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Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Ok, This Is The Day!


Peace Rose in the garden. Wait! Where did July go? July flew by. It is the busiest month I know! 

July was busy growing a garden in my yard.

July was also busy growing Omena Cut Flower's garden as well! This memorial bouquet was just leaving when I spotted it in the back of this vehicle. Just beautiful. Will go to a celebration of life. It was a celebration of flowers. 

Lilies in the garden. You can see them from the kitchen window while doing dishes. Happy orange is what I call them!

Sitting on my garden bench is a huge pot, full of geraniums and yellow Petunias.

They all wave at Steve, in the kitchen window, even the ferns are waving at him. They love that he goes out and feeds the Hummingbirds. 

July is garden month. Everybody wants to shine. All the pretty colors. What a painting to be had!

Purple Delphinium. 

More flower paintings. This has been the sunniest July. Happy flowers happy me!

How many shovels does one girl need? I bought one more! A red one! Small heads, good for weeding.

The beach days count is on! Keeping track one rock at a time!

August eighth already, where did the time go? I'll let you know in the next blog post. In the meantime, enjoy this beautiful summer we are blessed with. It is a beach day and I am on my way!


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