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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

New Wallpaper Books And Fabric Swatches

Why me?
 When it's all about the Blue and White Chinoiserie,
 I need to inject the red, green and yellow?

The rich colors are a foil against the silver grey landscape six months out of the year.

Ah! Two color ways.

Which one do I plant in my window boxes?

I am acquiring quite a library of wallpaper books, in the shop, if you care to take a looksy

Great looking pattern for the "big water" side!

Ropes and knots.


Just some great textures and color ways for the beach house.

Quiet on the course colors.

Let's do the screen porch all soft and airy, wicker and fans.

Beeches, Birches and Silver Cedar Shake colors.

You have six weeks to lay it out, what is it, that you, would like in your life six weeks out of the year?

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Memorial Day Is Around The Corner!

Added another layer of merchandise this week.

"Color" is the new color of the season!

Trumpeter Swan decoys.

Tabletop display.

Soft blues in your garden room.

A healthy dose of pink.

It's all about the green, blue and white.

This is so pretty and fresh.

Beach house pillows.

Circus poster from Poland.

Classic green and white awning stripe and Adirondack chair motif.

Americana for your holiday.

Sold the red plates Saturday.

The ultimate gardener present. 

Memorial Day weekend comes early this year and Anchor Cottage is stocked for the holiday. 

Friday, May 15, 2015

Heading Toward Shore Leave

We have one day off, down here in Hoot's Holler, and we call it "shore leave" because it starts at five, Saturday afternoon and ends about nine, Sunday evening. A total of twenty eight hours and counting!

I drove over to Countryside Gardens earlier this week and picked out plantings for my pots in front of Anchor Cottage.

Also, brought home some pink Impatiens and white Alyssum to plant along my rock walls.

These big, coral Geraniums are gorgeous!

The weather is rain for Sunday, but I can work in my studio getting the pots planted, so that's ok, we need the rain.

Everytime I walk by, I stop and open the door because it looks so pretty.

It is nice to have a space, all set up, to work on projects at a moments notice.

Can't wait for "shore leave"!

Enjoy your weekend.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Putzing Around

I had a pleasant Mother's Day.
 I took all the cushions off my perch and stacked them up so I could admire the fabric combinations. Then I took the bolt of fabric, that has been draped over the couch for several months, and cut it up to cover my bar stools. I used the floral, pictured, above. Next I am making two new valences, for the kitchen windows, out of the same fabric. New rugs. Pictures when I'm finished.

I took the time to feed my African Violets.

I have never grown these flowers with results like this!

The violets just keep blooming and their leaves are spreading out further than the saucer's edges. How large can African Violets grow?

This was my favorite part of the day.
 Raking my garden. 

I planted all these bulbs last November. I surrounded the Tulips  with the Daffodils so the rodents won't eat the Tulip bulbs.
The Daffodil bulbs are toxic.

These Primroses traveled to Florida and back last year!
They survived the trip and came up, this spring, full of flowers. They thrived in Florida, outside, on the patio table in the shade.

I had some serious thinking to do,
 while moving the leaves around.

What perennials am I buying at the garden center?

I always plant Alyssiums on the edge on the rock wall so they can hang down like lacy white ruffles.

I will fill in with annuals, but what kind? Steve is moving his vegetables over by the garage so I have all three tiers to myself!

We have a short growing season in Northern Michigan, as I type, it is 47 degrees and gray outside.

Benny, my buddy, followed me around and looked at all the flowers. Wonder what goes on in my dog's head.

So, I have to come up with a plan in short order.

I am making a list, more blue Delphiniums, pink and white Impatiens.

What else blossoms in the shade of forty acres
 of hardwood and a limited time span?

I put a Chuck Roast in the oven and served roast, potatoes and carrots with gravy for Sunday dinner.

I had a fine day of doing nothing but what I felt like doing!
Happy Mother's Day!!


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