh is worth the elbow grease.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Florida Is Different

Put a sink with jets in your laundry room so you have a convenient place to wash your delicates.:
Found on

: Gio Ponti, Fluoro of Salzburger Nachtrichten, 1976 #tiles:
Found on
Stuffing In A Bundt Pan. A perfect #Thanksgiving show stopper on your dining table!:
Found on
Found on
Pretty cute:
Found on

So, Florida is different. 
The weather leads you to "island life". 
You tend to slow down and take your time.
You have both the change of seasons and the sub-tropical within the same peninsula.
Your day changes with the weather, and yet, why care? Wet is wet, hot is hot and the ocean breezes are welcomed.
I could live here.
What caught my eye, today on pinterest, How bout that jetted sink in the laundry room to wash your delicates!!
Stuffing baked in a bunt pan, I am doing this. 
European influences, such an interesting mix in cultures. 

I am not a fan of pastels or neutrals, as a decorating palette for Florida. I like. either the Moroccan influence, with it's rich colors, or the deep brights. 
Florida has enough light to go around! 

Back to "saltwater watercolors".

Have a nice evening.


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