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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Eleven Years In Love

The before the wedding picture. My dad had invited the snowbirds on either side of my brothers house to the ceremony, lucky for me, because one of them had a camera! These are pretty much the only pictures that were taken. I just happened to find them yesterday when I was searching for something else, how convenient.

My brother married us on his sailboat. Wooly and Capt. Tim stood up for us. Morgan's wife, Anna and my dad catered the celebration themselves.

Fortunately we were wearing white and the camera picked up on us, everyone one else was in the dark!

My dad had two cakes, white and chocolate, he couldn't choose!!

Interesting wedding, since we didn't have anything to do in the planning. Wooly Bully sang "Wooly Bully" , Captain Tim from the Miami Coast Guard, said the Marine wedding prayer. The neighbors, whom we did not know, turned out to be very interesting. The one couple had been married 52 years and they took the photos and mailed them to us. The other couple had been married 64 years and her mother was Mr. Roger's nanny, Mr. Rogers died that day!!  We spent our honeymoon on Big Pine, in the Keys, sick as dogs, we had caught the Sars Virus! Steve had rented a Mustang convertible for us to drive around Southern Florida. We had a ball. On the way home we stopped at my dad's home and had a cook out and went swimming in the pool, ate the chocolate cake and sang Happy Birthday to my dad.

Eleven Years In Love.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Searching For Pink

Anchor Cottage Freshwater Decor: Search results for pink
These are pictures from older blog posts.
Anchor Cottage Freshwater Decor: Search results for pink
I typed "pink" in my search bar.
Anchor Cottage Freshwater Decor: Search results for pink
These are the pictures that came up!
Anchor Cottage Freshwater Decor: Search results for pink
I love the blue against the pink. These photos were a fun find in the archives!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Look, Up There, The Light In The Sky

Look! I spy, something in the sky!

It's shining light into my eyes. Could it be? The planet Sun?

"The sun arise each and every morning bringing back the warmth to the ground."

Joe, dude! The Sunshine! Where are my sunglasses?

Sing it Joe!

Good harmony guys.

The light reflected in the snow.

The crystal blue of the sky.

Snow, chest high.

This will make a week of grey go away, in my mind's eye!

Hard to catch him sitting still.

All the birds of the forest needed the fat under their feathers this winter.

Such a beautiful, sunlit afternoon. 

Monday, February 17, 2014

There's No Pictures Like Snow Pictures!!!

Steve created a bobsled run down to the wood pile for the dogs! Just wait until Thursday, with rain predicted, that track should be real slick!

Steve spent most of the afternoon pulling the snow load off the roof of our home.

Come on in Steve, it's time for your Sunday nap.

A beautiful, sunny day turned into a pretty evening light.

Just another snow moving day in the Holler.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Pillow Power

All these pillows are coming into the shop Friday and Saturday.

I am really happy with the cording technique Coco taught me last week. Makes the pillows that much nicer. 

Still have not aced the invisible zipper, I think that is going to take another sewing lesson!

I love this pink. I would love lipstick in this color or a new down vest.

And that's a stack!!

I will have Anchor Cottage open this Friday and Saturday.

25% off Crabtree & Evelyn and Pine Cone Hill flannel pajamas and robes.
Come in and buy yourself a present!!

Happy Valentines Day!!

Friday, February 7, 2014

The Invisible Zipper

There she is! My Husqvarna sewing machine seated in the place of honor at Coco Sews. Her name is Viking and she is all ready to learn how to use a cording foot and install an invisible zipper!

Look at all those scissors! Coco has spools of zippers, I have never seen such a thing. Coco has a spool of cording that takes her a full year to use all of it. Coco Sews is an apt name for this business. Coco does tailoring, conducts sewing lessons and creates doll clothes to fit American Girl dolls. 

Today, our goal was to learn how to use the tools of the trade, including the bells and whistles on the sewing machine. Clear, quilting rulers made measuring cording easy. The wax marking cube irons out so you can't see the mark on the fabric. 

The invisible zipper application; now you see it....

...and now you don't!

 I learned about a cording foot and how to use it to make nice, firm cording. I learned smaller tricks, like turning the corners with less bulk by trimming the fabric at an angle. Zig zag stitch, machine speed, lowering the foot and moving the needle back and forth and notching!!  

I now feel the need to expand my sewing world at home.

 Coco has a sewing table on casters that moves away from the wall, (would have come in handy when I made those curtains last week). I love her large square ironing table with a water IV for her iron!
The finished result. Beautiful cording application. Thank you Coco for your patience and quiche! 
Having cabin fever?

 Call, Coco Sews, and expand your creativity. Perfect way to spend a snowbound afternoon.

 Ask her about her french lessons, learn to sew in french!!

Coco Sews, 231-994-2020


Saturday, February 1, 2014

Baking In The Holler

Mariska Meijers is the inspiration for today's baking project.

The colors in her laminated, birch tray inspired the colors for the Valentines Day cookie frosting.

Now if I can keep from eating all of them before I send them off to the lucky recipients.

Carrot Cake cupcakes with raisins and carrots. Sugar cookies with lemon flavored frosting.

This is another installment of "Cabin Fever" down in the Holler!


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