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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Labor Day Weekend In The Shop

Fluffing the shop for the weekend!

A transitional time of year.

Hope I find time to change out the quilt on this bed vignette! It would show better with a solid, indigo coverlet beneath the pillows, allowing the pillows to pop!

I show one full shelf of pink, for the girls who like it girly.

Pretty in pink.

Yellow and blue is good too. 

All of Emma Bridgewater colors and patterns work together!

Orange for fall. Maple leaves and September sunsets with pumpkins, gourds and Indian corn. 

Getting use to the new Nikon. Also, getting use to this computer's photo manager. I like the results, better, on the computer at home. 

Huge lamp order coming in. Bring me the light! We sold a bunch of lamps in the last two weeks. 

Wish I had a charcoal gray sofa to put this collection on. 

Fun to work the merchandise into the new season.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Around My World With The New Camera

This was shot with a Cannon, the rest are shot by a D3400 Nikon.

Took the usual walk around the compound. Using my Nikon D3400, taking photos, using the lens, getting use to the mechanisms. 

Pleased as punch with the clarity and color sense.

Tidied up my studio, this afternoon, then did a little photo shoot! 

Winter work...

...and more winter work!!

I did not use photo shop on the last six photos.

I found that the sensing of the light and color, by the camera, to be very close to what I was actually seeing.

Pulled up to my eye easy peasy! 

When do Morning Glories blossom? We've been waiting and waiting and waiting!

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Working With The New Nikon

Where to start! Well, first thing this morning I popped the battery in the new camera and opened the how to use the camera manual.

Proceeded to find the SnapBridge app on my phone! Turned the blue tooth on, I was told that it would help download this app on the phone. Nikon came on and told me my device wasn't compatible with this version. That's an android for you!

Next I loaded up my digital film card into the new camera thinking that I could transfer pictures onto the shop computer. Timely learning curve there! Finally the pictures were loaded and save to a file. Have no clue where all the other saved photos are!

So far the new camera and rarely used computer stretched my learning curve for the afternoon. The procedure is called "emergency learning" ask Natalia Cecire about this new fangled learning curve. 

I am attending a going away party, this evening, and want to take photos to remember my friend, hopefully I will find them again. 

I like the Nikon D3400, so far so good. It is the digital applications that make my head swim. Half the time I am not comprehending what information I need to proceed to the next step. But if I press enough icons I get digital alert and I just shut my computer down or turn my phone off, it always seems to clear the screen! 

The zoom lens has great capacity! When I start getting familiar with this camera I feel that it will give me better photos to post of the shop, on this blog and Instagram! 

There you have it, day one with the new camera.

Thank you to my gang for thinking of me! I am very excited to start on this new adventure of photography. 

Monday, August 20, 2018

How Do You Hang Your Art?

Old world art wall, midcentury modern chair. Love this combo but FYI do not hang…
I love tall, vertical stacks of paintings with gilt frames. I would love to include a mirror in this arrangement. 

Our various Oval Scene designs are perfect for accenting larger pieces of art. These small scenes are extremely versatile and can be used in small spaced as a standalone piece or combined into a larger wall accent design. Approximately 10.25" x 6" Made in USA
Random hangs show a lot of character and personality, the two seem to go hand in hand. 

5 Design Takeaways From the Charming Makeover of a Child's Bedroom - Whaling City Cottage Boy's Bedroom Makeover
This combination feels extremely comfortable. Casual and relaxed. 

Nice shelving.

Hanging this painting, all alone, makes it visually stimulating.

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Keeping the background white on white on white allows these differently framed pieces to hang together. 

Marcel Breuer's Wassily Chair
Simple, resting, easy on the eye.

Сохранённые фотографии | 591 фотография
I feel very drawn into this room as a whole. It is because the scale of the painting eliminates the dead space of such a high ceiling.

Note, there are no "over the mantel" hangs. 

Monday morning musings!

Friday, August 17, 2018

A Good Day For A Swim

Found on pinterest.

Lucky for me that I found my beach buddy!
Swimming in the big whirlpool of life! Counting down our swims as the days become shorter and the water has a golden glow from the sun being so low. I love Lake Michigan, silky sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. The lap lap sound of the waves hypnotizing my cares away.  

That's all I have to say, today!

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Two Days Before Sidewalk Sale Weekend!

So I am looking around the shop...

...deciding what pieces are going out to the sidewalk sale.

Anchor Cottage has a great selection of outdoor pillows, piled high, on top of an indoor/outdoor rug that should be out in the sale! I'm not going to take the display apart at this point. 

Thinking about what fabric swatches to take out to the sale table. I did put together a pile of pillow covers for 50% off. 

This cat and mouse get a lot of attention in the store! 

Will there be any pillows, on sale, this weekend? Maybe a few!

I just want to take this grouping home!

These smoking hot pillows just came in so they won't be on the sale table!

If you can guess what this pillow says I will put it under the tent...

....along with the crab!

These need a home with the smoking hot pillows and the sheep skin on a velvet L-shaped sofa! There I go, dreaming, again. 

A  basket of shower caps and essentials bags!

The Suttons Bay Sidewalk Sale is August 10th and 11th, Friday and Saturday. I will be out there from 10 until 5, both days.
Please come down and snag some deals!

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

What Caught My Eye This Week

Over Educated & Under Experienced
Over Educated & Under Experienced
I love the dark wood counter over top of the deep gray cabinets.  

Repurposed antique oak 3/4 size bed frame into a functional bench seat. Used the original railings for the side and made a storage bin under the bench seat. Would look great inside a home or on enclosed porch.
That this bench is made from a 3/4 size bed frame. 

Ми подумали, що вам обов'язково сподобаються ці піни
Using upholstery webbing to create sturdy handles.

Silver accents

Very nice application of gilding with silver. 

Botanical removable wallpaper Colors of nature wall mural
The mirrors and the wallpaper and the sink and the wainscoting!

i suwannee
I Suwannee

Sisal runner, white molding with blue and white papered walls. 
That someone took the time to make this bowl.

The Style Files: Phoebe Howard | La Dolce Vita
Phoebe Howard
Soft and serene bedroom.

The illogical Pattern on Pattern. when you're not quite sure how it works but know that it does.
Anna Spiro
From down under!

Yes! A lovely tea party in my greenhouse! Love this idea! ❤️
Building into the bank of the woods.

All great ideas to work into my designs. 


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