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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

What Caught My Eye This Week

Over Educated & Under Experienced
Over Educated & Under Experienced
I love the dark wood counter over top of the deep gray cabinets.  

Repurposed antique oak 3/4 size bed frame into a functional bench seat. Used the original railings for the side and made a storage bin under the bench seat. Would look great inside a home or on enclosed porch.
That this bench is made from a 3/4 size bed frame. 

Ми подумали, що вам обов'язково сподобаються ці піни
Using upholstery webbing to create sturdy handles.

Silver accents

Very nice application of gilding with silver. 

Botanical removable wallpaper Colors of nature wall mural
The mirrors and the wallpaper and the sink and the wainscoting!

i suwannee
I Suwannee

Sisal runner, white molding with blue and white papered walls. 
That someone took the time to make this bowl.

The Style Files: Phoebe Howard | La Dolce Vita
Phoebe Howard
Soft and serene bedroom.

The illogical Pattern on Pattern. when you're not quite sure how it works but know that it does.
Anna Spiro
From down under!

Yes! A lovely tea party in my greenhouse! Love this idea! ❤️
Building into the bank of the woods.

All great ideas to work into my designs. 

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