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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Working With The New Nikon

Where to start! Well, first thing this morning I popped the battery in the new camera and opened the how to use the camera manual.

Proceeded to find the SnapBridge app on my phone! Turned the blue tooth on, I was told that it would help download this app on the phone. Nikon came on and told me my device wasn't compatible with this version. That's an android for you!

Next I loaded up my digital film card into the new camera thinking that I could transfer pictures onto the shop computer. Timely learning curve there! Finally the pictures were loaded and save to a file. Have no clue where all the other saved photos are!

So far the new camera and rarely used computer stretched my learning curve for the afternoon. The procedure is called "emergency learning" ask Natalia Cecire about this new fangled learning curve. 

I am attending a going away party, this evening, and want to take photos to remember my friend, hopefully I will find them again. 

I like the Nikon D3400, so far so good. It is the digital applications that make my head swim. Half the time I am not comprehending what information I need to proceed to the next step. But if I press enough icons I get digital alert and I just shut my computer down or turn my phone off, it always seems to clear the screen! 

The zoom lens has great capacity! When I start getting familiar with this camera I feel that it will give me better photos to post of the shop, on this blog and Instagram! 

There you have it, day one with the new camera.

Thank you to my gang for thinking of me! I am very excited to start on this new adventure of photography. 

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