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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Florida Blues

Chinoiserie Chic
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by the bed
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These two prints of vintage French textiles (titled Pignier Carousselle 1 & 2) are brilliant use of color and pattern, and the palette of greens–from those chinoiserie throw pillows to that lime ottoman–is a perfect (nearly botanical) setting for it. Photo courtesy of Hive Home, Gift & Garden, West Palm Beach, FL.
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Chinoiserie Chic
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Wish I had a shop in Florida.

 Having a shop in Northern Michigan is rather restricting as far as light, airy, decorating year round. Customers tend to treat their cottages more informal almost rustic in spirit of water, pinetrees and sandy feet. If the homes are used year round then they tend to lean on the lodge side of cozy and comfortable. 

Fresh, full of light, blue and white.
Soft edges and lines.
A little more "picked up", not as casual.
Let's wear a skirt to work attitude.

I find myself wearing jeans to work, more often than not, but the blue jean style lends itself to the area.
 Lady like confines of decorating, minding your manners, enjoying the pretty surroundings of your home reminds me of Florida style.

A thought for this morning!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Fermob Chairs In Carrot

I am stocking this line at Anchor Cottage.

I have not ordered enough pieces to become a dealer but,
 I hope I do. 

The colors are rich.

The finish is silky soft.
They have good heft and sit very sturdy.

I have the Bistro chairs and tables in Cedar or Carrot for retail in the shop.

If they run out the door, which I think they should, I can order in more colors and designs. I already wished I had ordered the bar height seats for either side of my counter.

Go to the website, see if there are any designs and colors
 you would like to order.

 Let's stock this baby!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Get Your Engines Started!

Had fun last night at the Sunset Lodge open house in Omena. Using the owner's font,
 Coco and I made her a pair of pillows for the sofa. 

While Coco was sewing
 I had her whip up this trio of pillows for the store.

Anchor Cottage is filling up with a ton of new pieces.

As I shot this picture,
 the FedEx eighteen wheeler
 just pulled up to the back door.

The hand painted trays come with folding stands and makes a nice extra drink table when entertaining.

Beautiful tabletop accessories just keep piling in.

Mary Blocksma is a great regional watercolorist.

This watercolor is a "Found" item that I picked up two weeks ago.

I have been so busy at the store getting inventory in for the next six weeks. Wait until you see the French bistro chairs and tables I just unpacked. And, I have a new artist to show you. First I need to go to recycle with all the empty boxes!

Hump day!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

In My Neck Of The Woods

This is my, "all time" favorite anchor.

She nests every June on the top of Steve's tool wreath. Pretty soon we will see the little beaks above the nest, wide open for their nourishment!

Steve's old workshop. Steve is a handy man, he needed siding and looked around and there he found the bark side of the logs he had just planed! 

Winter work. They say it heats you twice.

Almost time for shore leave!
Have a nice weekend.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Early Morning Thunder Showers

Started out on my morning walk and ran back in to get the camera!

Everything was wet and the colors saturated.

Blue Lobelia 


Pole Beans

Lettuce and Marigolds in Steve's garden. 

The rain deepened the colors of the plants and the grain of the cedar.

The canopy of trees raining down on me.

A Snowball bush.

Van Hout Bridal Spirea.

Light from above.

Sweet Woodruff 


Variegated Hosta 

The light was beautiful this morning.


Iris unfurling.

Sunday's project.

Lemon Thyme 

Saint Francis 

Winkley, my pet dragon who lives in my garden.

The woods was drenched, everything lifted up their leaves to catch the drops of water as the canopy of trees shook the rain off.
Then the sun shone the rays of light through the mist and enchanted the forest zen.

The End

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Through My Wandering Eye

Laurel Bern Interiors Portfolio | Westchester County, New York
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Bunny Williams Treillage
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Claus Porto portuguese bath soaps since 1887 - gorgeous packaging and delicious scents
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selection of tiles by William De Morgan
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What to do with one "good" yard of fabric.
The "push and pull" of display.
Small stairways and colorful packaging.
The, invite me in, silvery-green colors.
Blue linen, laid down, with a collection of glazed florals.

Everybody's talking about the new issue
 of House Beautiful this week. 

"On Trend" as they say!


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