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Friday, November 27, 2020

Thanksgiving Phonetos-Tim I'm Counting On You!

With all the checks in place, on my Thanksgiving menu, I took some quick shots with my phone. I hope Timothy was able to take better shots of the table with his camera. 

Shopping locally, I managed to create some pretty floral arrangements, with grocery store flowers, for the tables. I have always felt that the Thanksgiving holiday is more serious than all our other family celebrations. This year, because of the presidential election, I was feeling a little patriotic in my selection of flowers. Thank goodness for Tom's Food Market in Northport for coming through with all the trimmings for the table! Including the fruit cake, which Steve and I ate Tuesday night!!

Our cozy little cabin in the Holler welcomed my son and his husband, after a ten hour drive in the pouring rain, to mom's special chili and Cedar hotdogs! Martinis and snacks for the fellars! And they drove and they drove and they drove!

Of course, if you know me at all, fresh kitchen rugs are the best party favor that I can find! Since we all congregate in the kitchen area, it helps to lighten the chaos in the prep area! 

This is becoming a traditional snack! Pimento dip from Fortify restaurant in Clayton Georgia! Steve loved the flavor, so much, that he takes every chance, he can get, to whip up a batch! 

One of my favorite things to do is set a pretty table! Hope Tim comes through with better pictures of the Thanksgiving Day table. We had a feast! Everyone was thankful to sit around this table, in front of the fireplace, and enjoy each others company.

Blessed with the love reflected in the eyes of my hearts gathered around my dinning room table! 


Saturday, November 21, 2020

Amaryllis Week!

These are my girlfriends Amaryllis plants she bought, on the sly, for $5 a bulb! Boy did she luck out, she'll have flowers before she knows it. It is all about the light, the plants love it! 
These are my Amaryllis, I had nine and tossed two that didn't make it through the summer. Now there are seven plants on my window sill, four have started to grow. We shall see, not that great of light in the woods so they take longer to flower. 

Then, in the mail, came three new bulbs, birthday bulbs from my husband. I planted them yesterday and already, today, I have two buds poking up!!


Happy birthday to me! From my girlfriend in Florida, where Amaryllis grow in the ground, year around! 

Fun having flowers in the Holler for the holidays. 

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Working On A Breakfast Nook

My customer has a cottage that has one long room stretched across the lakeside of the house. From living room to dinning room overlooking the water.

I want to alter the original floor plan and take it from two living spaces to four social spaces all under one ceiling. 


The kitchen is the fifth wheel of this main floor area. The room is anchored by a stone fireplace at one end, two large windows and a door going out to a porch along the lakeside. The opposite end of the room was where the  former owners had their dinning table.

So far the sofa and chairs have been grouped around the fireplace. We then set the long dinning table from the kitchen to the door leading out to the porch over looking the waterside. 
French-Country Cottage

So at the far end of this room we will create a small breakfast nook directly off the kitchen. Small, cozy and easy to slide in and out of and spread the newspaper out on Sundays! On the same wall, overlooking the lake, will be a small conversation corner with a desk and a chair for computer/work from home, related activities. Or maybe just a space to occupy for a brief moment of time.

This will be a fun family home when all is said and done!

Have a nice Sunday. 

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Several Motrin Later

What a week, down here, in the Holler. Big project! Moving out the small studio to build a bathroom. 

 I wanted water and septic up at the garage so the painter can wash his paint brushes and I have a place to go potty. Several acres, later, of excavation and we will be there. We had to go past the woodpile to hook up to the septic field. A tank in between and water lines from the well. I'd say we are ready for some new landscaping!! Steve raked and I broadcasted Field Rye and grass seed. We shall see if this beautiful, sunny week in November will yield some germination and growth to cover the mud!

The east side of the studio moved into the west side of the studio. Steve hung a plastic wall to keep out the cement dust. 

In the mean time, out the corner of my eye, is a pretty blue and yellow fabric that I want to use on a pair of slipper chairs. Distracting, but I will need to put my office back together before I can continue! 

The pressure tank installed. Waiting for two sinks, a toilet and hot water heater on Monday.

Six panels of this luscious linen came in for a customer. Ran it over to her asap. Also, delivered three 8 x 10 rugs, an 8 x 10 rug pad, 3 x 5 rug and pad and one 12' curtain rod, two 10' rods and a 4' rod to get them out of the way.

My new Muck boots showed up just in the nick of time. I have been helping Steve move acres of mud. 

My desk is in the backseat of the Jeep. Complete with files and pencils, lists and notes, that I need to keep track of, for the six jobs I have been working on. 

Piles on the bed and beside the bed and around the bed with a walk through space in case I need to put my hand on something. 

Let us pray that the plastic keeps the cement dust at bay. 

Bright spot!! Dash and Albert rug swatches were delivered today. 

Bright spot number two, I brought in these blue and white pots from the office for safe keeping. A pair of hurricane candle sticks that may never leave the house! Who am I kidding? I am using these on my Thanksgiving table! They're not going back!

With all this physical exertion, no wonder I am sitting here waiting for the two Motrin to work. Monday the plumber comes and hooks everything up. Then I have to put it all back together, again. Moving my props around, should be written on my tomb stone. 



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