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Friday, May 15, 2015

Heading Toward Shore Leave

We have one day off, down here in Hoot's Holler, and we call it "shore leave" because it starts at five, Saturday afternoon and ends about nine, Sunday evening. A total of twenty eight hours and counting!

I drove over to Countryside Gardens earlier this week and picked out plantings for my pots in front of Anchor Cottage.

Also, brought home some pink Impatiens and white Alyssum to plant along my rock walls.

These big, coral Geraniums are gorgeous!

The weather is rain for Sunday, but I can work in my studio getting the pots planted, so that's ok, we need the rain.

Everytime I walk by, I stop and open the door because it looks so pretty.

It is nice to have a space, all set up, to work on projects at a moments notice.

Can't wait for "shore leave"!

Enjoy your weekend.

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